Money talks part II

… but does it knock-’n'-drag?

A fellow named Dave posted these links to the Medfordmass Yahoo group — they may have shown up in the bazillion comments here, sorry if I missed them:

  • An article about campaign spending by the various candidates in the Winchester Star. Here’s a tidbit from that:

"Casey spent $260.96 on cakes for the elderly andMackey spent $152.65 on helium in hopes of lifting his campaign withballoons. Jehlen hoped to make a splash by dropping $75.72 into a soupparty for her campaign."

There’s a few one-liners in there somewhere…

  • Good old-fashioned spying on your neighbors from the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, with contributions and amounts for any candidate you want.

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  1. I was given that lin

    I was given that link recently as well, and promptly sent it off to some people I know who are researching the power structures of Lowell, and with whom I am meeting soon...Data, in any form you can get your hands on, is very valuable. For more than just spying on your neighbors. ;)

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