Herald: Galluccio was busted for drunk driving in 1984, later pardoned

From today’s Herald:

Cambridge City Councilor Anthony Galluccio…, 38, was just 17 when he was busted in Cambridge for OUI and put on probation for a year. Then in 1985, he got a three-month suspended jail sentence, another year of probation and was fined $150 for receiving stolen property valued at less than $100. A source said the charges stemmed from Galluccio’s theft of a leather jacket from a Harvard student during a fight.

The Herald article reports that Galluccio received a pardon for these offenses in 1993 from then-Gov. Bill Weld.  Galluccio apparently refused to comment to the Herald on the pardon, instead releasing a written statement apologizing to the other drivers involved in the December 2005 accident.

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  1. Blue Mass wouldnt be talking about this

    If it was Jesse Gordon, Majorie Decker, or some other windbag that just happened to be a few more percentage points liberal in terms of their voting record. This is an ad hominem attack at best, if he was really a reckless and drunk driver there would be a much larger pattern of incidents occuring and he would have been arrested, attack the mans record at least, not petty mistakes like this. And I bet you are all the same hypocrites who went into the streets to defend President Bill Clintons right to privacy. It disgusts me when members of my own party are so self righteous they become hypocrites, and people wonder why we keep losing. 

    • wrong-o, jc.

      You, of course, have absolutely no basis for saying that we wouldn't be talking about this incident if it were a different politician.  And please, "petty mistakes"??  People were hurt in that accident, and it could easily have been a lot worse.  And there is unanimous eyewitness testimony about what actually happened in this case that differs substantially from what the candidate is saying.

      As to your suggestion that we attack Galluccio's record, I have no interest in doing so - as far as I know, he's done a decent job in Cambridge, and I personally have no knowledge about the extent to which his positions on issues differ from Decker, Gordon, or anyone else.  That's not the point.  If, as has been alleged, he was driving drunk, caused a four-car accident, and made inaccurate statements to his insurance company on official letterhead, that's worth knowing about before he waltzes into a state Senate seat unopposed, wouldn't you say?  Or if the allegations turn out to be inaccurate, wouldn't you say that would be worth knowing about as well?  I would.

      "Disgusts" is a strong word, so I won't throw it back at you.  But what "disappoints" me is Democrats who refuse to hold their candidates for important offices to minimal standards of conduct.  When serious allegations are raised, as they have been here, we owe it to ourselves and our party, as well as to the candidate, to do what we can to see if they're true or false.

    • what voting record?

      Anthony Gallucio, if he becomes a state senator, would be one of the most liberal in the state.  So would any Cambridge City councillor.  And what voting record are you talking about?  Gallucio and Decker are city councillors.  Yeah, they vote on things, but do you really think David and Charlie know what they've voted on?  And Jesse Gordon is a grassroots organizer and environmental consultant.  Are you talking about his voting record in DFA/PDS/PDC endorsements votes?  You're not making sense.

      • What are the facts? & Senator Schiavone

        Has Gallucio given a false  statement to the insurance company? What are these stories I read on this blog about him giving different reports and reporting the car stolen? Is that true?  If anything, this blog owes Gallucio the benefit of correcting any mistatements of facts regarding a cover-up.

        If there is no cover-up and all there is is two versions of the incident, the witnesses and Gallucio's, it is legitimate to comment on. But the story should die eventuially. If we have false reports of stolen cars and Gallucio having more then one version then we need a new candiate.

        Chris Schiavone should be able to walk into this seat if this story has a life.

        eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
        • Agents

          It's so funny reading Galluccio's agents (or himself) responding to the blog comments and doing their best for danmage control. What a business!

  2. that's only half

    back when Mr. Gallucio was in his 20s, he tried to become a , Cambridge, police officer, with the backing of the, entire, City council BUT the, then, Commisioner (Perry) refused to allow him, reason, I do not want someone on the force with a record, period! The council tried their hardest to change his mind but he stood fast and stated, I run the police department, that's what you hired me for, if you are going to, attempt, to overide my decision, then other plans must be made. Now, A lot of people, in massachusetts and in cambridge politics have or had a drinking problem, what I didn't like was the, blaten, lie Mr. Gallucio told that he wasn't under any influence. The Police, according to the news, did not give him a breathalizer.. eventhough the other drivers stated, he was, obviously, drunk. Our State has one of the highest accident/death rates due to drunk drivers in the country. How does our State answer that? by making it legal to purchase wine on the internet!! I remember when the State refused to grant permission to purchase cigarettes on the net, reason given was, "kids will be able to order cigarettes buy using their parents, or a friends, credit card, and that's what we do not want" my question is, what will stop them from doing that with wine? Maybe if the State deals with liquer, as they do with cigarettes, MAYBE we wouldn't have , at least, 7 drunk driving news stories every week.. won't happen though, too many politicians love to drink, but don't smoke..

    Something to think about.. to we want another , not telling the truth, politician as a Senator?

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