Andy Card resigns as White House COS

Bush Administration Chief of Staff, Holbrook native, and former MA state rep and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Card is resigning, to be replaced by “Budget” Director Josh Bolten. WBUR says there are rumours that Card may run for governor of MA. Here’s Card’s Wikipedia entry.

Quick thought on that: Considering Bush’s “approval ratings” in our state (26% — perhaps that should be called a “contempt rating”) , it would be very tough sledding for his Chief-of-Staff: “I’ll do for Massachusetts what we did for the country!” etc. You can imagine.

I think ol’ Andy’s going to spend more time with the family, one way or another.

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  1. Deja Vous

    Hmmmmmmmm?  Four years ago, with Jane Swift's numbers sinking in the polls, Mitt Romney shows up on a white horse to save the Mass. GOP.  Now, four years later, with Kerry Healey's numbers so bad, another savior may be getting ready to saddle up for the Mass. GOP.  Unfortunately for Card, Christy Mihos won't be funding polls for this election cycle's GOP savior.  Any coincidence that both Swift and Healey are women?  Do I see a trend here?

  2. My first thought

    I was watching Bloomberg TV this AM when the story broke and the first thing I thought upon hearing that Card was leaving the White House was "Is he running for Gov". This race is already messy with the 5 declared candidates. I can only imagine what it will be like with 5.

  3. What others are saying . . .

    From Taegan Goddard's Political Wire (

    Washington Wire notes that in the wake of Andy Card’s resignation, "speculation will turn immediately to an intriguing question about his future: Is Card about to launch a campaign to become the next governor of Massachusetts, his home state? Acquaintances say Card has been telling them in recent months that would be his dream job."

    However, Ankle Biting Pundits has a different take: "I have been told by Washington insiders that Card is leaving to play a significant role in the presidential campaign of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. This announcement will not be made for several months; perhaps not until after the 2006 election, but many of Card's associates have already been working for Romney behind the scenes."

  4. More Likely Still

    is that he just wants to earn a little money.  I see him as a lobbyist/policy consultant for Fortune 100 companies, making $1 million+ annually.  Time to leave while his boss is still in office. 

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