Where’s Kennedy on Censure? Update: And Kerry?

Cross-posted at Mass for Feingold.

John Kerry, to his credit, has joined Russ Feingold in support of the censure resolution. Harkin, Boxer, and Menendez are also on board. But where the in the world is Ted Kennedy? Kennedy, if you recall, was one of the Senate Democrats who voted to censure President Clinton for the whole Monica mess. If he could a censure of Clinton over that nonsense, surely he can support a censure of Bush for illegally wiretapping American citizens. Give Ted a call and tell him to support Feingold’s call for censure. While you’re at it, give Kerry a call and thank him for his support.

[Update:] I’ve been told Kerry’s support is not as solid as I thought. All the more reason to give him a call.

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