Saturday liveblogging the convention

Arrived at the convention about an hour ago. Lynne (Left in Lowell) and Andy (Mass Revolution Now!) are here in the press room, having come from a semi-off-the-record meeting with Deval Patrick, which I didn’t know about … obviously I need better sources. Wifi access is absolutely, embarrassingly extortionate: $50/day. That’s nuts. We’re in the press room with a couple of TVs on, but none of the pros in the room are paying attention.

Early thoughts on watching TV with the sound down:

*Andy and I agree: Bill Galvin is a dead ringer for William H. Macy.

*We also agree that John Bonifaz is a dead ringer for Sam Kelley.

We’ll have more after the flip…

Deb Goldberg speaking: time to get Massachusetts moving again! Yay!

*Health care: insurance co. price gouging.

*Pay teachers what they deserve. (What do they deserve?)

*Cities and towns have been ignored.

*Her family grew supermarket chain, “that opportunity doesn’t exist for young people”. Well, that’s true enough.

Enthusiastic delivery, but not really a memorable turn of phrase in the whole thing. I don’t think she closed the sale.


Andrea Silbert: starts with a slick campaign film, family, soft-focus, but she’s intense.

*Went to Brazil to help women

*helped 10,000 women start businesses

*Zipcar founder went through Andrea’s program(!)

*More testimonials from women who did Andrea’s program … it’s impressive.

*SUPERFICIALITY WARNING: Andrea could smile more with her eyes when she talks. (I can relate.)

*She does have cute kids.

*Overall, it’s a very good spot.

*Speech begins, a bit loud, and in Spanish.

*Again, she seems a little aggressive up there, and is speaking too fast. Sounds like she’s mad.

*Three things to do: 1. job creation, from ground up. Better record than Romney/Healey. Cities and towns: will bring money. “I’ve got skin in the game.” — that phrase has *got* to go. Bad news. 2. Bring back $ from Washington for rail — with a Dean whoop. NOT Good.

*Laundry list of social issues, pro-choice, same-sex marriage.

Not a good speech: much too aggressive, much too fast, much too loud. Come September, it’s poison. Andrea’s a smart person with good ideas, but she has *got* to smooth out the rough edges in presentation — soon.


Tim Murray: short film spot: hokey music. “Can you/feel a/BRAND NEW DAYYYYY”. Testimonials from various elected officials. Presenting self as cities and towns, more establishment-type candidate.

*Tim’s got a good New England accent. His delivery is not exciting, but after Andrea, it’s pretty easy to take.

*Family testimony: parents taught about obligations. Hard work, sacrifice.

*16 years “disinterested and disengaged” Republican adminstrations starved cities and towns.

*”When they talk about opportunity, they mean photo opportunities.” Nice.

*Expand commuter rail, affordable housing, job creation, brownfields clean-up.

*”Fair pay for a fair day’s work philosophy”

A good speech, definitely the best of the three. But The Wiz music is a little much.

… OK, sorry for the delay; for $50 a day, couldn’t I actually get some damn signal on the floor? Andy isn’t having trouble, but please don’t tell me I need a new computer. Ridiculous. Anyway, here are the comments from the Gov. speeches. I’ll be culling my notes, so these may change over the next few minutes…


Gabrieli speech: a little rough-voiced, and aggressive. Healey-bashing. Stem cell research: “You haven’t had the courage” to stand up to gop. You’ve had your chance, and you haven’t gotten it done. No results. I’ll put my results against Kerry Healey’s anytime.

Democratic unity.

Good gravy, it’s loud in here.

Gab’s got cute kids, too.


Phil Johnston speaks Deval Patrick’s name, and the place erupts. Seemingly a new video clip. EXTREMELY LOUD in here. Ow.

“I want every single vote on every single ballot, now, September, and November. I didn’t come here to do some backroom deal.”

Hope. Pretty much the same as his normal stump speech so far: Chicago-Milton, etc. “Hope for the best, and work for it”, etc. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard it before.

Stem cells: healing instead of politics. Renewables, save planet and build economy. Smaller classes, longer school day, public colleges and unis envy of the world. Health is a public good; decent, affordable, truly universal health care system.

I’ve built more bridges than any other candidate from either party. I have a vision, plan, and ground organization unlike anything this state has ever seen. It’s not up to me, it’s up to you. Not my campaign, but yours. When I win, Democratic values win. Time for Democrats to stop apologizing for being Democrats. We are party of hard work, and sacrifice. We are captive to cynics.

Uncle Sonny shot heroin in the living room. Cynicism is an opiate, a comfort drug. Some in the media are dealers, peddling cynicism. Teaches us to expect less, to demand less. Put it down.

Take a chance on your own aspirations. Take a chance on hope. That is lesson of party, that’s lesson of my own life. Join me, and let’s go to work.

(That music is just really too damn loud. “What have you done today to make you feel proud.”)

He’s a political rock star. The crowd won’t let Phil proceed. “Let’s let Tom Reilly have his moment.”


Tom Reilly has to follow this … that’s tough.

Coakley nominates Reilly. “Reilly/reilly/reilly” chant from one corner (I’m in the press section, in the middle) while she’s talking.

Coakley: Tom told us to get the right result, not just get the conviction. Community justice meetings: Tom attended personally. Fought for consumers, for civil rights. Tom Reilly is someone you want on your side. Reilly is the leader MA needs like never before.

Reilly film: Mom and Dad came from Ireland. 36 years in same neighborhood in Watertown. Middlesex DA, 2x MA AG. Stood up on side of average citizen. “Gritty determination”. This is actually the most factual, substantive film of the three. As candidate for Governor, continues to take tough stands.

Reilly gets a very warm and loud welcome – not like Deval’s, but definitely enthusiastic.

Beginning of end of 16 years of failed Republican rule. Red meat to Dems. 6 years of Bush. We live on 2nd floor of two decker in Watertown. But families in our neighborhood aren’t getting ahead. Families save for college, denied financial aid by colleges. Seniors: property taxes are crushing them – corporate greed crushing their retirements. People must live further from their jobs, more time in traffic, less time at soccer games and school plays. Bush and Romney don’t care. Tax breaks to Pride’s Crossing? They govern from the far right. “I’ve had enough!” Prescription drugs costs up: “Enough is enough”. Violent crime: enough is enough.  (Signs say “enough is enough”)

Remember independent-minded voters: share our values, vote against our candidates. Last four elections, I’ve won. I can handle money,

You are looking at the Republican party’s worst nightmare, come November.

I will be your Governor.

We need to compete for good-paying jobs.

Schools: will reach new heights. Familiies need public unis among best in country.

Fulfill health care for all. Put us on path for energy independence.

Fiscally responsible.

Return corner office to the decent, hardworking people that make this commonwealth great. That’s where I come from, that’s who I am. People need governor on their side, every day. Time to make Massachusetts great again. There is nothing we cannot do. Together we can make it happen.

Really, quite a good speech – a fiery, populist approach. Tom did himself proud today.  That’s the best I’ve heard him speak in public.

Tom has cute grandkids too.


Lunch break


And now, challenges. This is the nastiest part … and one hopes that it’s resolved equitably.


Early betting pool for delegate share from Lynne, Andy, and me:

Charley: Deval 68%, Tom 16%, Chris 16%.

Lynne: Deval 68%, Tom 20%, Chris 12%

Andy: Deval 63%,
Tom 20%, Chris 17%


We just saw sco on the monitor, which is scanning delgates! He’s wearing one of those neon-chartreuse Deval shirts. Bloggers represent!


Adam’s reporting that Gabrieli is on the edge of eligibility — anywhere from 50 votes over to 50 under. (yikes)

Based on our disdain for the 15% rule, here’s hoping he makes it.


The Murray campaign has the following numbers for the first ballot:

Goldberg 23%, Murray 48%, Silbert 29%

So it looks like we’ll see a second ballot.



Bristol & Norfolk: Bonifaz 26 Galvin 66

LG: Goldberg 39 Murray 30 Silbert 23

Guv: Gab 12 Deval 65 Reilly 14

1st Bristol & Plymouth

Bonifaz: 0 Galvin 133

Goldberg 13 Murray 110 Silbert 8

Gab 12 Deval 41 Tom 78


Bonifaz 20 Galvin 59

Goldberg 7 Murray 69 Silbert 3

Gab 21 Deval 28 Tom 30

2nd Suffolk & Middlesex

Bonifaz 61 Galvin 56 no vote 1

Goldberg 29 Murray 35 Silbert 50 nv 4

Gab 11 Deval 81 Tom 23 nv 3

Plymouth & Barnstable

Bonifaz 18 Galvin 75

Goldberg 14 Murray 30 silbert 49

Gab 3 Deval 73 tom 17

1st Hamden/Hampshire

Bonifaz 36 galvin 86

goldberg 12 Murray 89 Silbert 20

gab 21 Deval 45 tom 56


Gabrieli was going to address supporters a few minutes ago — then called it off in light of “new information”. What does this mean? Gab doesn’t know if he’s in or not.


Thanks to Cos for the following:


Bonifaz 61, Galvin 90, 1nv;

DebGoldberg 10, Murray 64, Silbert 78

Gab 10, Deval 119, Tom 23

Norfolk & Plymouth:

Bonifaz 7, Galvin 124

Goldberg 29, Murray 78, Silbert 22, 2nv;

Gab 64, Deval 38, Reilly 28, 1nv

1st Suffolk:

Bonifaz 24, Galvin 113, 6nv;

Goldberg 20, Murray 90, Silbert 29, 4nv

Gab 13, Deval 69, Tom 61

3rd Middlesex:

Bonifaz 55, Galvin 64, 2nv;

Goldberg 44, Murray 37, Silbert 37, 2nv

Gab 18, DP 87, TR 13,


2nd Plymouth & Bristol:

Bonifaz 22, Galvin 67, 2nv

Goldberg 17, Murray 42, Silbert 32

Gab 19, Deval 61, Tom 11


Bonifaz 40 Galvin 85

goldberg 26 Murray 89 silbert 10

Gab 14 Deval 53 Tom 58

Cape & Islands

bon 63 Galvin 38 nv 2

Gold 23 Murray 17 silb 82 nv 1

Gab 17 Deval 82 Tom 23 nv 1

4th Middlesex

Bonifaz 45 Galvin 88

Goldberg 26 Murray 40 silbert 67

Gab 17 Deval 96 Tom 20


Bonifaz 25 Galvin 60 nv 2

Golberg 19 TM 6 Silbert 40 nv 2

Gab 4 Deval 58 Tom 25 nv 0


Bonifaz 11 Galvin 83

Goldberg 5 Murray 1 Silbert 8

Gab 23 Deval 31 Tom 40


Bon 35 gal 78

gold 21 mur 54 sil 38

gab 13 deval 76 reilly 24

2 Bristol Plymouth

Bonifaz 32 Galvin 57

Goldb 24 Murr 43 Silb 22

Gab 27 Deval 55 Tom 7

2nd Hampden/Hampshire

Bonifaz 19 Galvin 49 nv 2

Goldb 11 Murray 52 Silb 7

Gab 12 Deval 35 Tom 23


While we’re sitting here doing data entry, Adam Reilly’s getting scoops: Tom’s in @ 25%, Gab’s in, brokered, at 15%+


bon 30 Gal 75 nv 1

golb 42 Mur 35 Silb 26 nv 3

Gab 10 Deval 66 Reilly 29 nv 1

1st Worc

bon 18 Galv 105

goldb 2 Murray 121 Silb 0

gab 19 Deval 70 tom 33 nv 2

Hampshire Franklin

bon 82 Galv 38

gold 18 Mur 42 Silb 60

Gab 21 Deval 92 Tom 7

Middle & Essex

Bon 33 Galv 90

Gold 36 Mur 53 Silb 34

Gab 21 Deval 75 tom 27


I may have to miss some results if the candidates have presentations … at this point, the news is the beginning of the campaign, not documenting the votes.


There will be a motion to do the LG second ballot by voice vote.


1st Plymouth & bristol

Bon 12 Galv 87

Gold 33 Murr 40 Silb 35 nv 1

gab 4 Deval 39 Tom 55 nv 1

2nd Worc

bon 4 Galv 99 nv 2

golb 1 Murr 104 Silb 0

gab 17 Deval 28 Tom 59

2nd Middlesex

Bon 46 Galv 84

Goldb 29 Murr 49 Silb 46 nv 6

gab 7 Deval 90 Tom 32 nv 1

1st Ess & Midd

Bon 35 Galv 61

Goldb 19 Murray 32 Silb 45

Gab 6 Deval 77 Tom 13

Plymouth & Norfolk

Bon: 22 Galv 93

Goldb 34 Murr 38 silb 43 nv 2

Gab 14 Deval 67 Tom 34 nv 2

1st suffolk & middlesex

bon 33 galv 85 nv 2

golb 44 murr 44 silb 40 nv 3

gab 20 deval 61 tom 50


You can understand the 19 legislators behind Gabrieli making a deal, and you can understand other ex-officios coming over to their side — there may be more benefit to making nice with other legislators than keeping someone off the ballot and earning enmity with other pols … and it would seem that perhaps Reilly doesn’t mind having Gabs in the race.


Cos says Bonifaz has the votes for the ballot.


Worc norf

Bon 19 Galv 79 nv4

goldb 6 Murr 82 Silb 8

Gab 39 Deval 24 Tom 33

worc ply

bon 15 Galv 91 nv 4

Golb 53 murr 23 Silb 30 nv 4

Gab 19 Deval 83 Tom 5 nv 3

2nd Essex

bon 14 Galv 89 nv 2

gold 27 Murray 45 Silb 33 nv 1

gab 30 Deval 64 Tom 11

middlesex worc

bon 25 galv 83

gold 6 murra 81 silb 21

gab 12 deval 84 tom 12

middlesex suff essex

bon 48 galv 59 nv 5

gold 14 murr 42 silb 54 nv 2

gab 14 deval 67 tom 30 nv 1

1st essex

bon 17 galv 94

gold 22 murr 49 silb 39 nv 1

gab 32 deval 43 tom 31


msex worc

bon 25 galv 83

gold 6 murr 81 silb 21

gab 12 deval 84 tom 12


Bon 30 galv 57 nv 3

gold 11 murr 60 silb 17 nv 2

gab 20 deval 61 tom 8 nv 1


bon 18 galv 125 nv 5

gold 52 murr 75 silb 17 nv 4

gab 22 deval 37 tom 84 nv 5

1st middlesex

bon 18 galv 77

gold 41 murr 33 silb 21

gab 12 deval 34 tom 49


Gabrieli’s spokesman is apologizing for not getting the press room folks before Gab made his statement, that he did get 15%. There were *no deals* with the Reilly folks, he says. Gabrieli was jumping up and down. Sorry I missed it.


I’m going out to the floor for Deval’s endorsement acceptance speech.


On the floor: Johnston’s speaking.

Bonifaz qualifies. All LG candidates qualify.

Gabrieli gets 15.36% — gets a few boos. Deval gets 59%. Tom gets 26.66%. Deval’s the endorsed candidate.

Here’s the voice vote on the 2nd ballot: Murray gets it. Voice votes are bonkers. Roller-derby Roberts Rules of order wins again.

Galvin accepts: *Very* short speech. Fine by me. A man of few words, and judging by what I’ve heard, the fewer the better.

Tim Murray accepts: “CAN YOU/FEEL A /BRAND NEW DAY!!!!!!” Sends a message we’re going to take back the corner office. We’re going to have a heck of a party in November. “CAN YOU/FEEL A/BRAND NEW DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”

Johnston says Deval sounded like a combination of RFK and MLK. “I was very deeply inspired,” says Phil.

(It must be said, a lot of folks have left.)

Marian Walsh introduces Patrick: THUMPING MU
SIC… thumbs up.

Deval: Thank *you* delegates. Grateful and humbled. I will make mistakes and missteps; I’m flawed. But don’t give up on me, b/c I will never give up on you. No politics as usual. Vote for who you want, not for whom the wise guys think someone else will want. That has failed us. Politics as usual hasn’t delivered anything. Republicans have no interest in leadership. We have a vision for leadership. You know the difference. You see how broken bridges and dams, and how overcrowded schools. Must invest in cities and towns. You see for yourself that poor are in terrible shape, and the middle class are one month away from that. You see leaders more interested in having a job than doing the job. Not just a strategy to win, but a strategy to govern. Hope without action is meaningless. Step across differences, and work to find best solutions. Reject idea that we have to agree on everything before we do anything. Talk with neighbors. Support a Democrat. Be a champion in your own community of Democratic ideals. We don’t have to accept false Republican ideals anymore. Can have economy and social justice, etc. (from stump speech).

When I win, the suburban professional wins, the homeless win. We are party that built middle class and must now save it. Cynicism has no place in our vision — but realism does.

Robert Goddard conducted first experiments near here. Looked to a vision of what could be. Unite behind not just this candidate but this cause. If we do that, we will win, and we will deserve to win.

I’ll just say this: Most people in Massachusetts have not heard much about Deval Patrick. In the next few months, I think the state is in for something of a shock. If he’s ever able to cut through the Ameriquest stuff and the one-dimensional liberal-conservative axis — no easy feat — he’s quite a candidate.

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  1. Dead ringer indeed

    Once Charley put the name on it you can't help but think Fargo every time you see Galvin!

    • Too true!

      What I like best about him is his habit of checking the Coke macine on the 4th floor of the State House for loose change every time he walks by.

      You betcha!

  2. A pundit you're not...

    Charley, thanks for tracking the candidates videos and speeches.  Your point by point coverage is accurate, but your analysis re Silbert's tone is off.  Why is intesity being perceived as a negative?  She seems serious and passionate about the issues.  People are tired of Republicans and are fed up with politics as usual.  Voters are looking for someone who'll fight for them... so I'd say her intensity is a good thing.

    fyi, I'm here at the convention and the response to her film and speech were the best of all candidates.  A reporter from the Worcester paper (he had a Press creditial) was standing next to me and said, after Murray finished, that Silbert's 10 minutes were the best of the three.

    • I'm watching on TV in the press room

      ... and in the general election, that's how people are going to see her. And it's way too hot for TV, abrasive, even. I'm just calling it like I see it.

      • That's what they said about Capuano

        I was involved in the 1998 8th Congressional race and everyone said the same thing about Mike Capuano during and after the first big NECN debate at the Kennedy School... he's "Way too hot for tv"... "needs to cool down"... But it worked for him and he won.

        Maybe it's a Male/Female thing... intensity for a woman = anger, intensity by a man = passionate fighter.

        No attitude intended here, but I encourage you to step outside the Press Room bubble and talk to delegates.

        • Well, I did.

          Some of the folks I talked to thought her tone was fine, and some felt like I did, that it was too strident-sounding. So, you're not wrong, but I think she's got some work to do before being on TV a lot.

          I do not think that she will want to use that video to make ads.

  3. Charley has lost his signal unfortunately

    We are out on the floor now and this internet signal is spotty.  I am still getting a signal and am posting on my blog.  It is a lot of fun being out here.

  4. Delegate challenges

    "There have been about two dozen challenges.  It's going to take about 45 minutes to resolve them."

    a chorus of boos from the convention floor

    "It doesn't do any good to boo.  People have the right to challenge."

    So now we wait.  I wonder if we'll find out what all the challenges were, and whether anyone actually registered as a delegate illegitimately.

    • challenges

      Are these the "John Doe once endorsed a Republican so he's not eligible to be a delegate" challenges?

      • maybe

        There were a few such challenges before the convention, as you probably know.  Those don't need to be resolved now, of course.  Some of today's challenges could be the same thing, but they could just as easily be people recognizing neighbors from their town or ward who they don't remember being elected, etc.

        BTW, it's not "once endorsed a Republican" - it only counts if it was in the past two elections (2002 and 2004).  Or at least, if that's not clear yet, it'll be clear after today's charter changes :)

  5. wireless

    So far I've found free wireless almost everywhere I've been here:  - the exhibit floor at the DCU  - the crown plaza hotel (where the Bonifaz party was)  - the bar/restaurant that hosted the MassEquality party last night

    The one exception is now, I'm in the visitor balcony above the convention floor, and I can get no networks, pay or free up here.  (But I can get cell signal, and my Treo can get my computer online that way)

  6. We MUST win, and the right ticket can do it...

    I have to agree with Charley's above comments with regard to Andrea Silbert.  I have followed the LG's race very closely and had supported Sam Kelley on the basis of his strength in health care and in character. I wanted this to be the year of "not your average politician", which is why I strongly support Deval Patrick. Obviously, Sam Kelley will not be our LG, so here's the deal: I have seen all the LG candidates speak several times to all kinds of crowds. I love Debbie Goldberg and think she would be a fantastic LG, she is a person of great integrity and intellect. Tim Murray is great too, good speaker, confident, commands political respect.  Between these two, it is a tough choice for LG, but it is between these two.  I have seen Andrea Silbert essentially offend crowds.  She seems eccentric, cocky, and condescending at best and has actually used the phrase "pissed off" when addressing a union organization.  She says only what she thinks you want to hear and somehow managed to sound disingenuous when trying to play the concerned mother card.  Quite frankly, Andrea strikes me and others as arrogant and should be left out of consideration for the LG nomination.  As Democrats, we are all concerned with winning but no matter what financial help a candidate might have to offer, we can not compromise when it comes to the quality of our candidates.

    • Andrea Silbert

      Silbert spoke at the most recent meeting of Progressive Democrats of Somerville, and I found her to be quite warm and engaging.  Maybe she does better in small settings than larger ones.

      (Since I have never met Tim Murray, nor seen him on TV, I have made no decision in this race yet.)

      • I could easily believe that

        ... but live she suffers a bit from Howard Dean's problem: good inside the hall, but as I say, too hot for the TV. I love Dean, but he came across as very brittle to a lot of folks.

        I don't want to come off as harsh on Andrea -- she'd be a fine LG. This is about campaign aesthetics only.

        By the way, for what it's worth, I'm not the only one who had very similar impressions.

        • We saw her on TV

          She was on TV for the LG debate in Lowell, and I don't recall thinking anything of the sort, or hearing any such comments from other people who watched it.

          (I'm still undecided, starting to lean towards Silbert...)

    • I think you have your LG candidates mixed up!

      If you saw Goldberg's video at the convention, you'd think she was "eccentric, cocky and condescending"... not Silbert.

    • At least 1400 Delegates think your flat wrong...

      ...Silbert got 29% of the vote and it was clear that many Murray and Godberg supporters would be comfortable supporting Andrea if she were the nominee.  You offer no facts to back up your assertions about "disingenuous" and arrogance and I say the proof of Andrea's support is the fact that a first-time candidate secured the votes of nearly a third of the Democratic PArty establishment.

      And I'm totally confused by your last comment..."As Democrats, we are all concerned with winning but no matter what financial help a candidate might have to offer, we can not compromise when it comes to the quality of our candidates"  You can't be talking about Silbert who does not have the personal financial resources that you speak of.  Only Goldberg fits that model that your referring to--yet you praise her.  Very confusing.

  7. Challenges

    From our perspective, these challenges are the fun part. Let's face it: it's war. The goal is to clear the field and find any legitmate means of doing so. In our experiences, challenges are usually that a delegate was not in their seat at time of vote; name not appearing on tally sheet; or confusion with alternate seating when delegate not present. For someone only close to 15%, it can mean on or off the ballot. For floor ops folks trying to clear the field, this is a necessary tactic. Delegate eligibility is fair game. 

  8. Hello all.

    Any update at the convention?

    • The Count Begins

      Our understanding is that the votes are starting to go in the tally room now and beginning to be verified. Not sure of time it will take --- could be 45 minutes to an hour depending upon challenges by campaigns. If challenges are presented, they must be presented and ruled upon by state committee. Mostly made up of of attorneys and those versed in state committee bylaws. Challenges can range from substitutions of alternates for delegates, claim of a persona not being present in the delegation but listed as voted, or even miscounting of votes.

      • Some results (don't get excited)

        Just talked to a delegate. He concurs. Also, he has results from 4th middlesex district: Gabrieli 13% Rielly 15% Patrick: Didn't say, but I assume the rest.

        Keep in mind this is a very liberal patrick stronghold.

        Danny Moraff

  9. Gabrieli making an announcement...

    A Gabrieli campaign person stepped into the press room to tell us Gabrieli would be making an announcement to his supporters from his trailer, and most everyone here went over there.  An announcement to his supporters, hmm?  Is that what it sounds like?

    • The same one?

      Charleymta said that he called for a meeting but called it off  "in light of 'new information'". Is this the same meeting, do you think, or something different?

      Danny Moraff

      The suspense is killing me.

      • same meeting

        Adam Reilly reports hearing that a deal was cut.  If true, it means Gabrieli found out at the last moment that he just barely made it and called off the announcement.

  10. Amendments

    Have they voted on those five preproposed amendments? Also, does anyone have a guess of the end time?

    Danny Moraff

  11. Gabrieli has it?

    According to the phoenix, gabrieli claims he has the 15%. May be some procedural challenges. I heard that Patrick said he would not challenge, but I forget where and cannot find it. None of this is solid. The convention has not announced anything.

    Danny Moraff

  12. crazy

    I left home at four after reading (I think on Left in Lowell) that Gabrieli was at about 11-12%, and I thought I read that as a leaked final number, (though I think now it was the count so far), and on the way to Shopper's World startted thinking abotu the new campaign dynamic and feeling bad for the Gab, thinking about how strong he'd be for Kerry's seat in 2 years, and looking forward to the one-on-one battle ahead... After two hours out, I called I friend to check here for more up-to-date results, to see if Chris conceded, and the whole crazy three-way race seemed to back on. So from suspense to sadness and relief to the crazy confusion again. This will be an exciting few months, and hopefully not too bruising.

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