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Congressman Delahunt comes out strong for South Shore Candidates, asks people to help Matt Mulvey

In Hingham yesterday at the Victory 06 BBQ hosted by Selectman Phil Edmundson, Congressman Bill Delahunt & Representative Garrett Bradley came out strong for support of South Shore candidates – one in particular, Matt Mulvey, running for State Senate in Plymouth-Norfolk.  The crowd included top names in the state: Tim Cahill, Joe Kennedy (great nephew of Ted Kennedy, helping out with the reelection campaign), and other state reps, James Murphy and Bruce Ayers.  All of the Democratic candidates there had no (real) opponents, and so regionally, money is being raised to generate awareness for Democratic issues and shared resources among all Democratic candidates, and not as much for specific candidates.  For those of you not aware of this highly coordinate campaign, read more about Victory 06! on the MassDems website.  One of the key beneficiaries of these events throughout the South Shore will be Matt Mulvey; Bill Delahunt, in his speech addressed the various failures of Republican administrations at the state and national level and asked all Democrats to help Matt Mulvey, in his race against an incumbent Republican.  Matt will soon be holding another reception in Hingham, on August 15, and asks Democrats from across the state to attend […]

Senate, House steamrolling Romney vetoes

The override votes are coming fast and furious – and one-sided.  The biggest news so far is that the legislature unanimously (152-0, 38-0) overrode Romney’s veto of the bill hiking the minimum wage to $8 in two steps.  Even the Republicans didn’t back Romney on that one.  They’ve also restored about a gajillion dollars of the spending that Romney vetoed.  No action in the Senate yet on Chapter 40T.  If you haven’t called your Senator, there’s still time. UPDATE: Cos reports in the comments that he called the clerk’s office, who says that Romney’s veto of Chapter 40T was not overridden.  That’s consistent with what I saw last night – I was keeping as up-to-date as I could on what was happening, and I never saw it come up. There may well be a place for something like Chapter 40T.  But it should be developed in conjunction with someone other than the real estate developers lobby, and it should be fully debated, not slipped into some other bill at the last minute.

Ortiz is THE MAN!!

Bottom of the 9th, Sox 2 runs down, he slaps a 3-run walk-off homer. Unbelievable.

Kim sez Harshbarger endorses Patrick

Surprise? Nah. While it may seem unusual for a former attorney general to not back his successor, the move is not all that surprising. Earlier this year I reported that Harshbarger’s wife, Judith Stephenson, has donated $1,000 to Patrick’s campaign since 2005, the maximum amount allowed in a two-year period, according to campaign finance records. Harshbarger has not yet made a contribution himself to Patrick. This is a natural fit: both are/were Idealist vs. Establishment. And Patrick doubtless has those who will be happy to stick the “loony left” shiv into him as well — though probably not the speaker of the House this time. So, does this actually bring Patrick more votes in September?

Castro temporarily relinquishes control of Cuba for first time since 1959

Fidel Castro is undergoing intestinal surgery, and has handed control of Cuba over to his brother Raul.  Fidel has been continuously in control of Cuba from 1959 to now.  He is 80; his brother is 75.  This has been a BMG News special report.  We now return you to regularly scheduled blogging. UPDATE: From Daily Kos, here is a report from the wife of a foreign service officer from an unnamed country who lives in Havana.  This, it occurs to me, is one of the cool things about the internet (otherwise we’d never see this kind of report), and also a reason why anonymity has its place (the writer did not want to identify her husband’s country of origin).

Can you help a Blogger Candidate for Democratic State Committeewoman?

Today I am announcing my candidacy for Democratic State Committeewoman for the senate district of Worcester and Middlesex.

(cue balloons and streamers)

Quick background: As mentioned in a User Post by nodrumlins, Clare Freda left the Democratic party in February to mount a run for State Representative as an Indpendent.  By doing so, she also forfeited her seat on the Democratic State Committee.  There are two candidates for this open seat. There will be a Senate District Conference held on August 19 to elect a committeewoman to finish the term.

More information after the jump.

Mixing metaphors

You know, I heard Mitt’s “tar baby” remark over the weekend, and I made absolutely nothing of it. When I was writing my post reacting to his credit-taking for his Big Dig “leadership” (too little too late), I considered quoting that part, but I never considered remarking on his choice of metaphor. I had never heard the term used as a racial epithet — and believe me, where I grew up, I heard just about everything else. The term, coming from the story of Brer Rabbit from Uncle Remus, does indeed refer to a sticky trap. Romney used it in that sense, not in a demeaning context. (And as far as we know he was sober.) So now it’s exploded. Why? In fact, author Toni Morrison tried to “de-criminalize” the word: In 1981, author Toni Morrison published a novel titled “Tar Baby,” and she has compared the expression to other racial epithets. She says it’s a term that white people used to refer to black children, especially black girls. Reached at her home near Princeton University, where she teaches, Morrison called the expression “antiquated” and one that’s “attractive to some people, when they begin to search for hints of racism.” […]

Chris Gabrieli will get results

Chris will Make our government more accountable, accessible, and responsible Invest in stem cell research to create jobs and treat diseases. Give local communities the flexibility to launch innovative programs in their schools. Make tuition more affordable by making college savings tax deductible. Perform a top-to-bottom review of state programs to make sure we’re not wasting taxpayer money. Make the school day longer and expand after school programs so kids learn more and have a safe place to go in the afternoon. 

Nedrenaline! BMG Endorses Ned Lamont

Every now and then one has to put calculation aside and stand on principle. This is, of course, a difficult and unfamiliar  assignment for hardened veterans of Massachusetts politics — but  the times require it. We endorse Ned Lamont for Senate in  Connecticut and urge all of our readers in Connecticut to vote  for him in the Democratic  primary on 8 August: he is the only respectable choice.

Lamont’s opponent Joe Lieberman was, in his youth, a fine fellow.  Like a noble dog, famous best friend of all humankind, he was fiercely loyal, committed to justice, and had a canny  resourcefulness that brought him national influence. Sadly, the  years  since his defeat as Vice Presidential nominee have clouded his  judgment, blunted his compassion, and made him almost  completely  ineffective as a progressive legislator. Lieberman has  changed from a  watchdog for Democratic values to a lapdog for  Republican vices.

Lamont is a better choice. He opposes the war in Iraq that  Lieberman supports. He has a proven track record of management  ability that  Lieberman lacks. He understands the critical  importance of  progressive policies that will improve the effectiveness of our government and the quality of our lives.  Lieberman is more interested in showering President Bush with  kisses than in offering any real opposition to the costly and ineffective course set for us by the  regressive administration.  It is time for him to go. Our Bill of Particulars against Lieberman is below.

To donate to the Ned Lamont for Senate campaign click here. To  volunteer for Lamont in Connecticut this weekend, click here.

Hot enough for you?

… It will be. Man, I thought this global-warming thing was gonna be a lot nicer; you know, palm trees in Boston and whatnot. But this is just gonna suck. Speaking of which, at what point will the media and public consign global-warming deniers to the Crackpot Closet? I mean, it’s even getting harder to drum up some professor-payola. Science historian Naomi Oreskes, addressed the inconvenient — but quite lonely — MIT global-warming denier Prof. Richard Lindzen: To be sure, there are a handful of scientists, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Richard Lindzen, the author of the Wall Street Journal editorial, who disagree with the rest of the scientific community. To a historian of science like me, this is not surprising. In any scientific community, there are always some individuals who simply refuse to accept new ideas and evidence. This is especially true when the new evidence strikes at their core beliefs and values. …A historical example will help to make the point. In the 1920s, the distinguished Cambridge geophysicist Harold Jeffreys rejected the idea of continental drift on the grounds of physical impossibility. In the 1950s, geologists and geophysicists began to accumulate overwhelming evidence of the reality of […]