“The Big Dig is the best thing ever to happen to me!”

You see why Governor Velveeta had to leave the state so soon: to tout his leadership on the CA/Tastrophe:

AMES, Iowa — Nearly three weeks after a ceiling collapse in a Big Dig tunnel killed a Boston woman, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney yesterday portrayed his stewardship of the crisis as a sign that he is “willing to take action.”

… six months before the end of his term, when he’s not running for re-election. Glad he got around to it; better late than never, although apparently “never” was a real possibility before someone got killed.

Romney, in his first significant out-of-state political trip since the July 10 accident, told 200 people at a Republican lunch yesterday that he had stepped in to oversee the beleaguered $14.6 billion project when others would not.

Uh, maybe because no one else is the freakin’ governor of Massachusetts.

“The best thing for me to do politically is stay away from the Big Dig — just get as far away from that tar baby as I possibly can,” Romney said, answering an audience question about whether his new responsibility for the project’s safety carried political risk. “But I got elected as governor of Massachusetts. It’s part of my job to do what I think is the right thing.”

Yeah, running away from the problem — maybe even taking a few trips out of state — that would have been the safe thing to do.

Oh, and here’s some more leadership for you: Save The Artery!

What is Romney thinking? By vetoing the money for covering the ramps through the Greenway, he is negating an important original objective of the Big Dig, a project that we’ve already paid for many times over, both in tax money and inconvenience. So now in addition to getting gouged we’re going to rewind back to 1990 and just have to accept an eyesore running through the center of the city? You know, like we had before we started?

What’s the matter with you, John? Why do you hate Boston? We’ve had that eyesore for, what, 50 years? And WE LIKED IT (/grandpa)

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