BMG goes negative! Introducing BMG-TV

I haven’t seen any reports yet of what Kerry Healey had to say at her 10 am press conference at which she and Reed Hillman were supposedly going to “unveil their new solutions” for the campaign.  But if last night’s speech was any indication, Healey’s “new solutions” pretty much consist of the tired old GOP playbook.

So we thought we’d jump in.  Herewith, the first two productions by BMG-TV.  I gather that the industry practice is to give these things one word titles, so this one is called “Extreme.”

And this one is called “Record.”

There you have it.  Feel free (in fact, you are encouraged) to go over to YouTube and rate these videos, forward them to your friends, etc.  YouTube has been a huge thorn in the side of Virginia’s vile George Allen, and maybe we can make use of it here as well.

I will post permanent links to these videos in a new “BMG-TV” box on the sidebar.  If you have a video you’d like to add, let me know.  (By the way, I made these with Windows Movie Maker, a nifty free utility that comes with Windows XP.  It’s pretty easy to use.)

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  1. $quot;Record$quot; much more effective than $quot;Extreme$quot;

    First, congrats to BMG. I've been enjoying lurking for quite awhile. I love the idea of going with funny, viral ads online, but I don't think the "extreme" ad is half as effective as "record" -- it has a smurky, dated (2004) feel.  Especially if we're trying to convince independents that voting for Healy is worthless. Love "record" though. Makes it so the more she says she's running on her record the worse it is for her, and at the same time doesn't presume the sympathy of the audience -- great stuff, and just right for the general. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. .

    The second one's better.

    If you don't mind a little stealing, it'd be a great one to throw "er... she'd vote for you if you were running!" on the end.

  3. OMFG

    Someone take away your multimedia software. You're dangerous!

    LOL I agree the second ad is best. I friggin cracked up after the pause - "What has she done again?"

  4. Hearing you talk about these last night

    I was really looking forward to seeing them. Record got a full on guffaw from me. A fine piece of work. Kudos.

  5. extreme

    I though the horror music and absurdity of "extreme" was hilarious :)

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