Another Healey flip-flop: RGGI

Yesterday I wrote up a list of substantive issues that I hoped would get addressed in tonight’s debate. One of them is Gov. Romney’s precipitous pullout of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a consortium of northeastern states that have banded together to combat their own greenhouse gas emissions. This was led by Republican Governor Pataki of New York. Romney himself did a big ol’ flip-flop on the issue, since romancing oil plutocrats trumps global warming, if you’re running for the GOP Prez nomination. But still, I couldn’t recall if Healey had put any daylight between her and Mitt.

I shouldn’t have bothered to ask: Of course, Healey folded like an origami master. Like Romney, she was for it until she was against it.

It must be midnight in Massachusetts, ’cause there’s no daylight between the two of ‘em.

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  1. The difference

    One difference between Healey and Romney is their take on the gas tax.

    Healey wanted to get rid of it (temporarily). Romney thought that was a bad idea.

    Healey: ''This is a place where the governor and I may part company. I am very concerned about the impact of higher fuel costs on people's ability to get to work, on their individual budgets," she said. ''I would consider the temporary suspension of the gas tax especially if we can't get other tax progress."

    In that same piece, another candidate made a statement. Mihos: Christy Mihos, an independent candidate for governor, said he favored waiving the tax. ''People are looking for any relief whatsoever," he said.

  2. Loyal To Big Oil is celebrating our non-involvement in RGGI, darling!


    Loyal to Big Oil (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Billionaires for Bush) will be joining with their Coal brethren to celebrate global warming on Nov. 4th.  Some patriotic tree-huggers have said they are going to try and stop us - something about acting in support of the Kyoto accord meeting going on in Nairobi - but we shall see!

    See Events for details, darling!

  3. Ya, and

    before I listen to another word about global warming I absolutely and unconditionally demand a realistic explanation as to the funcioning and reasoning for this.

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