Healey’s hypoCORIsy: she was for restricting CORI access before she was against it

The Globe lays it out for all to see.  Kerry Healey tries to talk tough about CORI — the Criminal Offender Record Information database that contains information about arrests and convictions.  But, when she actually had the opportunity to broaden access to CORI, she didn’t do it.  Instead, she voted to deny access to organizations that wanted it, including organizations serving particularly vulnerable populations.  From the Globe article:

On April 18, 2001, the board approved an application from the local chapter of Best Buddies, a national organization that links intellectually disabled people with nondisabled peers. The application was approved 8 to 2, but Healey was one of two members who voted against it….

Healey opposed an application from Adult Day Care Center Inc., which said it needed to check the backgrounds of potential clients to avoid accepting people who would put other participants at risk. The vote was again 8 to 2 to approve the application.

Healey also voted with the majority when the board opposed a request by the city of Holyoke’s Licensing Board for access to the CORI records of applicants for public lodging licenses. The Holyoke agency said it was more likely that landlords with criminal histories would rent to tenants with criminal backgrounds.

The first two votes are fairly shocking, since obviously intellectually disabled people and clients of an adult day care agency are among the kinds of populations that particularly need protection from potentially dangerous individuals.  (For the record, I’m generally in favor of opening up CORI to everyone, as long as the database is accurate, at least with respect to convictions.  Criminal records are public information.)  But at least she was in the minority, so those agencies got the information they needed — no thanks to Healey. 

In the third case, Healey’s vote helped deny the city access to the information they needed.  And here’s what happened:

Mayor Michael J. Sullivan of Holyoke said that if had the Criminal History Systems Board had approved the licensing board’s application, city officials would have known the criminal history of a convicted pedophile before he was hired to manage a homeless shelter run by a nonprofit agency. The man is currently under investigation by local police.  “I suspect we would not given him a license to run a shelter,” Sullivan said, “and, at the least, we could known who was being hired.”

Oh, that’s great.  Kerry “I have a Ph.D in crime!” Healey enabled a convicted pedophile to get a job managing a homeless shelter. 

The Globe also notes that once Healey started running for Lt. Gov. back in 2001, she lost interest in CORI all together: “she skipped every session between August 2001 and 2002, when she resigned.”  I guess CORI wasn’t important enough back then to even bother showing up.

Another entry in our “Healey was for it before she was against it” box, coming up!

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  1. I'm a CRIMINOLOGIST, not a mind reader

    Until Mr. Patrick stops being nice, this kind of news is not going to get any play with the voters. I despise the ominous music and the washed-out graphics, but it makes people scared. That's all Ms. Healy has. 

    • Already posted

      Geee. David this was already posted Healey's CORI access, no votes come to light… Hmmmm

      The important part was it has been brought to the front and once again proves what a hoax Healey has been projecting to all.

  2. David

    you need to read today's globe editorial on Kerry. While we learn nothing new, I've been waiting for DAYS for the Globe to issue her an official smackdown on Songer and Laguer. Finally, they did - and she deserved every last bit of it.

  3. I think it will make a nice commercial

    I believe that it would be good for people to understand Healey work when she was given the authority to do something.  In so may cases people's opinion is skewed by ads, so why not provide them actual facts.

    • Great editorial

      Read this, from a former president of the Mass Bar Association, Ed Ryan, at http://wwww.kerry-he...

      Now there is another site you can cross post to. Thoughtful biting commentary only, cartoons, original thought. mail to kerryhealeysucks@yahoo.com. Really.

      Watch for more editorials in the legal world. Ms. Healey has offended so many people with her great disrespect for our Constitution. One would think a "crimonologist" would still have been trained, at some point in her life, in our Constitution. Alas.

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