Rare half-decent Herald article

Check this article out,by Peter Gelzinis of the Herald.

While your at it check out the Herald’s embarrassingly screaming headline about the convicted murderer working at the State House.

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  1. Front page

  2. Some great one liners

    "Long before Kerry Healey copped his idea, it was Shakespeare who suggested that we kill all the lawyers. But perhaps that’s only because criminologists hadn’t been invented yet."

    And my favorite and new BMG signature:

    "It’s lucky for the country that Adams was only a smart lawyer. Imagine if he’d been an angry and arrogant criminologist."

  3. Wouldn't it be nice to know...

    ... whether Healey leaners are more turned off by the intelligent article than the lurid and essentially meaningless headline and picture?  I suppose a related question is how many people who buy the paper bother to read anything serious inside.  I guess we can hope that as long as the tabloid stuff is somewhat even it will balance out a bit.

      - Dan

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