Wow! Scot Lehigh Deval Patrick!

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Wow! Scot Lehigh hearts Deval Patrick!

Is there anyone left to win over? Howie Carr, maybe? Oh, wait…(more on the flip)

From Adam Reilly:

A few minutes later, Carr moves on to gay sex, … further on in the show — before turning his attention to the war in Iraq — Carr hints that he’s finally given up on the Healey campaign. “Debate Kerry, or I say you’re chicken, Deval!” says a caller to Carr’s “Chump Line.” “Sticks and stones may break his bones, or the occasional empty soda can,” Carr responds. “But your words will never hurt him as he’s elected governor.”

If Kerry Healey’s lost Howie Carr, she’s screwed.

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  1. Howie launched missles at Mitt

    Mitt’s to blame for Muffy’s mess By Howie Carr Boston Herald Columnist Friday, October 27, 2006

    Mitt Romney, this is your fault.  Maybe it’s not all on your head, but as we survey the impending Republican disaster here, your name is at the top of a very short list of suspects.   Poor Kerry Healey. Perhaps she should have told you she wasn’t an Irish Catholic before you picked her as your running mate, but that was four years ago now. We all know it’s a Mitt Romney world, but still, couldn’t you have thrown her a few second-tier assignments? She never got a chance to define herself, because you never let her up for air.   So now you have a situation where a majority of the electorate agrees with her on the issues - taxes, crime, illegals. Yet they’re still planning to vote for Deval Patrick. Because they don’t like her.   Is it fair? Of course not, but you never gave her the opportunity to overcome what she herself calls her Muffy problem, and please don’t remind me who hung that moniker on her.

  2. Globe Consultant?

    On the other hand I had no idea that Brian McGrory of the Globe was a political consultant to the Kerry campaign.

    “A little more than two weeks ago, I made some points privately to her that I made a couple of days later in print -- that she was too negative in person, that her ads were too harsh, that she wasn't giving people a reason to vote for her even as she was berating them to vote against Patrick.”

    • It's a South Shore thing

      McGrory was probably just trying to help Healey, because Deval is from Milton. McGrory's a Weymouth guy, and Milton just reminds him too much of Hingham. :)

    • Pahleeeze...

      Brian McGrory is no more a consultant to Kerry Healey than Scot Lehigh is...they are both columnists which means a reporter with a personal opinion...

      I have never liked Scot Lehigh as I think he has thew same personality problems he attributes to Healey...however, in this column on Healey and Patrick, I think he has hit the nail on the head in regard to both of them.

    • Ugh, that column was so disgusting

      I'm sorry, WHERE in the ridiculous Globe 'article' about how Deval apparently isn't Perry Mason in that he conducts the entire investigation and trial completely on his own, was there any inference whatsoever that he spends his time playing tennis?

      Seriously, that column was seriously deranged on so many levels.

  3. Lost Howie Carr?

    I always thought that if you had Carr supporting you, you were screwed. Who on earth would think support from that moron is a bonus?

    • I used to think the same thing about Joan Vennochi

      Howie Carr is a bit of a wacko, but he's written some good articles over the years. Vennochi, on the other hand, has consistently generated trash.

      In this column [] Vennochi sticks to the lame old media debate: The media is getting controversial, but have they gone to far? Chomsky argues in 'Manufacturing Consent'

      [http://www.thirdworl...] that the media establishment like to discuss whether they've gone 'too far.' The argument is always focused on some case where the media is showing images or providing additional coverage; it's important to note that rarely does the media present viewpoints counter to those positions held by the two parties and most powerful interests in America.

      Vennochi opens this column [] like this: " IT'S TIME grown-ups embraced a sentiment popular today with kids: My bad."br The expression -- launched from missed passes and shots during pickup basketball games -- meansIt's my fault. I take responsibility." " Thanks for the 101 course on the lingo, Joan. Your street-slangin' ways will keep us all tight with the youth.

      I don't think I've ever read a Vennochi article I liked.

      • used to feel that way, but don't now

        I slammed Vennochi once or twice many months ago on this site, but I started regretting it almost immediately.  On balance, her writing about the governor's race has been pretty impressive.  Consider a couple of examples.  She did actual reporting and broke the Reilly-Killer Coke connection that had been obscured by the news department's coverage.  And she was relentless in naming the fear-mongering and racial subtexts of Kerry Healey's ads.  I wouldn't trivialize that.  Because the racist elements were subtextual, one could always question or deny that they were there--as Healey did and as even a number of  BMG posters have.  Having someone who is in the MSM and is not affiliated with a campaign name those elements is, I think, really important.  I give Vennochi a lot of credit for being so vigorous on that front, just as I give Lehigh--who has clearly always had some reservations about Patrick--credit for being so blunt on what these campaigns say about character.  That our quasi-official narrative on this election is now, "Kerry Healey launched polarizing, demonizing, fear-mongering attack ads and it backfired" helps make it less likely that our next campaign in this state will go that route.  I'm very glad about that.

        As to your specific riff on Vennochi's column on the Iraq war:  I'm not sure what you expect her to say.  As someone who is just sending to the printers a book on "the traffic in pain" in contemporary photograph--that is, on the ethical, political, and aesthetic questions raised by the way in which our media environment presents scenes of human suffering--I found her reflections fairly thoughtful, at least within the limits imposed by the format of a newspaper column.  Does she reflect critically on the political economy of American empire and the way that economy is served by the conceptual limits and genre conventions of American mass media?  No. Here, as a lefty, I agree with you.  But I've stopped expecting such analyses from the daily press, and an indictment of that kind of limitation would, to say the least, take in a far wider group of media people than just one Globe columnist.  And given the narrower, more specific focus of her Iraq column, I again think she did a pretty good job.

        In the shameless plug department, I was going to add a link to the University of Chicago Press web material on my imminent photo book, but I saw that they the publicity text is full of inaccuracies.  Will post that shameless plug, with link, as a separate diary when those problems are--soon, I hope--fixed.

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