“All in the family” for Healey flack

From today’s Herald:

It didn’t take long for at least one member of Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey’s campaign squad to land on her feet.  Healey spokeswoman Laura Nicoll has been named director of corporate communications for Affiliated Managers Group, the $4 billion acquisition firm run by Healey’s husband, Sean.

No doubt Nicoll was offered the job after a nationwide search revealed her to be the best candidate.

Seriously, though, how weird is it that the entire state Republican party is apparently a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMG?  The retiring party chairman is AMG’s CFO; the former state party chair and sitting Republican Lt. Gov. is married to AMG’s President and CEO; Bill Weld, the closest thing the party has to a celebrity, sat on AMG’s board from 1998 to 2004; AMG stock options funded the only significant race the party ran this year; and now an operative from that failed race has picked  up a nice job at AMG (maybe Tim O’Brien could manage the copy room or something?).  Does anyone think all of that might have something to do with the disappearing act the party is on the verge of perfecting?

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  1. Hey David....

    don't be a sore winner.

    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
    • Sore?

      Not me - if Nicoll wants to work at AMG, God bless her.  I'm just concerned for the long-term viability of two-party democracy in this state.  See, I'm a big picture guy.

      • Hey, You Mentioned God

        eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
      • 2 party democracy: overrated

        A two party democracy works better in a society of couch potatoes than a one party democracy (= a no party democracy). That way there is some accountability if only for partisan reasons.

        But remind me why we require Republicans to keep Democrats accountable?  With more civic engagement, we can keep anyone accountable.  A number of commentators were saying that the Ethics Committee in the House was stymied because the Democrats were just as reluctant as the Republicans for there to be investigations.  That is a very poor kind of accountability.  The two party system was party to the hush up.

        Speaking of accountability, if you believe Freezers are for gumbo not cash, you can contribute to the Karen Carter campaign here.  That's one step toward removing a corrupt Democrat -- and I strongly advocate removing corrupt Democrats wherever they can be found.

  2. For all the $quot;disappearing act$quot; commenters, don't forget...

    ...that Chase - who ran a non-existent and, by definition, losing campaign against Ted Kennedy - got 30% of the vote (shows you that Healey with all her millions spent on ads only accomplished adding 5% to that 30% base number). Even with the party leadership in shambles they can count on 25-30% votes for any candidate they put out.

    • Interestingly,

      the Chase (and Frisoli, who got 27%) numbers weren't all that different from what James O'Keefe (Green - 16%), Rand Wilson (WFP - 19%), and Jill Stein (Green - 18%) managed in their respective races.  There's clearly a 15-20% "anyone but the incumbent" (or maybe "anyone but the Dem") vote out there -- the question for any challenger is how much can you add to it.

  3. BTW - When are you running the analysis of Democrat campaign workers at Bessemer and GMIS?

    • Right, Bessemer,

      'cause that place can pretty much control who wins Democratic primaries and all.

      Oh, wait...

      Anyway, why don't YOU run it?  After my exhaustive AMG extravaganza, I'm all pooped out.

      • David - Like AMG can control primaries?

        The places/companies associated with candidates are a well known haven for talented campaign workers, as are the Lottery and the AG's office.  And while I have no knowledge or desire to match the personnel of his companies with Gabs' campaign workers, it wouldn't surpise me out of a years growth if there were some matches.

        • Um, AMG did control this primary

          IIRS, Charlie Baker was floating all sorts of trial balloons until Sean Healey cashed out 13 million or so of his AMG options.  All of a sudden Baker decided he'd be better off sitting this one out.

          Not only that but Christy Mihos decided that the GOP primary was so much in the bag for Healey (siting specifically Mr. Crate's dual loyalties as a reason) that he ended up skipping the GOP primary and running as an independent.

          Don't tell me that AMG and AMG money had nothing to do with the Republican primary this year.

          • Well, I was there and you wren't.

            Christy knew he couldn't win the nomination if Kerry had  fifty cents, let alone millions.  I personally asked him - if you don't think you can beat Kerry in the primary, how on EARTH do you think you can win the general?  No answer.

            Darrell is jsut christy's alibi, not a real impediment.  He ahd his own millions, as did every candidate but Ms. Ross.  To say AMG controlled the primary is just listening to Chisty's PR - the PR of a chicken.

            And charlie Baker has his own fish to fry - money was never his problem.

            • Right - the fish.

              I knew Charlie Baker would never let something as trifling as money get in his way.  But fried fish -- now there's a reason not to run.

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