ConCon gets underway

We’re rolling.  A motion by Rep. Travis to advance gay marriage to the top of the calendar was rejected.  They’re now voting on the first item on the calendar, which would move toward “no excuse” absentee voting — a good thing.

UPDATE: the constitutional amendment to allow no-excuse absentee voting has easily passed 191-3, and will be considered by the next legislative session before presumably moving to the ballot in 2008.

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  1. Okay, who were the three

    nitwits who voted NO on this?  Geez....

  2. yay

    This is the kind of stuff we should be changing the constitution over.. making Democracy easier. That way, we can vote the bums out when they frak up and - for example - don't write equal protection in to begin with.

    The constitution should be less focused on rules and more focused on the actual nuts-and-bolts process. Of course, the constitution needs to protect basic civil rights too - like speech, habeius corpus, equality under the law, etc. - but that's about it. Save the rest of the rules we want to enforce for actual civil law instead of higher law.

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