Mr. Smith goes to Washington and Tells the Truth on Iraq!

The most eloquent, most succint, most candid, and most realistic speech I have yet to hear from any politician on Iraq was recently given, and of all people it was given by a previously unknown Republican senator from the blue state of Oregon, Gordon Smith who while a more moderate-centrist Republican, was still quite hawkish on the war until recently. He correctly calls the Baker Hamilton Commission a committee designed to give political coer to essentially a retreat, and correctly points out that the cut and walk strategy it proposes will be far more damaging than the cut and run strategy it demeans. Smith appears flabbergasted, angry, confused, and in a very candid and honest way out of patience with the current strategy while also admitting that he cant think of any good solutions to a very bad situation.

In any case I will let him speak for himself, both the transcript and the video can be found here off the Senators website

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Wed 22 Mar 8:15 PM