Bizarro Mitt

Submitted for your entertainment.

Those of you who are Superman/Seinfeld fans remember that Bizarro World is the home of Bizarro versions of people (Bizarro Superman, Bizarro Jerry) who are opposites of their real world counterparts.

Nothing new here, the text has appeared several times here and elsewhere, but I present to you the video from the ’94 Kennedy Romney debate before Romney’s pro-choice, pro-gay positions ‘evolved’ (er, were ‘intelligently re-designed’).

UPDATE: Alert commenter anthony calls our attention to Romney’s sad little response.

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  1. I kinda like this guy...

    After watching this clip twice, I kind of like 'Bizzaro Mitt'.  It's a shame Bizzaro Mitt couldn't be the Republican Senator from Mississippi or something. He is almost, dare I say, Chaffee-esque.

  2. bizarro mitt works in mysterious ways

    since BMG loaded 2 instances of this video on the page, my computer has sllowed and the page doesn;t load snappily as it usually does.  and here i thought mitt hearted bloggs!  but seriously, is there something in the code that's loading the vids each time the page is refreshed, or something?

    • Hmm.

      Not sure why it would be a problem.  Sometimes YouTube loads slowly, so maybe I shouldn't have the little box appear on every page....I kinda like it, though, so that it's readily accessible.  Let's keep an eye on it.

    • Browser suggestion

      Use Firefox and get the Flashblock extension. It will give you a quieter browsing experience and you can decide whether you want animations boinging at you.

  3. tblade you are my idol!!!

    Did you put this together?  I've been trying to find this video for a while to no avail.  This will be the clips that Mitt will be seeing in commercials over and over.  The Reagan clips with the vigor which he said them ... nice, better than any written quote.

  4. Digg The Video

    Digg the youtube video here:

  5. is available

    Might be a nice compliment to Dems for Mitt?

  6. I think the strongest parts

    Are before the "Affirmative Action," section. His turnabouts on choice and equal rights are just stunning.

  7. Wow!!!!!

    I'm at a loss for words!  What an amazing find.  I hope this gets out everywhere.

  8. C'mon

    You can't blame a self-described turnaround artist for having a total eclipse of the heart.

    Oops, I mean, change of heart.

  9. It won't hurt to download this....

    Who knows what gets scrubbed these days.  I just did it.

    YouTube address:

    Download/Convert file (other than the flash flv format):

    For an avi file it's 11.7 MB

    • Très Cool!

      I've read that you could download youtube videos, but was always too lazy to figure out how.  Thanks a lot!

      An you are correct, this needs to be archived so that it will never go away.

    • Thanks so Much!

      That conversion site is going to solve a few other problems for me too, thanks a lot for posting it! Plus, now Mitt's hypocrisy can travel with me on my iPod!

  10. And now, conserative comments on Bizarro Mitt...

    ...from redstate

    • Those comments are priceless

      Among my favorites:

      "But after seeing this video, my only reaction is 'that lying swine'....I just cannot bring myself to trust him anymore."

      "It shouldn't matter where someone was yesterday, so long as they are with you today"

  11. One Caveat

    It is obvious, from the herky-jerky frame motion and speech, that this tape has been HEAVILY edited and cherry picked.  That's OK - I would expect no less from the Democrats.  But somewhere out there, the unedited tape exists.  So don't be lighting the fireworks just yet.

    BTW - he really IS that nice a guy.

    • So after he...

      ...vehemently defends a woman's right to choose, in the original tape does he then state "just wait, in twelve years I'll favor overturnging Roe v. Wade."  I sincerely doubt there is anything on that tape that will cast Mr. Romney's flip-flops in any better light.  I'll risk the cost of the fireworks.  You better hope he has more than 'he really is nice' at the end of the day.

    • Democrats?

      Perhaps I'm missing something, but I assumed this was put together by McCain supporters.  Was there something in the video that indicated it was made by Democrats?

    • The one part that was edited was...

      the last part about equality for woman.  For choice, gay rights and Reagan that was all Mitt all the time. 

      You know it as well. 

      This looks more and more like a republican production to me.  Especially with the quote at the end.  There are a lot of right wingnuts out there for reasons of their own do not like Romney.  They like the nutty stuff he says but they just don't believe him.

      I never understood why any MA Republicans stand by Romney, he single handedly killed the Republican Party in the state and torpedoed Healey's run for Governor. Yet you still support him.  I don't get it but it's interesting.

    • Peter, honestly...

      C'mon. Romney did not equivocate in his words and he was excerpted at length. And his 1994 positions are well documented in print media.

      I have spent the better part of the hour looking for a transcript to post.  Anyone know where we can find one? I looked on, bay windows, lexis, google, etc..

  12. Mitt's Response

    He's got the polished political charm thing down pat, but he's probably going to have to do better than this.

  13. Just was the Willard response video

    Most of those positions were repeated in 2002, that wasn't 13 years ago?  What a joke.

    • No kidding!

      I love the 13 years ago defense. Actually, as johnk pointed out, it is truly an 8 year gap.

      Now is 8 years really that long of a time? 8 Years is the term of a re-elected president.  If Mitt keeps evolving, he'll be to the right of Pat Robertson. (That is unless, of course, his 'evolution' is mere political pandering.)

      • evolution

        I thought Willard's type didn't believe in evolution?  Better to say his new stances are a product of (intelligent) design. ;)

  14. The video goes to show

    that Romney does in deed have a problem with the 1994 debate video.  If the guy is responding to it right away he must be concerned about it.

    Questions I have are 1) he no longer cares about the relative who died from an illegal abortion? 2) He now believes that he can instill his opinions on the whole country?

  15. Way to go buddy

    I think this is getting picked up at Raw Story

    It's not poted yet, but the teaser reads: 1994 video on Ex-Mass gov. causing stir for campaign... Soon...

    Maybe the story will have some campaign reactions.

  16. Raw Story picked this story up

    and mention this website too: 2008 GOP contender Romney fights back against 'liberal' portrayal in '94 video

    Great job.

  17. Eagan and Braude

    are talking this up a storm right now on the radio, but strangely, no mention of how they got the heads up about this clip. 

    I saw it here at BMG before I saw it anywhere else.  If it's an exclusive, then tblade should be getting credit for it on the radio.  Those so-called "real journalists" shouldn't be taking credit for work done by bloggers.  Just sayin'.

    • I did a quick search...

      ...on Technorati and Google Blog search, and there are a few places out there show a posting time earlier than the time posted here. But we did beat Andrew Sullivan and handfull of other national blogs. I have a felling the video was forwarded to various outlets.  My friend found it on craigslist and forwarded it to me.

      I love getting props, but I really can't take credit for something that would have ended up here anyway.  The real credit goes to whomever got thier hands on the tape and the BMG community.  I mean, I could have posted this to a personal blog that 5 of my friends (might) read over the next month. The old 'if a tree falls in the woods' conundrum.

      However, as a fan of the Superfriends, I do have high hopes that 'Bizzaro Mitt' will take off. 

      • PS

        I forgot to mention this: when I first posted the video, youtube showed only 12 views, now it is among the top viewed in its category. I'm sure due in large part to BMG.

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