Update: Romney still toast; random Prez musings.

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MyDD’s Jonathan Singer does a nice chart for us on some recent polls:

Hotline Newsweek Hotline Newsweek Hotline Newsweek
McCain 45 44 Giuliani 47 46 Romney 35 35
Clinton 45 50 Clinton 45 49 Clinton 50 57
McCain 37 39 Giuliani 39 43 Romney 25 29
Obama 48 52 Obama 48 50 Obama 54 58
McCain 37 42 Giuliani 41 44 Romney 26 27
Edwards 48 52 Edwards 47 50 Edwards 52 64


Nice to see three thoroughly electable Dem candidates. And given 18 more months of the Worst President Ever, I don’t see the Republicans pulling this one out. If Bush ever had a sense that he needed to cut his losses and save face that would help his GOP friends … but then he wouldn’t be the Worst President Ever.

I’m undecided in this race, but I’ll likely support the credible candidate that makes the clearest possible break with the last eight years: Someone who absolutely rejects the contempt for truth that the WPE has displayed. Someone who believes in governing as a noble calling; who utterly rejects the notion of stuffing government agencies with political hacks at the expense of people of ability and integrity; who’s willing to say no to moneyed special-interests; who exercises caution in foreign affairs, is eager to engage in diplomacy and is willing to take the heat from the bloodthirsties in order to do it; hell, just someone who doesn’t lie his/her ass off at every opportunity.

In short, I’m looking for someone who actually realizes that Bush is the Worst President Ever — and recognizes what an opportunity that presents us.

That’s what the Democrats need. Actually, that’s what the Republicans need, too, but they’re afraid to confront that reality. I’m pretty sure they’ll learn the hard way in 2008.

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  1. What Mitt needs...

    ...is a dance remix.


  2. The only candidate...

    who so far has spelled it out with absolute clarity is Mike Gravel.  He's the only one who has the guts to say it the way it needs to be said. 

    • Hey now,

      don't sell "Guts" Romney short, lolorb.  Gravel may have the guts to "say it the way it needs to be said", but Willard's got the gumption to say it the way he thinks the fundies wanted it said last year, or the year before, or whenever it was that he was trolling for the gay- & woman-friendly vote.


    Finally saw the light. Apparently the fact that the realities of life per se finally dawned on Les Miserable. Perhaps the democratic party should give close scrutiny to Royal's campaign. They are already heading down the same road.

    • New Hope for France

      Sarkozy gave a strong and inspired victory speech, extending a hand of friendship to the U.S..

      After the petulant arrogance of the Chirac administration, this will be a refreshing change for America.

      Even Charles Schumer said, "it would be nice to have someone who is head of France who doesn't almost have a knee-jerk reaction against the United States."

      • so how do you feel now

        about Romney's penchant for vague campaigning against France?

        • Up until Saturday

          ..I was all for keeping them in the deep freeze.

          It would appear now, that the French citizenry (53%, anyway) have determined that being ***holes has not been working for them.

          We'll just have to see how things go from here.

          But I, for one, will give them the benefit of the doubt, for now. And I would assume that The Mittzter will, also.

    • Zut alors!

      Your risible comment is evidence of a (perhaps willful) ignorance of French politics.  A vote for Sarkozy was most definitely not a vote for the Bush world view.  It would indeed be promising if this marked a change from a reflexive anti-American posture on the world stage, but I think you will be sadly disappointed if you expect Sarkozy to turn into another Bush-supporting lap-dog.

      And FYI, the majority of the Democratic party would be considered 'right-wing' if suddenly transported to France.

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