Menino for President

(... and annoying, I might add. - promoted by Charley on the MTA)

It. Could. Happen.

Hizzonah vs. Mitt:

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  1. Well if that's our other option...

    ...I'd almost rather he run for a fifth term.

    Thanks for making my day.

  2. Romney hates fire

    Those were extremely funny.

    "Sidescraper" ha!

  3. is the fifth district race that boring?

    I'm sure my former boss would be flattered, sort of ...

    Hey, Ray Flynn floated the idea of a Mayor running in the primaries in 1991 (still have the button somewhere that said "Flynn for President" in big letters, US Conference of Mayors in small type), Kevin White was considered for Vice President then explored a 1976 run until busing intervened, and if Guiliani can run for President .... , and oh yeah, Kucinich was a mayor too ...

    But I think Hizzoner'll stay here for a bit instead.  Gotta keep pace with Rich Daley, y'know.  Leave the national stuff to his buddy Bloomberg.  (Just think, the man could personally fund a national summer jobs program!)  Mike's gotta run, can you imagine staying in New York and watching the Yankees this year?

  4. Matt Gagne is a genius

    I love improv and the Improv Asylum and Improv Boston.  Matt Gagne, who is playing Tom Menino, is one of the best improvisers I've ever seen.  From what I understand, Matt studies a wide range of subjects fervently to be able to pull obscure facts into a scene that brings out the truth in Comedy.  If you get a chance to see Matt at Improv Boston, if  he's even still playing there, it is worth it.


    • Mat Gagne is a genius, but...

      ...his last show at ImprovBoston was last month. He's relocating to London, UK for the foreseeable future. The people who wrote the Menino for President bit are a troupe called The City That Sleeps; you should check out their site at for some other brilliant videos.

  5. I knew right off the bat

    that it wasn't really Mumbles Menino because I could understand what he was saying.

    But funny, funny stuff. Thanks for posting it!

  6. Mayor Curley

    "...had a sport named after him with rocks on ice."  Brilliant.

  7. More to Come for Menino Campaign

    Just wanted to say that my alter-ego, Mayor Tom, will be working with the City That Sleeps to post some more campaign ads soon. Keep an eye out for them. I actually am a proponent and fan of the Mayor and not a very political person, but would love to meet him some day (maybe even as himself!). These were a blast to make, based on a script, but improvised a good deal too so thanks (whoever) for the advertisement for ImprovBoston, but local folks will only see the 'mayor' on video (I do live in London now).  Great web site.

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