Blue Mass. Shoes for Eldridge, Saturday 9/1 in Acton

(Big Dig Culture = diffuse accountability: Whom do you blame? - promoted by Charley on the MTA)

Yup, we came out last week with our endorsement for Jamie Eldridge in the MA-05 congressional race, and now I’m putting my shoe-leather where my mouth is … or something. I’ll be in greater metro Acton on Saturday 9/1, working with ├╝ber-volunteer and Eldridge campaign Vice-Chair Kate Donaghue  — and we could use all the help we can get! You can volunteer anytime from 9am to 7pm that day: Show up at the Eldridge HQ, 136 Main Street in Acton, a 2 minute walk from the commuter rail station. I gather we’ll mostly be leafletting (but don’t ask to fly the plane yourself); also banging phones.

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Here’s the schedule for the day:

9:30 to 10:00 AM: Refreshments and instructions.

10:00 AM: Hit the streets.

12:15 PM to 12:30 PM:Refreshments and instructions for second shift volunteers.

7:00 PM: Blue Mass Group Party at the Blue Mass. Coyote Grille, 137 Main Street in Maynard. Sounds like a nifty place. Let’s get together and feel all right. UPDATE: Jamie says he’ll be there. Very cool.

For those coming via public transit from the Boston area to help out, the commuter rail schedule is as follows:


North Station 8:30/Porter Square 8:45 arrive South Acton at 9:28 AM

North Station 11:20/Porter Square 11:30 arrive South Acton at 12:13 PM

Back into town, trains leave South Acton at:

2:25pm, 3:20, 5:47, 6:10 and 10:20.

Hope to see you there!

Photo by Brenda Anderson.

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  1. 'Bout time you all came to your senses

    You always jump on my bandwagon late in the game but you're welcome to come sit up next to the driver any time! :)

    Personally, I think you're just copying me...

    'Cuz I'm that cool.

    What, why are you all laughing???

    • Party for All!!!!!

      Whether or not you have endorsed Jamie, please come to the BMG party.  We're going to have fun!  7:00 PM at the Blue Coyote in Maynard!  Kate

  2. Looking Forward to Seeing a Great BMG Crowd

    We're looking forward to seeing all of you out here in the Fifth CD.  Thanks again for your support! 

    It's been a while since we had a BMG party.  It should be a fun day and night as we gear up for the home stretch.

    Kate Donaghue

  3. Also...

    Just a tip: whenever I go out there, I always bring my bike. It gives you a little more range for canvassing. Bikes are allowed on the commuter rail, the Red (to Porter Square), blue (to State, transfer to Orange), and orange (North Station) lines, and most bus routes.

  4. Wish I Could Be There

    I have been doing everything I can for Jamie, at a distance, and I hope to be in the District on Primary Day to help out.

    Turns out Alford is on the red, orange, and blue lines. Think I'm kidding? Check it out!

    But, at the rate they move from here, I probably won't be able to get there till next Wednesday. Hope to see y'all then!

    Go Jamie!

    • Hold your horses, Michael

      I'm Alford bringing public transit out your way, but this was clearly just a trial balloon. But hey, don't let me keep you from sowing your wild oats.

      • Charley, from anyone else...

        This comment would rate a -- wait, is there a "groan" on the scale of zero to six?...

        BUT, you are one of the few people in the Commonwealth who has actually BEEN to Alford!

        So, I will forgive you for trying to float this one by me. I know you're trying to string me along on this one, but don't keep me in suspense. Are you really for light rail transport out here? [The flying kind, of course!]

        Hay, who am I to argue? The mane point is that we need our granola, too.

        See you on Tuesday, I hope (in the 5th)!

  5. Regretfully...

    Sorry I won't be able to join you; I'll be hosting a 15th birthday party on Saturday.  But I'll be pounding the pavement with leaflets on Sunday or Monday.  I'm not in MA-05, but it would mean a lot to have someone of Jamie's caliber in the delegation, and Kate's been working so hard to get this done.  Hope there's a good turnout.


  6. See you at the Blue Coyote

    Thank you to everyone who is coming out on Saturday to volunteer for my campaign, I really appreciate it.

    I look forward to joining everyone at the Blue Coyote Grille on Saturday evening.  It's become a nice tradition that Kate has organized most every week, to get a chance for me to thank all of my volunteers, and relax a little.  See you then!

  7. Great! See you there...n/t

  8. HA

    why are yu supportin "Jamie"....he's going to fnish FOURTH ha ha even if you walk to Phoneix for him...."Jamie" doesnt represent people in his district and all the prison guards know this....your wasting you're time....have a nice day !

    (Now I've saved him/her the trouble)

    sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
    • sabutai, someone's using your login

      ...based on your other, correctly-spelled, properly-punctuated comments, anyway.  Just trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.

      • Whoops

        Apparently me and truthteller have both outsourced our blogging to the same firm in India  :p

        sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM

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