From Niki: Vote Today and Volunteer

I can imagine no better way to begin my service to the Fifth District than to vote to override the President’s veto on Thursday and stand up for our children.  And today, I will cast a vote to change the direction of our government.  I will cast a vote to make sure that our children grow up to be healthy, happy adults.  I will cast a vote to represent the mothers and fathers I have heard from as I have traveled this district who are struggling to pay for their health insurance, and who rely on the Children’s Health Insurance Program to make sure their kids are protected.

But I need your help.

I can’t thank you enough for your help over the past months, for your contributions of time and money. But, as I said, I need your help again for one last push. The only way that we can win this election is by getting our supporters to the polls. First, if you haven’t already, please get out and vote . Second, we need you to donate some of your time today to our Get Out The Vote effort. Any time you can give is useful; we have multiple opportunities for phone banking, knocking on doors and visibilities to engage voters on the street. Kate Donoghue is even organizing a BMG Canvass  out of our Acton headquarters. Call our campaign headquarters at 978-458-6454 to get involved.


Lowell- Wannalancit Mills – 175 Cabot St, 5:45-8:00pm

Acton – 136 Main St – 9:30am – 8:00pm

Lawrence – 265 Essex St, 9:30am – 8pm

Haverhill – 145 S Main St, Law Offices of Bill Cox

Dorchester – 256 Freeport St, IBEW 103 9am-8pm

Methuen – 184 Pleasant Valley St, 9:30am-8pm


Lowell – 26 Market St, 9:30am-8pm

Lawrence – 265 Essex St, 9:30am-8pm

Acton – 136 Main St, 9:30am-8pm

Haverhill – 145 S Main St, 9:30am-8pm

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  1. How to turn this Dem red ...

    Well, I have done in it. For the first time in my 50 years I have voted for a repub in a general election. Thanks Niki for putting away any doubts that I may have had that my party wasn't subverted away from within away. Here's to you Niki. Why did I vote Oganowski? Especialy now when my number 1 issue by far is Iraq? First there are the outlying issues. Schip is a sham and the way the dems distort the concept of having others foot the bill for NewYorkers earning 80,000 and over is naseus. I mean come on with the videos of poor little Pablo already ... We already pay to insure poor kids ... If they arent getting insured now its because the states misuse the exisiting funds ... So why not just fix the system instead of scamming us for more money? Umm .. And as for national health care ... I'm all for it but schip isnt that is it? Never will be either, just more of the same. Why did Teddy stop the drug importation from Canada bill this spring, come again? Then there is immigration ... Umm, how simple is this. We have borders, why not enforce them like every other nation on earth ... nah, too simple. And for anyone thinking Niki is somehow a unique character independant of the party line vote ... just look at this pathetic well funded campaign. So this brings us to the WAR issue ... How can I vote for a guy dumb enough to support the war even though he is probably better on all the other issues. I resolved it this way ... which is worse. To support something you wrongly believe is correct or to allow something that you know is wrong to go on just because you can personaly benifit from its continuance. Dems wont end this war. They in fact vow not to. Every action or lack of action that they take maitains the status quo ... And they also profess to know that the war is wrong ... So which is worse.... lesser of evils theory makes this an easy choice ... Go Ogo or whatever your name is ... Maybe next year the primaries will give us better choices.

    Okay, you may delete this post now. Party over common sense always.

    • You aren't making much sense

      I can definitely understand being frustrated with the Democratic party but you haven't really explained why it makes any sense to then vote for a Republican, especially a dim bulb like Ogonowski.

      BTW, you imply that you have been booted from this site before. I assume it was not for posting something like this. So what was it?

    • Sucker.

      The rest of us don't deserve what you voted for.  That is why this is one of the few times I actually practice schadenfreude.  I look forward to your disappointment.

      • schadenfreude?

        How dissapointed will I be? I expect Niki to win. Didn't you see all the droids march in for the primary? Education education education ... that brings them in like the sheep they are. Always has. And if I am wrong then we elected some powerless clown to serve out the last year of a term in another unmotivated congressional session. Whoo - hoo, let me guess nothing will get done. Anoither surprise. But the message that would send our glorious DNC leadership ... priceless IMO .. So what is schadenfreude?

        • $quot;Our$quot; DNC leadership?

          You must think you are more clever than you really are.  Between the spelling, grammar, the 6 rating from Zombie, the willful ignorance of the issues, your coincidental appearance on election day, etc, etc.  It's clear who you represent.

          Why can't you people just be honest about who you are?  Are all conservatives compulsive liars or what?

          • So who is clever ?

            If I choose to rave on a local site when the days topic dejur is local than maybe there is some sinister reason or maybe its just because nationaly no one else gives a crap ... And why dont these guys put on a spell checker anyhow, lol? Hats off to them though for not limiting opposing views ... You want to see a frustrating experience try out democratic underground or ... anything other than pom pom waving is strictly forbidden ....

            • Bravo Nomad! Couldn't have said it better.

              Unfortunately , I agree that the Dem will win ( why is that surprising here in the one party state, the People's Republik? The liberal droids will march lockstep to the cry of "for the children!". The baby killers will cheer wildly. The terrorists will cheer that there is yet another Dem voice to cut and run and they'll have the "date" when we leave and they can take over. The illegal aliens will rush to the registry to get their new drivers licenses and then over to UM for their free tuition after they get their SCHIP ID card for free medical benefits. Illegal aliens can get back to their business of crime, uninsured car accidents and spitting in the face of US immigration law. All the progressive dreams come true It's hopeless. This state is a National disgrace and a laughing stock and there's no foreseeable change in the future. Hello Raleigh!

              • Droids?

                Isn't it the Republican droids that march off to war?  Oh no, sorry, they get others to do their difficult jobs.

                And as for MA being an "embarrassment", it is always nice to know it comes on #1 on achievement tests.

            • See? Doesn't it feel better to be yourself? Stop pretending to be a dem.

              DU is an excellent site.  I'm not surprised you don't like it there.  ...and yes, posters on DU that push the movement conservative (neocon) agenda are tombstoned.  DU is for supporters of the Democratic party.  They make no secret of that. 

              You can participate and present cogent points to support your views, or you could be like Tom here and just spew any drek you hear from WingNut talk radio.  

              I'd suggest you try the former.  We already know what a zombie sounds like. 

              • DU is a Farce ...

                It is representative of the exact same type of "democracy" that we have always accused the other guys of advancing. My guess is that it recieves funding from the party itself and thus no deviance from strict party line applause is tolerated on any topic. For actual discussion seek alternatives or you will be restricting yourself out of any opportunity of seeing the whole picture.


                A common epitaph .. Were you "purged" from Democratic Underground?? I noticed the note from "Magistrate" that you were "no longer with us," in addition to seeing the tombstone sign on you profile. Were you a disruptor? 25 DU'ers (that I know of) who opposed illegal immigration have been purged by DU. I don't know for certain what any of the specific reasons were, but it seems like more than coincidence that so many anti-illegal immigration members have been purged. Of course, you also committed the "heinous" crime of sticking up for Ron Paul. That probably sealed your fate. I know the feeling. I've been banned from 20-25 sites myself. Most were Right-Wing. But I've also been banned from and from Mike Malloy's Forum. For all I know, I might be next on the DU purge list.

                • Are you going to grind that axe to the nub? (DU rocks, btw)

                  There is plenty of wide ranging debate on DU on every topic imaginable.  There are plenty of posts that are anti illegal immigration as a policy.  However, if you act like a racist you will get flamed and if you break the rules of their site you will be tombstoned.  It has nothing to do with your opinion on any single given issue.

                  • Possibly ...

                    On face value when a majority of opinion seems to concur, you might conclude that it is indeed the majority opinion. When however empirical evidence PROVES that the sampling of opinion has been tampered with, then one would be wise to seek alternative. DU proclaims itself as a forum for those supporting PROGRESSIVE positions (not democratic party line) but when those progressive positions vary from party line discussion, polite or not, ceases. Coincidence?

                    • Bull.

                      DU proclaims itself as a forum for those supporting PROGRESSIVE positions (not democratic party line) but when those progressive positions vary from party line discussion, polite or not, ceases.

                      That is simply untrue.  However, we are way off topic and I will no longer help you hijack this thread for a discussion of DU.  Maybe I'll start a diary post about it.

                    • My bag ...

                      They must have updated their "mission" statement since they started locking out so many long time users... I had gotten to wondering why a site supposedly supportive of progressive values could so routinly trash the likes of actual progressives like Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders. Ah well. Remember to swear alligiance to your party before logging in, screw the values. .... :)


                      Democratic Underground is an online community for Democrats and other progressives. Members are expected to be generally supportive of progressive ideals, and to support Democratic candidates for political office.

                      As to the hijacking of the thread ... hmm ... its deep in a subthread, who else is reading it ... but just in case Go Niki!  ,,, rah rah ....

                    • yAWn

                      I'm sure they would not zot you at:


                      have fun. 



            • Why do you need a spell checker on the site?

              Firefox has one built in.

              • Hmm ...

                Okay, excuse the ignorance of this old timer that became bored with the latest advances in computer technolgy 20 plus years ago but ... Forefox is what again ....? Say, if I am rambling along and the option to spell check comes up before I post something, I will be reminded that I cant spell to save myself and will submit the post for correction. However I am unlikely to spend the time cutting and pasting the post into another program to correct it ... I'm sure thats not the suggestion so please enlighten me ... :)

    • wow...

      60 year old guy that's terrified of immigrants is voting for Ogonowski. And this is his first ever post on BMG. Just happened to learn how to use the Internet on Election Day.

      Why it's an Election Day miracle! The power of Ogo and his everyman narrative has inspired 60 year old grumpy white guys to put down the Herald and start posting on BMG!

      God bless you, Ogo! God bless us, everyone!

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