What is Wrong With the Herald?

Okay, I already think I know the answer to that question.  But, really, do the facts matter at all over there? The first sentence of an editorial in today’s Herald says,

So one day a British judge is banning the distribution of Al Gore’s film on global warming from that nation’s schools and days later the former vice president is walking off with the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, sometimes you just can’t keep junk science down.

Really?  Well, according to the Mike Nizza of the New York Times and the BBC News, which Mike Nizza cites, and probably every other news organization which cares about the facts, the judge did not ban the film from distribution.  He allowed distribution as long as the film was accompanied by information about 9 points made in the film that the judge found to lacking in support.  More importantly, the judge did not find that the basic premise of the film lacked support; that is, that climate change is real and serious and caused by man-made emissions of greenhouse gases.  BTW, for an interesting analysis of the points raised by the judge see  the piece posted by Brendon Keim of Wired which is linked in the NYT piece. 

Why does the Herald keep calling itself a newspaper?

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  1. This appears to be an incorrect interpretation of the British court's decision

    Tim Lambert, a computer science instructor from Australia who has blogged on global warming issued for years at his blog Deltoid, has an extensive discussion of the British court's decision at post An 'error' is not the same thing as an error.  It appears that the plaintiff in the case had identified numerous purported errors in his complaint.  The judge dismissed most of them, but allowed the plaintiff to go forward to try to prove that nine of the purported errors were in fact errors. 

    What the judge was saying was that the nine were alleged errors--hence the use of the quotation marks in the opinion (which Lambert is links to)--not that they were adjudicated errors. He left that for trial.

    • Tim Lambert's 'Deltoid' is essential reading

      for people who are curious about how scientific ideas get distorted in the media.

      Deltoid is routinely thorough and sharp. 

    • He left that for trial?

      Admittedly I just skimmed the decision, but what "trial" are you talking about?  From my reading of the decision, the judge found that the materials prepared by the Government (the defendant in the case) sufficiently addressed his (and I guess the plaintiff's) concerns about the 9 points in question, which is why the judge allowed the film to be shown to school children.  Are you saying you think there is going to be a trial on those 9 points? Regardless, the Herald chose to ignore the fact that the judge allowed the film to be shown; he did not ban it. 

  2. Why does the Herald keep calling itself a newspaper?

    Because you can use it to light the coals in your barbecue.

    • Handy for carryin' fish, too.

      Easy to hold, decent sports section.

      sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
    • Why does the Norwegian Nobel Committee keep calling it

      a "peace prize"?.... especially after its been awarded to our without a doubt worst ever President ( Carter)  a world famous terrorist ( Arafat) and the presiding leader of the UN ( Koffi Annan) during its worse scandal in history ( oil for food that made millionaires out of Annan AND his son? Sorry but the Swedish Academy awards the majority of legitimate Nobel prizes. This "peace prize' farce is awarded by a highly politically skewed organization ( Norwegian Nobel Committee). Unfortunately , over the years , it has become a somewhat of a joke . This is just another politics as usual farce that knowledgeable people dismiss for what it is... a politically correct popularity contest

      • Simple...

        Why does the Norwegian Nobel Committee keep calling it a "peace prize"?

        ...because that's what Afred Nobel named the prize in his will.

        Actually that's the translation from Swedish.  He named five prizes, including medicine, chemistry, physics and literature, all awarded by the Swedish Royal Academy, and the peace prize, to be awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Academy.  (Norway was, at the time of his will, then part of Sweden.)  The economics prize is not really a Nobel Prize, it is a prize, awarded by a Swedish bank, "in memory of Alfred Nobel."

      • Worst ever President -Carter?

        Did you forget Nixon? Reagan? or the current Liar-in-Chief?

        • Frankly...

          ...few of the presidents after Teddy Roosevelt were particularly stellar.  Carter wasn't bad.

          • Those that were in $quot;cash$quot; in the Carter days LOVED him and

            his 17.8 % Interest rates! I made some nice bucks , how about you Raj?  oh well, so much for communism eh? especially when such Juuuuuicy rates are available for capitalists like you and me eh, raj?

            • Some of us aren't terminally stupid...

              ...know that the high interest rates during the Carter Administration had their origins from the Johnson administration (guns&butter), and the Nixon and Ford administrations (wage&price controls). 

              Aside from that, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, which actually influences interest rates, was Arthur F. Burns, a Republican.

              • So raj, tell us how much profit you made in those days regardless

                of a "nasty"  repub being Fed chair... I'll never tell your socio-communists following that you made money the "old fashioned way ( capitalism)  or did you? please tell me that you wisely did so! raj, you must admit...the Carter years were an absolute friggin Disaster... is there any other way to describe them?

                • It's interesting that you are unable to address any...

                  ...of the points in my comment.

                  • raj..dissapointing... I didn't see any $quot;points$quot; that I thought required

                    response per se...I read your subjective comments but saw no "points"?? If you would reiterate, I'll be happy to respond...meanwhile I'm waiting for your reply as to how much money you made enjoying the incredible interest rates of the Carter years? I miss them, don't you?

        • Your irrational partisanship is showing...

          I'm no Nixon fan for sure , but I have no problem recognizing that Reagan was without doubt, the brilliance behind the end of the "cold war" and if there was such a thing as non partisan selection of "Nobel peace prize" recipients, he truly should have been awarded this now meaningless recognition over the likes of a terrorist such as Yasir Arafat or a corrupt UN bureaucrat like the incredibly corrupt Koffi Annan. Bush? the jury's out.... perhaps the passage of a number of years will reveal if he was an incompetent alarmist regarding the terrorist Jihadists or if he was a national hero in preventing our country from being attacked. Unfortunately, todays impatient secular progressives don't seem to hold history in much regard ( Harry Truman comes to mind as an American hero after the fact) My only hope is that after Hilary is crowned in the name of fashionable liberalism and feminism, that there are some pieces of the country left to pick up after her four years of damage.I hope this "experiment' doesn't cost us our lives and our country.

      • Now that we have heard from FOX news....

        You really think global warming has nothing to do with peace?  So if millions of people are displaced because of global warming, (for example, due to flooding or droughts), you really think that would not have any effect on peace in the world?  All those people who are displaced will just be welcomed with open arms by people living in other parts of the world where the displaced people try to settle? (BTW, have you ever read or heard of the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck?)  This whole argument that the Nobel Peace prize should not have been given to Al Gore because global warming does not have anything to do with peace is just lame, and truly knowledgeable people would see it that way. 

        I notice that you did not mention Henry Kissinger, who received the award for his peace talks with the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam war. Since then, there have been a number of people who have questioned Henry Kissinger's true commitment to peace. That fact, however, does not reflect negatively on the Nobel Peace Prize, which is not a joke; it reflects badly on Henry Kissinger. 

  3. hey, I live in the same goldfish bowl as everybody else here.

    Don't you think that being treated as  a heinous conservative troll that needs to be censored and booted as most here  want, that I too, don't want a clean fishtank?

    My objection to Al Gore is not "the message" ( a good one) clean up the fish tank , rather it is the hypocricy.  Geesh don't tell me to trash my country's economy by enacting economically cripplying laws/restrictions while you tell me that its "OK" for China  ( per its own announcements) to build over 250 coal fired electrical plants within the next 20 years because it's an "emerging enconomy"  ? Hello ? hello Al? How about jumping on China's case? And let's not forget India... another world class greenhouse gas generator...#2 , I believe. Hey Al, start  crapping on China and India as they more than well deserve.

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