What’s the word in MA-05? (Open Thread)

[UPDATE by Charley: Lynne just called -- a reputable source says Niki stomps in Concord -- 3-1 ratio, wins by 2000. Not too surprising, but good to hear.

More from Lynne: Niki wins by 600 in Maynard, lost Dracut by 2-1 ratio, lost Methuen and Dunstable by small margins. So far Niki's ahead in Lowell 56-43%.] 

Just got back from voting in Andover. Tsongas was there greeting voters as they trickled in to the polls. There were a few Tsongas sign holders, and absolutely NO Ogonowski sign holders or signs anywhere in sight. I was number 424 to vote in my precinct (2), which is about the same number I was when I voted in the primary, so based on my purely anecdotal observation I'd venture to say that whatever the turnout was for the primary will probably be about what the turnout is for the general.

What has anyone else seen/heard in other parts of the fightin fith?

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  1. I just voted and the only Tsongas signs I saw

    Were the ones hanging off of bridges, and other public property.  Lots of them were coming loose and falling on the ground.  If only there were Tsongas supporters around to clean up after themselves.

  2. Signs

    I voted in Lowell Ward 9 precinct 2-3 and there were actually humans holding Tsongas signs.  They may have been dead though because my wife waved wildly at them as we drove out and they didn't acknowledge or move for that matter. No Ogonowski signs in sight.

    • Perhaps the people holding signs were actually zombies

      If so, that would be a sign that Ogonowski has failed to lock up the zombie vote.

      • Zombies are renowned for splitting their votes...

        It's a well-researched fact that there are "left-leaning" zombies and "right-leaning" zombies in about equal measure - except of course for the "face-down-in-the-field, lifeless zombies" who typically abstain from the voting process altogether.

        • i think the phenomenon that you describe

          is contingent upon the freshness of the brain the zombie has most recently eaten.

          • Oh, really?

            I was putting it down to 'other factors' such as wind patterns, the coriolis effect and/or slaps to one side of the zombie's head or the other by an overbearing zombie "authority figure" - you know, the whole "nature vs. nurture" thing...

            • oh definately!

              but those factors only come into play mondays, wednesdays and fridays.  on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays 'brain bleed-though', as the zombs call it, kicks in.  and of course on sunday, they feed....

        • Zombies never vote...

          Zombies are renowned for splitting their votes... (6.00 / 1)
          It's a well-researched fact that there are "left-leaning" zombies and "right-leaning" zombies in about equal measure - except of course for the "face-down-in-the-field, lifeless zombies" who typically abstain from the voting process altogether.

          I don't know where you're getting your 'research' from, but it's documented that most zombies don't vote:

          - on the few documented times that a zombie attempted to vote, the voting machine got clogged because, when attempting to insert the ballot, the zombie in question didn't have the hand-eye coordination necessary to let go of the ballot in time.  Either that or they left oozing smears on the diebold touchscreens machines that invalidated all subsequent votes... 

          -the only thing they fear more than garlic and crucifixes are hanging chads... oh, wait, sorry, that's vampires...

          • LOL! Very much in keeping with a pre-Halloween theme. (n/t)

          • Zombies mostly vote absentee these days

            Although you have to wonder whether they don't get a little help filling out the ballots from their zombie overlords.

            Back in the age of the old mechanical voting machines all you had to do was show up at the polls early and leave a little bit of brain on the levers you want the zombies to pull.

  3. the only news I've heard is that turnout was steady...

    and the story seemed to go on about how well Ogonowski was doing. Then I considered the source: the story was on BostonHerald.com.

    Polls close in an 56 minutes. Then we'll see.

    • The same Boston Herald

      that endorsed Tsongas?

      • no. remember

        that endorsements come from the opinion editor.  they (supposedly) don't necessarily represent the opinions of the newspaper owners.  the newspaper owners may very well decide to report only on the relative turnout at polls in Og-heavy precincts.

      • the only exit interview they mentioned was a woman

        who voted for Ogonowski. Now on rereading it, they quote Niki herself. So that impression was in my head.

        I'm here glued to the TV hoping for early results. (20 point Niki lead, pls god. I promise to eat all my vegetables.)

        Argh! NECN just said they'd provide coverage on the results at 7 AM tomorrow!

      • oops, that was on PBS-2


  4. website to go to for results?

    Is there a results website we can monitor?  I'm at work, but would love to catch the breaking predictions (it is now past polling time!)...

  5. Just in!!!

    Three of 195 precincts reporting . . .

    Kurt Hayes (Independent)  55 1% Patrick Murphy (Independent)  78 2% Jim Ogonowski (Republican)  1,913  38% Kevin Thompson  (Constitution Party)  7  0% Nicola Tsongas (Democrat)  3,009  59% Precincts Reporting - 6 out of 195 - 3%

  6. You must be . . .

    . . . psychic!!!


  7. Oops!!!!

    49% reporting . . .

    Hayes (Independent) 483 1% Murphy (Independent) 988 2% Ogonowski (Republican) 29,105 51% Thompson  (Constitution Party) 188 0% Tsongas (Democrat) 26,454 46%

    • Lowell and Lawrence haven't reported

      With 59% of the precincts reporting, Tsongas is less than a 1000 votes behind. NECN reports that the returns yet to come include Lowell and Lawrence, the Democratic strongholds and population centers.

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