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City Elections… polls closed… any word?

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  1. Link to results

    Results are here

  2. Fitchburg: Lisa Wong Mayor

    Story is here... 74% of the vote. Impressive.

  3. Good Bye Mayor Phelan of Quincy

    Welcome to the private sector Bill!

    (30 of 30 precincts reporting)

    Phelan: 10,620

    Koch:  12,670

  4. Brockton: Harrington Wins

    Jass Stewart loses, again... shame.

  5. Somerville

    Ward Aldermen O'Donovan, Gewirtz and Trane win. All four incumbent At-Large Aldermen lead but the # 4 and #5 spots appear to be within 12 votes

    • Ward 7

      I really want to see the numbers on Heller vs. Trane in ward 7 (I gave $100 to Rachel Heller).  That's the only one the Somerville News isn't giving preliminary numbers on, of the ward races they mention.  hmph.

  6. Looks Like Murphy and Connolly on the same City Council

    That should be fun

  7. Somerville will have a recount

    Challenger Lafuente is only 12 votes behind incumbent Bruce Desmond for alderman at-large, and is asking for a recount

  8. Felix Arroyo might be out...

    Boston has over 60% of precincts in now, and there's a sizeable gap between Connolly in 4th place and Arroyo in 5th.

  9. Mrak Ciommo pulling away in Boston's District 9 City Council seat

  10. and Mark Ciommo is winning too

  11. Chicopee Voters approve non-binding casino vote

    Yes - 4890 No - 4634

  12. Waltham

    Unofficial Mayor McCarthy seems to have been reelected by a 4 to 1 margin. That is what I call an landslide.

    Unfortunately for her all the incumbent ward councilors seem to have also been reelected. Looks like it is going to be politics as usual around here.

    The school committee race was pretty close so I do not want to call that one until I see official numbers.

    The question on plowing private ways (which has been done by the city unofficially has since 1943) seems to have passed by a wide margin. Almost 1/3 of the streets in Waltham are actually private ways. 

    • woops

      I meant all of the incumbent at large councilors. None of the ward councilors were opposed. (grumble grumble)

    • school committee

      How did Donnelly do?

      • Close, not sure.

        It is going to be either her or Bernstein for the last spot from what we saw. All the other incumbents clearly made it in from what I saw, but again it was unofficial tallies that we were compiling for our campaign. Unfortunately we were clearly not the winners.

        • That would be Burstein not Bernstein

        • Waltham School Committee

          Daily News Tribune: Donnelly Wins

          WALTHAM - Margaret M. Donnelly will return to the School Committee after she was elected yesterday to fill one of three open seats. Incumbent Stephen Rando, Jr. cruised to another term on the committee having received the most votes (4,199). Incumbent Harold "Jerry" Walker came in 18 votes behind Rando with 4,181. Donnelly filled the third seat with 3,975 votes. Incumbent Susan Burstein had 3,452 votes and newcomer Lisa Limonciello had 3,323 votes, in defeat. "I still felt I had more to offer and it's evident the voters agreed with me," Donnelly said.,
          • wow

            that confirms it: almost no one i voted for yesterday won. I voted for Susan Burstein and Lisa Limonciello for School Committee, and wrote in a third...

            for mayor i went into the booth not sure who to vote for, because I worked for Deval through Ken Doucette's office last year but also think Mayor McCarthy didn't deserve the constant barage of attacks from all angles she's been getting. I voted for Doucette, but then felt bad after and hoped that McCarthy wouldn't lose by too much. Winning with over 80% was a surprise to me.

            I was really excited about Bill Fowler for city council at-large, and it was disappointing to see him come dead last. I would have been completely lost, except I also voted for incumbent Sally Collura for at-large and the unopposed Robert Logan for ward 9.

            • Margy

              I have worked with Margy on many progressive school issues.  She is respected across the state, and it's great to have her back as an elected official.

    • Do you have a link for Waltham results?

  13. Gloucester elects Carolyn Kirk

    She becomes Gloucester's first woman mayor.

    This was a major shock, as she finished second in the preliminary and her opponent had both newspaper endorsements and a lot more money.

    It looks like the voters of Gloucester have finally decided it's time for a change.

    Oh and she is a proud Democrat, replacing a retiring incumbent who endorsed Kerry Healey.

    Governor Patrick and Lt. Governor Murray both called her at the victory party to congratulate her. If we can get city and commonwealth working together to change Gloucester, things will really be moving forward.

  14. Some numbers tonight from Boston

    Flaherty - 1; Murphy -2; Yoon - 3; Connolly - 4; Arroyo - 5 and out.

    It looked as if the Murphy - Connolly tiff of the last couple of days might have rallied people to both of them.  While Flaherty scored big in South Boston, Murphy and Yoon finished about 2,000 votes behind him citywide, or less than 10 votes/precinct as of last look.

    Connolly did very well in the southern tier of the city, finishing ahead of Murphy there, but Murphy ran strongly in many of the predominantly African-American wards and precincts of the city, maybe with Gov's help? Felix just didn't have it this time, particularly in a low turnout election.

    In Brighton, Ciommo wins about 60-40, Glennon pulls a  precinct or two in Allston, but Ciommo carries some traditionally conservative precincts such as 22-12 outside Oak Square.  Interestingly, the two Oak Square precincts, 22-4 and 22-13, were an even split in both precincts.  In the past, 4 would vote far more "progressive" than 13, which has traditionally been one of the most conservative precincts.  Ideology may just have been blurred in this race, though, post Schofield.

    All other incumbent councilors won easily, Maureen Feeney, Chuck Turner and Charles Yancey rolled over their opposition.



    Any news on the Fall River Mayoral race?

    Corriea -v- Sullivan

  16. Any News on Cambridge City Council? (EOM)

  17. I have the following Results

    All of these people are Republican's that the Massachusetts Federation of Young Republican's targeted to help this cycle and we spent at least one weekend day and or held a fundraiser for each of them.  We targeted 10 races and 8 of our candidates either won re-election or won new seats.

    Paul Ferro (City Council Ward 2- Marlboro)- against Representative Leduc's hand picked candidate.

    Steve Levy (City Council at large - Marlboro)- highest vote getter in Marlboro - all incumbents re-elected, Congressman MacGovern's aide came in fifth and out of the running.

    Greer Tan Swiston (Alderman @ Large - Newton)

    Monica Medeiros (Alderman Ward - Melrose)

    Victor Pap (City Councilor Ward - Weymouth)

    Pat O'Connor (City Councilor - Weymouth)

    Adam Lamontagne (School Committee - Chicopee)

    Dave Abdoo (City Councilor - Lawrence)

    • why do I have a feeling

      that Swiston won't last very long in Newton? Finally, the Democratic City Committee will have a Republican to pick on!

      • Greer Swiston is hardly a great Republican victory

        If you go look at Greer's site, you'll notice she's removed all mention of party affiliation.  She's even taken down the photos of her with Kerry Healey and Mitt Romney and put up a photo of (gasp) Mike Dukakis.

        The only traces are in her news archives:


        Swiston part of 'Reform Team' kickoff

        Wednesday, June 2, 2004

        State Representative Candidate Greer Tan Swiston joined Gov. Mitt Romney, Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey, Massachsetts GOP Chairman Darrell Crate and over 100 other legislative "Reform Team" candidates to officially kick off the 2004 campaign season at a press conference in downtown Boston last Tuesday, May 25. Swiston filed paperwork to run as a candidate for the 11th Representative District of Middlesex which is wholly contained in the City of Newton.

        On the other hand, I think you get a good feel for Greer's personality from this post chastising the Tab for picking on MassResistance's Brian Camenker:


        However, on this topic ? I still don't think it is right to bash on Brian Camenker regardless of his antics. The issue he drives on is still controversial because he isn't the only one with his view. However, his antics and the bashing that his antics draws, does seem to prevent others from giving voice to their thoughts ? especially if the people are more civil in nature (and therefore "bashing" adverse).

        You're right -- they're going to eat her alive.

  18. Medford stuck with incumbents

    Preliminary numberes here.

  19. Since I have not seen sco, Watertown election results!

    The biggest story is in the at-large race for town council, where the top four were:

    Mark Sideris Susan Falkoff John Corbett John "JD" Donohue

    Note that Watertown icon Marilyn Pettitto Devaney is not on the list.  She fell from the top vote-getter in 2005 to finishing in fifth by five (or six) votes.  I think her general conduct and her issues with striking a shop clerk with a curling iron probably had something to do with that.

    Also, Susan Falkoff is back, which I am certain you all like, since she is a "progressive" and led Deval Patrick's campaign in Watertown; by the way, the term "progressive" is in quotes because it's a subjective definition and not everybody uses it, so please do not think that I am disparaging the viewpoints, although I don't necessarily agree with everything on that side.

    Although there will be a recount, the fact that Devaney fell in this fashion signifies that she could be extremely vulnerable for her Governor's Council seat next year.  Perhaps somebody ought to consider running against her.

    In a district race, Vincent Piccirilli defeated Steve Aylward, the chair of the Watertown Republican Town Committee, so I imagine that result makes you happy as well. :-D

  20. Grace Ross

    Grace finished eighth in Worcester.

    WORCESTER- The vote tallies from yesterday's 12-way race six at-large seats on the City Council are as follows:

    Gary Rosen: 10,514 Konstantina B. Lukes: 9,761 Kate Toomey: 9,722 Frederick C. Rushton: 9,557 Joseph M. Petty: 8,141 Michael J. Germain: 7,161

    (Candidates below finished out of the running.)

    Dennis L. Irish: 6,995 Grace C. Ross: 6,629 John J. Mahoney: 6,373 Morris A. Bergman: 6,144 Mike C. Perotto: 6,047 William Coleman III: 5,050

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