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Day December 18, 2007

Let’s Talk Casinos: On Numbers and Pictures, Part 2.

Last week I talked about how frustrating it is that we don’t know more about casinos. It’s been almost impossible to have an adult conversation because there’s only so much we know, as a state, while everyone keeps asking for numbers, more and more. Of course, since the few reliable numbers we do have don’t point to anything inspiring, one would think the onus would be on casinos and casino supporters to prove just why they’ll save the Massachusetts revenue situation – but instead, in the face of a serious lack of information, some people have been sadly willing to start digging. However, just because we don’t have more research available doesn’t mean we can’t paint a picture of what a casino will look like in Massachusetts, as well as its effects on the local economy, so let’s start mixing the colors below – in the form of an itinerary for my whole family at one of the world’s most famous casinos.  

Today’s Casino Hearing

So, I went to today’s casino hearing and stayed for almost the entire thing (from 11am to almost 6pm) and I can’t say that I learned too much. Representative Flynn, the Co-Chair of the committee, as well as the man who threw a hissy fit against Speaker DiMasi to get the non-binding, spectacle hearing, wanted his own personal casino love session hearing, to drum up the war beat for when this discussing really gets going, after the New Year. Flynn stayed fairly quiet for the evening, given that his guests were mostly hand selected, except for the fact that he liked to remind the audience that he’s never actually been to a casino. That’s a fact he audibly ruminated on several times (don’t blame me if slot machines are addictive, how would I know? I’ve never been to a casino!)

Co-Chair Senator Montigney, who remains “skeptical,” but doesn’t seem to have come to a firm decision, was truly the star of the night. He asked tough questions of all parties and definately wanted to make sure that if there was a casino, everything would be transparent.

Which brings me to the main thing I realized about today: this casino debate, already, is about the least transparent process I’ve ever seen.  

Right Upper Cuts

Well pardon me, but the boys are throwing some punches. Mitt Romney goes on the Ad offensive against Huckabee touting his record of “No pardons”.  Mike counters with a solid “People need to understand the real record here. Did Mitt Romney act in the best interest of Anthony Circosta or in the best interest of Mitt Romney? If you’re gonna be elected to the job you need to be elected to do the job that’s best for the citizens, not for your own political future.” Left out of Romney’s Ad is one interesting pardon denial: his rejection of the request of an Iraq war veteran who was trying to become a police officer after his National Guard service.  The focus of the AP report was Romney’s denial for Circosta, a 30-year-old from Agawam, Mass.  In 2005, while serving in Iraq, Circosta filed for a pardon, seeking to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer. It was denied twice, despite a favorable recommendation from the state’s Board of Pardons.  Circosta returned home a Bronze Star winner after leading a platoon in Iraq’s deadly Sunni triangle.  Circosta’s crime was shooting a friend in the arm with a BB gun as 13-year-old. […]

Hungary is for Lovers

UPDATE:  Uruguay has just legalized civil unions punding the expected presidential signature.

Congratulations, Hungary!

Hungary has joined the civilized world by legalizing civil partnerships for same-sex couples.  It isn’t marriage equality, but it is a lot more than we’ve got going on here in the Leader of the Free World.  The new law, which brings Hungary more into line with E.U. standards for equality, takes effect Jan 1, 2009.

Hungary joins these polities in respecting S-S relationships (below the flip):

Greyhound Protection Act Advances Toward the Ballot

This afternoon, we received official notice that the Greyhound Protection Act has been certified to advance toward the November 2008 ballot.  This humane law will phase out commercial dog racing by 2010, finally bringing to an end an industry that is cruel and inhuamne.

Hysteria clearing house

Profound observation: People are weird. “The quintessential Liberal Fascist isn't an SS storm trooper; it is a female grade school teacher with an education degree from Brown or Swarthmore.” That's Jonah Goldberg lookin' at you, David. “Abortion, environmentalism, AIDS, pornography, drug abuse, and homosexual activism have fragmented and polarized our communities … It is now difficult to keep track of the vast array of publicly endorsed and institutionally supported aberrations—from homosexuality and pedophilia to sadomasochism and necrophilia.” That's charming, charismatic frontrunner Mike Huckabee — back in 1998, when he was an intemperate youth, don't you know. “[A]ren't you appalled at the willingness of these people to become castratos in the eunuch chorus here or whatever they are?” That's opinion-leader Chris Matthews, talking about people freakish enough to endorse Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. “It is simply no longer possible to ignore the strangeness of our public discourse.”  Oh wait, that's not weird. That's Al Gore.

Massdems welcome Gloribell Mota as new Director of Training and Education!

     It is with great excitement that the Massachusetts Democratic Party announces that Gloribell Mota has joined our staff as our new Director of Training and Education. The Party secured funding for this new senior staff position, which will allow the Massachusetts Democratic Party to expand its education initiatives and programming. Mota will partner with Democratic committees and organizations around the state to promote grassroots activism, and to grow the Party at its roots.     In her new role, Gloribell will design curricula and manage statewide training programs for constituencies such as: the Democratic State Committee, local town and ward committees, youth, communities of color, and Democratic activists. She will also conduct candidate training programs, and develop a curriculum for the Diversity Internship Program initiative.      Most recently, Mota served as the Organizing Director for Boston’s At-Large City Councilor, Felix Arroyo, where she worked in partnership with local residents, advocacy groups, and government officials. Previously, Mota ran a grassroots campaign for state representative in East Boston. She was the community organizer in East Boston for Governor Patrick’s election in 2006. Mota was also the education coordinator for United for a Fair Economy (UFE), and worked as the […]

2013 Is Too Late For Masssachusetts

So what’s the most important issue of this Democratic Primary? Is it Barack’s kindergarten posturing? Or Billy Shaheen’s use of the word cocaine?

Well, maybe, just maybe the most important issue is one that has gotten less and less attention as the cycle has gone and that issue is Iraq.

My core lesson from the 2006 Democratic Victory is that we better get core fundamental hard and fast commitments from our candidate when it comes to Iraq.

We thought, and boy where we naive, that if we worked and donated hard to Democrats, when they won they would do something about Iraq.

We were wrong.

Amy Chua: Nativism at Yale Law

Originally posted on Citizen Orange.

I admire people that work to build unity where there is division.  Building unity leads humanity in the direction of ideals.  Building consensus is admirable, but compromising with hate is not.

In her Washington Post op-ed, “The Right Road to America?”, Yale Law Professor Amy Chua compromises with hate.  In an attempt to forge a middle ground between tolerance and toughness, she makes deals with the devil.  The net result is an argument that rests on nativism. 

Chua makes the fallacious argument that, within nations, “pluralism and diversity” leads to “violence and instability”.  Reading her op-ed, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the lunatic mission statement of Frosty Wooldridge’s website (Another front for NumbersUSA):

This Week With Barack Obama, December 9-15, 2007

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