Springfield, Ready for Homobigot Scott Lively?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHolocaust revisionist and homobigot Scott Lively is moving to Springfield, MA.  Lively has been the CA state director for Don Wildmon’s American Family Association.

Most recently, Lively co-founded Watchmen on the Walls, a quasi-religious anti-gay hate group which calls homosexuality “inherently evil”.  His collaborators include Alexey Ledyaev and Ken Hutcherson.  Alexey Ledyaev is the leader of the Latvia-based international New Generation church.  New Generation’s flagship location in the USA is Springfield, MA, to which Lively plans to move.  Hutcherson is founder of Antioch Bible Church, another anti-gay enterprise located near Seattle, WA.

Lively, Hutcherson and Ledyaev spend a good deal of time traveling around the former Soviet Union and the US spreading the anti-gay message of hate.  Members of Ledyaev’s church in CA recently murdered a gentle gay man, Satender Singh.  Lively calls the murder “unfortunate” but neither he nor his associates will repudiate it.  Rather, Watchmen on the Walls has made this  “statement to the world’s press”. (see below the flip)

[Watchmen is a] “world association of men and women of all races, colours and nationalities who believe in the superiority of the natural family and marriage of one man and one woman”.

“We are against cohabitation, divorce, abortion, adultery and other acts that undermine society on which civilization is based.

“But in particular, we oppose homosexuality because this destructive practice in the evils of organized political movement and became the principal enemies of the natural family,” the statement said.

“We do not support violence and did not condone violence.  We will not apologise for the fight against homosexuality because it is inappropriate and harmful unnatural phenomenon, in both moral and physical, and psychological relationships.

“This fact is obvious to the vast majority of people on earth, which we represent.

“We reject hate in recriminations.  We know that some hate homosexuals, but we are not.  We see homosexuals similar to alcoholics, that is, as the unfortunate people who have been held hostage by their harmful lifestyles.

“Even refusing treatment, they are on a par with alcoholics’ right to privacy in their own dwellings.  But public recruitment adherents of this way of life that is unacceptable.

“Public morality must denounce homosexuality … to the fullest extent possible, minimising its impact on society.

“Our task is to merge with associates around the world and assist them in the approval of the natural family and traditional marriage, as well as the healing of homosexuals, which in this endeavour.  We will help those who share our beliefs, to take key positions in education, business, government and the media around the world,” the statement warned.

“We know that this attitude will be met vigorously those who believe homosexuality is normal and useful, especially journalists in Europe and America, many of whom are themselves homosexual or their active supporters.  We know that these people will criticise us, but we will not allow them to intimidate and deprive us of our legitimate right to participate in the open discussion of the direction in which society should evolve and countries of the world.

“We are searching for the sense of cooperation between men and women in different countries and different nationalities.  We do not like cowards, who, for example, dare to speak out against same-marriages, but does not dare to say that homosexuality is inherently evil.  We do not need chauvinists who hate homosexuals in the same way as some people hate other races and strangers.  We need a courageous and decent people who love the natural order of imams and the human family, wishing her approval, promotion, improvement and protection as the primary sources of any society on earth,” the statement concludes.

Because this group appeals directly to Slavic immigrants here in the US, one sad blowback from their efforts is mounting anti-Slav tensions in Sacramento.  Sacramento is a New Generation hot spot, and the location the the murder of Satender Singh.  The same could happen in MA if the local Slavic christian organizations don’t make the effort to distinguish themselves from these hate mongers.

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  1. Scott Liveley's friend Ken Hutcherson:

    Ken Hutcherson is the preacher that wants to take over Microsoft by stacking shareholders with evangelical Christians in order to punish the company for its friendly stance towards gay partnerships and marriage.


    • that's the guy

      he claims that his bullying is what prompted microsoft to withdraw their support from a pending anti-discrimination bill.  and who know, he could be right.  his was able to a crowd of 20,000 people to a heterosupremecist marriage rally around that time.  however, microsoft eventually renewed their support for the bill, which passed this past spring.  but this stock thing - too funny.  i call it Ken's Drop in the Bucket Initiative.

    • A bit more on Hutcherson's Microsoft $cam

      Have a peek at this story by Gay Curmudgeon.  I didn't realize that Hutcherson was not just asking xtians to buy Microsoft stock so as to vote in some policy changes.  Oh no, what he's doing is asking them to each buy 3 shares and send him one!.  LOL!  Here's some fun math curtesy of Gay Curmudgeon:

      If by some miracle Hutch were to meet his goal of 100 million shares, he'd have 33.3 million shares resulting in a "donation" to his coffers of approximately $1.1 billion.

      Even in an "abject failure" scenario where he achieves only 1% of his stated goal, Hutcherson would hold 333,333 shares at a value of approximately $11.5 million dollars.

      He wouldn't be able to force the company to do a single thing, but $11.5 million isn't a bad result for keeping his name in the media and continuing his unbroken record of failure.

      $camelicious!!  Praise the Lord that provides!  Or as Gay Curmudgeon says elsewhere It'$ only the gay$, le$bian$, bi$exual$, and tran$gendered that his biblical literalism applies to.

  2. I might believe something that Lively's organization blathers about...

    We do not support violence and did not condone violence.

    ...if and when Lively withdraws his book of lies The Pink Swastika from publication.

    He won't, of course, because all of his nonsense is all about money.

  3. Laurel

    Great post!  We would be honored if you would consider crossposting this over at Talk to Action. If you do, I will front page it.


    Talk to Action is a group blog that has been going strong for more than two years, focusing on the religious right, and what to do about it. We have written a fair amount about Watchmen on the Walls and Lively, but it is worth reprising this in light of this new development. I also live near Springfield -- and therefore have a personal interest.

    If you are interested -- and I hope you will be -- write me:  frederick dot clarkson at gmail dot com

    • Any idea

      And idea why Lively is moving to MA?  Do you know if he will still be part of AFA?  The report saying he's moving to MA says he's going to join Ledyaev's church there.  I wonder if this means he'll be on the New Generation feed bag full time now, or something new is brewing.  I wonder how Mineau feels having competition moving into his territory.  ANd scary competition at that.

      Btw, I found the NG-Springfield website interesting.  It leaves no doubt who calls the shots: Ledyaev, not it's minister, Vadim Privedenuyk*.  Is it fair to call NG a cult of personality, or does it just look that way because it is a standard top-down authoritarian scheme?

      Thanks for your invitation! I've emailed you.

      *Almost the only info google revealed about him was that he didn't respond to the springfield annual census.  he keeps a really low profile.

      • Lively

        I have no idea why he is moving to Springfield, but I can only speculate that is has something to do with that church. Possibly, it is part of an effort to do payback on marriage equality. Things have been so peaceful, ya know.

        My guess it that Lively & co will join the axis with Mass Resistance, with whom he already has some relationship, as I recall.

  4. Any Russian speakers here?

    A reader over at Talk2Action pointed out how oddly worded the Watchmen statement is.  The statement was originally posted in Russian.  I don't know who made the english translation above or their skill level, but it would be good to have others vet the translation.  Can anyone here do that?  Both versions can be seen here.  

  5. Thanks for the heads-up

    Thanks for this post Laurel.  I'm glad I caught it.

    I know the fundies out this way are all hyped up about Angelo Puppulo, what with the billboard next to I-91 in downtown Springfield calling him not very nice names.

    Maybe they are planning a major assault on the political game here.  Must remember to keep a lookout. -

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