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Vote your heart AND mind.

I wish we had the luxury of electing Barack Obama as president. We don’t. The stakes are too high.

When he leaves office roughly a year from now, President George W. Bush will have inflicted more damage on this country than anyone thought was possible. We are on the brink of a major recession. Violent crime is up in every city. The housing market continues to plummet. Millions are without health care. Environmental safeguards are willingly disregarded. The unfunded mandate of No Child Left Behind has left no teacher standing. Confidence in our public officials is non-existent. Worse of all, every day five young men and women return from Iraq in body bags.

In an election season where change has become the familiar mantra for many candidates, it is important to make the distinction as to how one can affect change. You can hope for change, as Senator Obama is fond of proselytizing. You can constantly change, as Governor Romney has elevated to an art form. Or you can work for change, as Senator Clinton has spent a lifetime doing.

John Edward’s transcendent transformation from candidate to statesman

First, thanks to all who have supported John Edwards in his campaign to renew America. In suspending his campaign at this time, we have witnessed John’s transcendent transformation from candidate to statesman, as he stepped aside and avoided further campaigning to “make way for history.”  I honor his decision, and ability to focus on what is best for his family, and best for America.  He choose not to exhaust his supporters and family further focusing on what is best for our country. I view John Edwards as the founder of a movement to renew American.  I believe that in ending his campaign, John has given life to a movement for both increased democracy, and a return to the true values of the Democratic party. To that end, I recommend a Yahoo website at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/…  The original purpose of this website was to coordinate primary activities.  Now it is to “keep our powder dry” and build for the future, and the renewal of the Democratic Party and our nation. Don’t be a stranger!  Come on in, the water is fine, and there is yet  work to do to honor and support John Edwards…

California Debate–

I didnt see a debate thread started.   I just tuned in at the end of the immigration answers.   They really dont disagree on much.   It turns into a gotcha re: drivers licenses.   I am an Obama supporter but I like them both.    I will be glad when primaries are over.  

A message from Jim McGovern and Barney Frank

We wanted to take just a few words to make our case – as fellow committed progressives – for Hillary Clinton.  We have fought hard to end the awful war in Iraq, to promote economic fairness and social justice; and to elect fellow progressives to public office.  We believe that Hillary’s campaign represents an enormous opportunity for change.  And not just because electing the first woman president would shatter the political glass ceiling in our country once and for all.  But because a President Hillary Clinton would represent a strong repudiation of the misguided, destructive policies of the Bush Adm inistration.   We are fortunate to have two excellent Democratic candidates running.  But elections are about choices, and we are thrilled with our choice.  We hope you’ll join us.

22 state strategy for Feb 5 – All states are purple

Since all states are dividing their delegates proportionally to their own state votes, there are NO states with prospects too slim or too good where effort is wasted! Those favoring a progressive candidate (for which please read “Obama”) in every state will be rewarded for work with at least some of the delegates. This is certainly different from the “winner take all” on the Republican side in major states such as NY and NJ. GET TO WORK!

Barack Obama Event Tonight with Governor Patrick!

I have been part of the Barack Obama campaign for several weeks now and am very excited about the election on Super Tuesday. I think we have the support to win Massachusetts for Barack. With that said, I would like to invite other Obama supporters to a major Barack Obama Boston Get Out the Vote meeting tonight. Governor Deval Patrick will be participating in the event and I urge any Obama supporters in and around Boston to attend. As you may already know, Governor Patrick, Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, Congressman Delahunt and Congressman Capuano have been turning out for Obama lately and support for the campaign is growing by the day. Organizers in Boston would like to welcome and encourage those of you who are interested in Barack Obama’s campaign to show up tonight for a major pre-primary kick-off Meeting. If you cannot make it and would still like to volunteer, please visit barackobama.com. We would love your support! What: Barack Obama GOTV Meeting Where: Morse Auditorium on Boston University’s campus Google Map 602 Commonwealth Avenue How to get there: The closest T stop is Blandford Street Station on the MBTA Green Line – B Line (towards Boston College). The […]

Top Ten Cloves: Ways To Liven Up The Democrats’ Debate This Evening

News Item:  Obama, Clinton set for one-on-one face off

Hillary and cynicism

There's a big story up at ABC News  featuring video of Hillary Clinton taken at Wal-Mart stockholder meetings between 1986 and 1992.

Veterans for Obama in Massachusetts

Please let me draw you attention to the Veterans for Obama on the national

Obama for America homepage.

Leading up to the early state primarys, Veterans for Obama worked very closely with senior Obama staff to help them see, more clearly, policy from the perspective of those that have served. Efforts were made by new media staff to honestly capture those candid perspectives. What has been created with care and respect will now find its way to the national page for all to see, learn and share.

Below, I have provided a small sample.

As the Massachusetts primary rushes upon us, local veterans that support Obama will be reaching out to their Bay State peers.

I have been working closely with members of Veterans for Kerry. The phrase may popular these days, but vets have always known that:

Together We Can!-JFL

Welcome to Veterans for Obama

This is the online home for Veterans and those who care about how our country handles veterans issues. If you believe as we do that Barack Obama is kind of leader our nation needs to achieve the change we want, get involved with us and start working for change.

Honoring Our Veterans: “Leave No One Behind”

By Eddie Lee, NH Obama Staff – Nov 13th, 2007 at 2:03 pm EST

Yesterday, after honoring the sacrifice of our veterans by meeting with residents at Buckingham Place, a transitional living facility for homeless veterans in Nashua, Barack outlined his Veterans Homelessness Prevention Act.  The Act would launch a $26 million pilot program providing housing for at-risk veterans, along with mental health counseling, job training and financial planning.

Watch his remarks below.

Guiding our Heroes–Tom Brown’s Story

By Eddie Lee, NH Obama Staff – Sep 16th, 2007 at 9:21 pm EDT

Tom Brown answered the call of duty by joining the Air Force in the years before the Vietnam War.  He served as an alcohol and drug counselor for most of his career, helping his comrades cope with substance abuse.

His commitment to his fellow soldiers leads him to believe that our political leaders have no greater responsibility than keeping faith with the heroes who serve.

This is his story.

Obama in 2001: Rumsfeld in Mainstream, Praises Bush’s Appointments

The one thing that Barack Obama seems to try to push is his judgment, he uses this to offset thoughts that he is too green and lacks the experience with his brief time in the Senate.  So, let’s discuss his judgment. The Huffington Post reports that on January 17th, 2001, three days before Donald Rumsfeld’s confirmation to George Bush’s administration, Barack Obama gives credit and praises Bush’s appointments.  Obama says that he thought that Rumsfeld was in the mainstream of American, quote from his appearance on “Chicago Tonight”, emphasis mine: “The proof in the pudding is looking at the treatment of the other Bush nominees,” Obama said. “I mean for the most part, I for example do not agree with a missile defense system, but I don’t think that soon-to-be-Secretary Rumsfeld is in any way out of the mainstream of American political life. And I would argue that the same would be true for the vast majority of the Bush nominees, and I give him credit for that. Oh yes, there is video too.  I’ll try to get an embedded version out at some point. [Update] Video is up. There was a recent post about whether Obama has been adequately […]