Obama Carries Dixville Notch and Hart’s Landing

The first New Hampshire results are in. From Dixville Notch: Democrats: Obama 7, Edwards 2, Richardson 1. Republicans: McCain 4, Romney 2, Giuliani 1. From Hart’s Location: Democrats: Obama 9, Clinton 3, Edwards 1. Republicans: McCain 6, Huckabee 5, Paul 4, Romney 1.

TPM puts it in perspective:

The results are not necessarily predictive of anything – Wesley Clark won both localities in the 2004 primary, while coming in a distant third overall. One thing that is striking, however, is that more people voted in the Democratic primary in a village that has historically voted heavily Republican for the general elections, and that the crossover votes went decisively to Obama.

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  1. Democracy at it's finest

    Folks get together, have a lot of hoopla and put their ballot in a box. I love the fact that the citizens there make a big deal about voting.

    It's positively hilarious that the media cooks up major headlines talking about how Obama blasted Hillary Clinton. I love that there's a giant CNN bus in Dixville Notch, a place hardly anybody would otherwise ever hear about, just to report that Obama got 6 more votes than Clinton.

  2. We are talking about twenty votes here.

    Get a life, guys. I can't believe blogs are reporting these "early results from New Hampshire" as front page news.

    • It's funny, for goodness sake

      Lighten up, Will. Here is a morning beer for you: (B) and a smaller one for the afternoon, which you can hide in your desk until after lunch, (b).

      • Nope.

        You didn't run it as a joke -- like DailyKos ostensibly did, which, had you done similarly, would have made you merely late to the punch -- but no, you tried to run it as a real result with the "cross-over votes for Obama" analysis.

        Thanks for the beer, but I would recognize this as sub-par blogging even when intoxicated. Cheers.

  3. I have a different take than TPM

    People are voting in the Democratic Primary so that "she who should not be name" is not elected president.  I became convinced of this yesterday when talking to a couple of conservative registered independents.  They said "the most important thing is making sure Hillary Clinton is not President".  

    I think that had a lot to do with Obama's victory in Iowa and I think that will have a lot to do with Obama absolutely crushing Ms. Rodham-Clinton tonight.

    • I guess we'll see when we hit the closed primaries

      Seriously though, these "the Clintons will stop at nothing" people are certainly some wierd ducks.

      • It may be too late

        Does anybody have a rundown of what is closed and what is opened vis a vis primaries?

        • BTW, if you are right

          That would be bad for McCain today, and good for Romney.

          While, if the Democrats go too far off the liberal populist edge, it is at least possible (though highly unlikely, thanks to Bush and Rove) that I would vote Republican this November, there is absolutely no way that I would do so for Romney.

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