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  1. omg we're rolling on the floor

    thanks charley

  2. Clearing throat


  3. My Dad

    was in his heyday a Patriotic upstanding citizen also.  He flew a B29 in the later years of the war.  Twenty five missions and they were done, if they survived.  Dad has a memory capacity of about a half hour now.  Perhaps it is God's mercy that allows him not the capacity to see the country he fought for and what it has become.

    The advancement of McCain compares to the advancement of Hilter in Nazi Germany, so I guess humanity learns not from history.

    Life is so clear from atop my Apocalyptic horse.

    • $quot;The advancement of McCain compares to the advancement of Hilter in Nazi Germany$quot;

      put down the sugar cube and back away from the computer.

    • That comparison

      was begging me for the Obama/Antichrist comparison, but that would implicate that what you said held any weight.  

      I'm instead going to with a "Wow."  o_O

    • I found the Heil part distasteful, myself...

      ... and pretty off the mark.  Too bad, because otherwise this was pretty good.

      • I guess that was the line I couldn't understand


        but the rest was ab-so-lute-ly fantastic.

      • 100 years

        Didn't the Nazis hope to establish a 1000 year Reich? I think that was the reference, but it seemed as if they were working too hard to make fun of McCain's 100 years in Iraq comment.

        • I'm lost.

          The 100 years comment [in English, and Spanish] in the video is parodying McCain and the BHO video [cien años, although maybe it should be cientos años ?!].

          so... is there a reference in the McCain video to Hitler, or are we all just confuzzled?

      • Wait, what heil part are we talking about?

        In Last horsemen's comment or the clip?

        • Amazing how people

          add their own thoughts in place of what I said. There has to be a psychological term for that.

          • Put it this way...

            ...I don't see any "heil" part in either your comment or the video. I'm confused and wish someone would clue me in.

            • Perhaps the comment was deleted

              before the good folk of BMG could plaster it with zeros?

            • Clear things up??

              Ok, I think I caused some of the confusion, so here's my explanation:

              Lasthorseman mentioned something about "The advancement of McCain compares to the advancement of Hilter in Nazi Germany."  I read this comment as a recap and implicit criticism of the video, i.e., my impression is that Lasthorseman was saying that comparing McCain to Hitler is out of school.  After re-reading the initial comment, and reading some of Lasthorseman's other comments, though, I now realize that I have no idea where he/she is coming from.

              The Hitler part of the video, I thought, was the straight-arm "Cien Anos!" line at ~1:16.  First, I really thought it was "Sigg Heil" or similar on first and 2nd view.  Second, even as a reference to Hitler's 1000 years (yes, 100, 1000, whatever; t's all about long, bad occupations), there's no need.  Playing the Hitler card is dumb and unnecessary, b/c the target can then whine and moan about being called a Nazi, and can explain how they are much less evil than Nazis (which is true even for Cheney).  Calling people like myself Enviro-nazis is similarly stupid.

              To recap:

              Lasthorseman, I have no idea where you are coming from.  Sorry!

              This video is effective and funny in a depressing kind of way, but would be much better without the "Cien Anos" bit that at least arguably is an unnecessary Nazi reference.  

              • Ah, thanks.

                I think "cien anos", which means 100 years and is a now famous McCain quote, correlates to "Si se puede", a slogan used by the Obama camp that echos both Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers and Barack's English slogan, "Yes we can". And

                And McCain himself says in the video that "I don't think Americans are that concerned if we're there for a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years". To me it is clear that there is no Nazi reference in the video. Perhpas McCain himself was referencing the Thousand-year Reich, but I sincerely doubt that. Anything in that video that out of context might be construed as a Nazi reference makes perfect sense in context as a direct reference to McCain's words.  

                • Yes, I get it...

                  ... it was the apparent "Sigg Heil" gesture at 1:15 (that was certainly my first and second impression of the gesture) that seemed gratuitous.  I realize his hand was a fist, and not with fingers straight out like I envision a Nazi reference, but again, my first impression was "Heil!".

                  Maybe I'm the only one who had that reaction; I hope so.  As stated, the video is more effective without it.

                  • OK, OK,

                    At 1:59 of Yes we can, some dude punches his left arm into the air and says "Si se puede".  Never noticed that part before; I guess I focused more on the cute women.

                    So the parody is a direct reference to that.  Problem solved.  I'll go home.  But I still claim that, out of context, the way in which he punches his right arm into the air and yells two syllables can plausibly be confused with a "Sigg Heil"

                    Either that or I gotta get more sleep.

              • OK

                My Nazi comment had nothing to do with the video. It has everything to do with Mr. 100 years in Iraq and Mr. bomb bomb bomb Iran.  What is the pathology of polluting an oil rich nation with depleted uranium, in seeking unlimited profits for ex-board members now in government "service".  If it is not common knowledge by now the the Iraq war is illegal, unconstitutional, not in America's interest at all ie Nazi like, empire building for Satanic ideals or fascism just for fascism's sake. The continuation of most aspects of the rethuglican/PNAC currently ruining administration simply has to be avoided even if that means "offending" simpletons who can't think it won't happen right here at home.  Look around, look around carefully, objectively at S1959.  That is meant not for "terrorists" far away it is meant for you and me.

                Obviously I don't hold government in any high regard.

      • Hey, syphax...

        ...I'm lost. What "heil" are we talking about? What did I miss?

        • Ain't No Heil....

          There's no call-out to Hitler or fascism.  

          Like the Will I Am video that this parodies, there's a guy, fist raised in populist solidarity, repeating what everyone else is saying in Spanish.  Instead of saying "si se pueda" (yes we can), he repeats "100 years" or something like that.

          Or am I just clueless?

    • This is just offensive!!!!!

      The advancement of McCain compares to the advancement of Hilter in Nazi Germany, so I guess humanity learns not from history.

      It is just this kind of lack of respect that resembles swift boating on the left rather than intelligent dialogue.

      While I spent five year avoiding the draft and protesting Vietnam John McCain spent it as a POW. He is not some chest pounding phony like Bush but the real deal and I do respect him for what he went through even if I disagree with his position on the war.

      • I was beginning to think

        nobody was home.  I like to get my news from diverse sources to bring in all the viewpoints.  As such I have a worldview highly unlike an "American". is a more mainstream one. Jack McLamb doubts McCain's hero status.  Goggle McCain+Sonbird and you might get the answer.

        Offensive?  Well I guess that depends on viewpoints. 911, yes I am a card carrying official member emeritus of the MIHOP class.

        I can't ignore the mounting evidence of impending martial law, American concentration camp locations, S 1959 and Infragard.  Four more years of a rethuglican administration, however liberal media is telling you he is would end this country.

        Oh, and have you noticed the flood of PNAC members now on permanent Faux News staff?

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