Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring?!

(... and they'll find a number of ways to remind folks that Obama is actually black. The Farrakhan non-issue was just the tip of the iceberg. - promoted by Charley on the MTA)

No that is not from the The Onion, but the New York Times.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, an administration official said this morning.

Mr. Spitzer, who was huddled with his top aides early this afternoon, had hours earlier abruptly canceled his scheduled public events for the day. He is set to make an announcement about 2:15 this afternoon at his Manhattan office.

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  1. OK, sure

    But did he buy expensive drapes for his office?

  2. Not like he was doing it for sex

    He was doing it to have done it.  Those broads went for $5,500 bucks an hour.  People don't drink Cristal because they just want to get drunk.

  3. Sheesh

    You'd think someone could stop those kinds of things for a 4 year long term... I honestly don't care about him going to a prostitute, but the fact that it's a) illegal and b) he got caught, this could seriously wreck his administration. What an idiot...

    • HELLO---He ran on a platform of prosecuting and imprisoning folks in prostitution rings!!

      As well as Wall Street. There are federal criminal charges pending. Spitzer is going to FEDERAL prison.

      About two months ago someone posted a laundry list of Republican criminals decrying their hypocrisy.

      Do the democrats get equal time? Fair and balanced?

      To make matters worse he was a super delegate for Hillary. A black NY state Senator will become the acting governor allegedly.

      • Innocent until proven guilty, much?

        Going to federal prison?

        I'd like to see a trial by jury first, thanks.

        It's times like this where I wish we'd move toward a more UK-ish media, where the media doesn't report on something like this much until there's been a conviction.

        Who knows if what Spitzer did was illegal - he hasn't been convicted yet.

      • you're upset that the lt gov is black?

        that must make the possibility of spitzer's resignation a painful conundrum for you.

      • for the record

        that 'black NY state senator' you're referring to must be NY Lt. Governor David Patterson, and don't worry, he's for Hillary too. This doesn't change much super-delegate-wise.

        • Not clear about the superdelegate situation

          Patterson already is a superdelegate and it is not clear that another superdelegate would be added if he were to become Governor.

  4. $quot;Emperors Club$quot;?

    / eyes rolling /

    if this is true, i'm f*cking mad at spitzer.  not for hiring a prostitute (something i think should be legalized and regulated), but for a) being a hypocrite and cheating on his wife, and b) for doing something so mind-numbingly stupid before he did right by his state and made NY a marriage equality state.

  5. What a statement

    "I violated my obligation to my family," not, of course... the law.

  6. Doh!

    That is probably a politically fatal problem.  Who is governor upon his resignation?

    • Lt. Gov. David Paterson

      Longtime state senator, minority leader of the senate from 2002 until elected to current post in 2006.  Now arguably the second most important African-American in the Democratic Party.  Legally blind at birth, Wikipedia doesn't say how blind he is now except for his work as an advocate for the disabled.


      Unless NY does things strangely, and I don't think I do, he would serve as Governor until January 2011.

      • 'Now arguably the second most important African American in the D party'

        Hey, elected governors beat acting governors! Did you forget about our buddy Deval?

    • David Paterson

      Anyone know anything about his policy views?

      • from your link

        As New York State Senate minority leader, David Paterson led the charge on several crucial issues for New York's future, proposing legislation for a $1 billion voter-approved stem cell research initiative, demanding a statewide alternative energy strategy, insisting on strong action to fight against domestic violence, and serving as the primary champion for minority- and women-owned businesses in New York. As a result, Governor Spitzer asked Mr. Paterson to continue to lead New York State on these issues as lieutenant governor.

        So, what else is there to know?

        • well for starters,

          what he's been doing since becoming lt gov., and which of spitzers ongoing intiiatives he plans on following through, and what new one he may initiate.

          • Why?

            It's not like he has an opponent.  You just want to know if he's going to be a marriage ally or not, and it's clear, he will be.  The biotech priority gives it away.

      • Hmmm

        Kausfiles thinks he is an ardent supporter of school vouchers.

  7. WABC now says he's going to resign

    and Josh Marshall says, "no kidding"...

  8. Typical democrat

    Always overspending.  Even for hookers.

    Wait 'til tomorrow to read the Wall Street Journal editorial.  

    • Unlike that low-budget

      war we were promised in Iraq.

      Oh wait...

    • True, he could take a lesson from Bob Allen ,

      the republican lawmaker from FL. Allen is so fiscally responsible that he payed only $20 a pop.  And on top of that, he is such the dedicated public servant that besides giving his john that 20 bucks he himself performed the fellatio.  a model to the community, a lesson to us all.  do you suppose spitzer payed the prostitute and provided all the services too?  what a rube!

    • Who's paying for what?

      From DailyKos:

      At $5500/hour, the Emperor's Club prostitutes cost Spitzer approximately the same as Rudy's security detail cost the taxpayers of NYC every time that Rudy went to the Hamptons on a tryst with Judy. --Trapper John

      Typical Republican: it's good public spending, when you spend it on them.

  9. Blame it all on the Republicans

    Makes me want to disengage completely.  When people who choose to be in public office knowingly commit adultery and other behaviors that are scandalous, it distracts and detracts from the mountains of work that is needed.

    I could care less about Mr. Spitzer's sex life.  I want leaders to show decorum and integrity in their behavior in order to promote the common good not the tabloids.

    Puke, puke, puke!

    • Politicians vs. sports heroes

      See things like this statement always raise this question for me: If Congress is going to haul sports players in because a small number of them take steroids why don't they haul themselves in and condemn all politics/politicians for a variety of illegal behaviors (prostitution, drug use, dui, etc.) Am I the only one who sees the similarity here?

      I don't think they should hold hearings on either issue and that doing so is a waste of time and taxpayer money.

  10. cruelty on top of idiocy

    why do these hypocritical cheaters always make their wives stand behind them when they give these public "i fucked many expensive women behind my wife's back" statements?  it disgusts me.  and why do the wives agree to do it?  i don't understand.  if it were me, i'd be down at the doctor's office getting checked out for sexually transmitted diseases, not supporting the asshole who potentially exposed me to god knows what.

    • Agreed.

      She was a seriously hot-shot lawyer, and she's sacrificed an awful lot for her husband's career.  

      By her own admission, she is an ambivalent political spouse, a high-powered woman in her own right who surrendered certain personal goals for the demands of public life. She was formerly a rising corporate lawyer, first at the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, and then as in-house counsel for Chase Manhattan Bank, and she makes no bones about the satisfaction she found in the work force.

      But as her husband plunged headlong into the political life, she decided to devote herself to their three daughters (now ages 12, 14 and 16) and to starting a philanthropic foundation. In a recent interview, she declared, "It's not necessarily the way I thought I would be spending my time."

      Bet appearing at that press conference wasn't either.  

    • Maybe she hasn't been exposed in some time...

      but yeah, I don't get the "wife in the background" bit either.

    • Maybe she loves him--for better or worse. Care to estimaye how many women are fooling around and their husbands know it and say nothing---to keep the peace.---LOTS.

    • Perhaps she is thinking of running for President some day.


      I agree with you. And as in the case of the subject of my snarky comment, available evidence suggests the wife is in all likelihood more impressive than her husband both in terms of brains and judgment.

      • More impressive...

        available evidence suggests the wife is in all likelihood more impressive than her husband both in terms of brains and judgment.

        Damning by faint praise.

  11. political motivations in the JD?

    TPM just put up a link to a report saying that JD assistants from the public corruption unit were running the investigation.

    So is this another case, like the apparent political prosecution of Don Siegalman, of Rove-targeting investigations of prominent Democrats?

    • I wouldn't be at all surprised ...

      but, nonetheless, they couldn't have done it if Spitzer hadn't given them the ammunition.

      So it really doesn't matter.

    • Even so.

      Even if the underlying investigation was politically motivated, Spitzer's offense is a very real offense. It's not as if he was arrested for sticking his foot into another stall in a men's room, or was indicted on some trumped-up obstruction of justice type of charge.

    • So many suspects...

      It could be the Republicans.  Could be the Democrats.  Could be the mob.  Or, it could just be that he was caught because of his own stupidity.  Sad to say, we'll never know.

      • Could be half of Wall Street

        The trading floor erupted in cheers when the news was announced.

        That said you are correct - he was caught because he did something illegal, full stop.

        • You can bet after he nailed all of the perfumed princes on Wall Street that the payback squad was formed.

          I bet he was tailed 24/7 for years. When you piss off folks with billions you better not get caught spitting. This just goes to show how arrogant the man is.

        • the crooked half of wall street

          some traders don't want to cheat, but lawbreakers in high finance distort the market, pulling money away from honest enterprises.

          AG Spitzer's prosecutions were good for the market.

      • It would be a great Mossad sting.

        This article leaves the door open for a great "gotcha" on the guy that shut down a few Israeli organizations.  It seems Spitzer wasn't the best Jew.  He had this coming.

        It would also serve to let politicians know whose side to support in the coming wars with Iran and Syria.  This might just be an attention getter for the congressmen and senators.  There's enough dirty political laundry out there as a leverage tool to change the whole government.  

  12. Remember the DC Madam?

    Remember Heidi Fleiss?

    Remember the Mayflower Madam?

    Remember all the Famous and Important people who were going to be outed but somehow never did get outed.

    Remember the Globe article about the 128 Prostitute rings and how the Johns were let go if they testified against the Girls.

    To say this is disappointing on Spitzers part is an understatement.....

    But I would like to see CNN, FOX, MSNBC and every one else with investigative reporting teams drag all those other famous men into the spot light other wise this is a bit hypocritical.

  13. Hey, Tucker Carlson sympathizes with Spitzer...

    Thus sayeth Tucker:

    "I would argue, if you're against Eliot Spitzer, and I think his public career has been shameful, this is not the way to get him," said Carlson, whose show's cancellation was announced on Monday. "Spitzer's true sins, in my view, are the ones that he commits in public, crushing other people for the sake of his own political career, for instance, which has been the hallmark of his time in public life. Not going to a hooker. That's no way to get, in my opinion, your political enemy. So to see the press getting all high-handed about the fact that grown man went to a prostitute is nauseating."

    I think we've just learned what skeletons are in Tucker's closet...

  14. Private matter

    hanging out with pricey escorts isn't just a "private matter."

    Actually, if he paid with his own money, then it's between him, her and his wife.

    Of course, if any actively enforced laws have been broken (traveling over state lines with prostitutes, apparently an enforced federal law), then it's different.

    • ... and that would be why he's under federal indictment.

      In addition to the fact that, even if he "paid with his own money," it's still a state law violation.

      • $quot;Steamer$quot; McGee must be happy today !

        Wasn't "Steamer" McGee supposed to make a court appearance today in FLA?  He and Deval must be happy - took it out of the news cycle.

  15. David Vitter is still in the U.S. Senate

    It's pretty clear that whatever "Little Elliot" wants, Elliot Spitzer wants to pass a reform agenda in NY, and he'll have to resign for that to have any hope of passing.

    But David Vitter keeps his Senate seat, and collects his paycheck--which pretty much shows what a useless public servant Vitter has been all along.

  16. Hey can we at least say he is a hypocrite

    You guys like to use the meme that sex scandals are worse for Republican's because we are the "Party of Family Values".  Can you guys finally admit that you guys finally have a hypocrite?  You know Mr. Law and Order gets caught with a hooker.

    • i guess you didn't bother to read the posts above,

      or you would have seen at least me apply that word to him.  and it is me that has run the "republican sexual hypocrite" series.  take hat, eat.

    • hellooo... mcfly...?

      Can you guys finally admit that you guys finally have a hypocrite?  You know Mr. Law and Order gets caught with a hooker.

      Are you awake?  Or, do you just need to be watered?  What's up with that? There's 80+ posts here, most of which condemn his behaviour.   Alla sudden you gots to bust up the joint with some passive aggressive snark that palliates  your cognitive dissonance.  Get a life.

      Spitzer ought to resign.  Now.  Out.  I'd rather have Pataki back than this slimeball hypocrite twofaced scum of a bitch.

      He ought to spend the rest of his life on his knees begging forgiveness from his wife.  She's got every right in the world, and the legal acumen to boot, to sue his ass into the next century and back.  I hope she does...  And if I had anything to say about it, he wouldn't be welcome in the Democratic party.

      Kick him to the curb and be done.  Over. Out.

      That clear enough for ya?  

  17. isn't this a good time

    to start up the conversation of 'why isn't prostitution legalized?' so we can make it safer, less creepy and stop having to wonder about who's the next politician to fall for this trap?

    I'm saying this even though I think, if Spitzer did break the law he for so long enforced, he should step down.  

    • yes.

      but like decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana, no active politician is going to entertain the idea in public.  i wonder, though, if a petition initiative could get somewhere?  

    • And casinos too!

      isn't this a good time to start up the conversation of 'why isn't prostitution legalized?' so we can make it safer, less creepy and stop having to wonder about who's the next politician to fall for this trap?

      Legalize prostitution so we can 'stop having to wonder about who's the next politician to fall for this trap?'  

      Let's legalize tax evasion too!  I just can't sleep at night, worrying about those poor politicians.


      • Good policy versus bad policy; illegal versus legal

        Tax evasion hurts people, which is why we make it illegal. Turning prostitution underground by making it illegal and adding stiff penalties to it, to boot, only makes it less safe for the people who are already engaging in it. In effect, making prostitution illegal hurts people, which means its bad policy.

        I tend to be very open about legalizing things that won't place a public hardship on society - and, who knew, that includes gambling, in many instances! That's right, I'm not opposed to gambling. In fact, Massachusetts has legalized gambling in a number of ways and, if federal law were different, I may not be opposed to opening up the process for more ways. Unfortunately, by doing that, it opens up tribal casinos, which we can't regulate and can't forcibly tax - despite the fact that they'd be a crushing blow to local businesses and the lives of everyday people (slot machines are designed to be psychologically addictive). So, in that case, making slot machines legal would - what d'ya know - hurt people, thus making it bad policy. Allowing large-scale, resort casinos would hurt the local economy, as well, which has serious consequences and - what do you know - makes for bad policy.

        I think there's a general theme here.  

    • And casinos too!

      isn't this a good time to start up the conversation of 'why isn't prostitution legalized?' so we can make it safer, less creepy and stop having to wonder about who's the next politician to fall for this trap?

      Legalize prostitution so we can 'stop having to wonder about who's the next politician to fall for this trap?'  

      Let's legalize tax evasion too!  I just can't sleep at night, worrying about those poor politicians.


  18. we do, however, have to thank spitzer and his accusers

    for taking the spotlight off of the primaries for 5 seconds.  how refreshing.  i salute spitzer's "li'l emperor" for having it's waterloo at such a needed time. ;)

  19. I just don't get it...

    ...I don't know much about Elliot Spitzer, but I have heard a lot of good things about him.

    But I just don't get why someone's private sex life and behavior have any bearing on their ability to perform their job.

    Granted, I would not want him to be married to my sister, but really...who cares about his sex life?  Who cares who he sleeps with?  

    Has he done a good job?  To me, that is what matters.  I could care less if he sleeps with a llama...I don't get why this country is so consumed by their public officials' sex lives.

    • a good part of it is taht

      he campaigned partially on his success busting prostitution rings.  now he is part of one.  that should bother anyone.  it's not necessarily the sex per se, it is a display of blatant hypocrisy in an elected official.  not to mention his breaking the law.  he can't exactly claim that he didn't know the law...

      • Points for consistency

        I will be less likely to laugh at your sexy Republican list when next you have an opportunity to post it.

      • Well, I wasn't aware...

        ...that he campaigned on his success in busting prostitution rings.  So, I guess, he's a bit of a hypocrite.

        Still, though, I don't get the 'holier than thou' attitude of folks in this country about the sex lives of their public officials.  Why does everyone care?  What difference does it make in terms of them performing their jobs?

        And, so, if he broke the law, then should we apply the laws fairly to everyone?  Should Barack Obama be disqaulified from running for President because he has admitted to using illegal drugs as a younger man?  I don't think so.  And I don't think Elliot Spitzer should be disqaulified from serving as Governor because he used a prostitute.

        • Time wont give me time

          Obama did drugs long before he ran for office.

          Spitzer was putting people in jail for prostitution within weeks of taking office as Governor. At least equally important, he swore to uphold the laws of New York and the USA as Governor.

          I'm not certain it should disqualify him from being Governor but there is a world of difference between what Obama in his youth did and what Spitzer did in February of this year.

        • the puritan ethic

          is alive and well in this country.  it explains a lot.

          i assume that the statute of limitations has run out on obama's (and bush's) drug "crimes" long ago.  but while in office, spitzer allegedly broke a law that people do get punished for routinely.  i think the law is stupid, but do you really want him not punished if found guilty?  we already have one king bush.  i don't want a prince spitzer.  and honestly, i'm happy that if we're gonna punish people for involvement in prostitution that the johns get hammered as frequently by the law as the prostitutes.  too frequently the johns are slapped on the back while the prostitutes enjoy a jail cell.

          • why not hit johns as hard?

            Compare prostitution to drugs. They don't chase the kid that buys a joint as much as they do the dealer who sells ten pounds a week, right?

            I think the objective by law enforcement is to cut off the supply at a higher source, rather than all the individuals they, ahem, service.

            • that makes sense. however, i don't think it is the main reason,

              which imo is that men by and large like to protect one another from prosecution for involvement in heterosexual prostitution.  see: david vitter.  get on the ball, guys, and just legalize the profession already!  sheesh!

        • Here you go

          Busted ring

          • That got him elected Gov?

            Wow, so did being known as stopping prostitution get him elected gov?  That case you link seems like it took the police work of the three stooges:

            At the end of the night, most of the drivers and the women would come together to settle up at a Dunkin' Donuts shop or a diner in Brooklyn, with as many as six of the cars parked outside as the credit-card receipts and cash were counted and the women were given their share of roughly one-third of the proceeds, the official said.
    • if allegations are true, law was broken

      it's not who he's sleeping with, it's that he's paying for it. prostitution = against the law.

      That's the difference between something like this and 'monica-gate', which as far as anyone knows was a consenting relationship between two adults.

      I totally agree that the personal lives of political leaders are unimportant compared to the quality of the work they do. When someone commits a crime, however, you got trouble.

  20. Does that mean that Spitzer has been a Republican this entire time?

    Comment on Wonkette.com. Hat tip, NYT.

    • Well then

      Guess Michael Bloomberg is dancing about and drinking champagne cause it looks like he's the next governor of New York. I bet he's glad he didn't run for President.

      • Actually,

        the real next governor of New York sounds like an intriguing person; I look forward to see if he'll have any more success than Spitzer (as I'm already writing Spitzer off - there's, allegedly, money laundering involved in this whole thing, to top it all off). Spitzer's attitude problems hurt his cause and, honestly, this sort of contrast in Governors may just be able to keep afloat the NY Dems' dreams of capturing their state senate, especially if the state democratic party is able to rally around the new democratic governor and lots of words of "change" are echoed over and over again. LOL  

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