April 2008
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Day April 1, 2008

I was on NECN tonight

Video here, News Night w/ Jim Braude; I was on with David Bernstein of the Phoenix, who, you may notice, is a lot taller than I am. We talked about … Gov. Patrick and books … Who cares? Legislators? Phooey. I will say that Patrick heading off to New York to talk about a book deal only proves what we already knew; that New Yorkers are the most parochial people in the world. They can't get up to Boston to talk with our freakin' governor? police details (is this symbolism that actually matters? A precedent?) whether the prolonged Dem primary is good or bad for the Dems. I think on balance it is good for the Dems because of the increased interest, even though Obama has to be considered the presumptive nominee. Hillary's just waiting around for Obama to pull a Spitzer-like meltdown; if she goes after him in such a way to try to make that happen, she'll suffer the backlash. So, you know, it's a dog and pony show for the moment, but there are worse things.

A wonkish look at Obama’s economic policy

I’m in the process of writing a paper for a seminar on the efficacy of alternative tax policies as stimulus measures, particularly in the context of what the presidential candidates are proposing.

Perhaps I’ll post sections on tax rebates and cuts later. Constructive criticism encouraged…

Targeted Tax Credits and Benefit Payments

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

Behavioral evidence suggests that targeted tax credits might more significantly increase consumption than alternative tax policies. Tax credits are recognized payments toward taxes due and are usually awarded to incentivize certain activities. One example is the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC), which is intended to encourage the consumption of commercial day-care services. Senator Obama’s economic plan expands the CDCTC, which currently credits up to 35 percent of child care expenses, to 50 percent and make the credit refundable.    

House Bill 4344: Expanding the war on drugs in Mass, don’t let it happen

The War on Drugs is one of our nations biggest failures where as millions of dollars are wasted to do what? How many people have been killed in gang violence attributed to this war, how many young people have to go to jail for what, getting high. When will we learn that Prohibition does not work and makes the problem worse for society as a whole. I am sure most people have no clue what I am talking about. Republican House Reps DeMacedo and Webster have proposed a bill aimed at making three herbs Salvia, Kratom and Koth controlled substances punishable by jail. I am not advocating the use of these plants, but I do have a problem with our state moving to expand the war on drugs. If you look at statistics, only 2% of the population even know what these plants are and if our state moves to make them illegal, we will only create more demand and cause more problems. You can also argue that what right do our leaders have in regards to regulating natural plants. Based on my research, one of the plants Kratom has actually been used in New Zealand and Europe as a […]

Top Ten Cloves: Excuses Hillary Clinton Is Giving For Not Paying Her Campaign Bills

News Item:  Clinton’s new campaign motto: BYO

Obama caucus

my Name is Paul Giorgio and I am running for the male delegate slot in the 3rd CD.  I am on Governor Deval Patrick & Sen John Kerry’s Finance Committees.  I am also a newly elected GLBT  moember of the Democratic State Committee. I am running because I believe we need a fundemental shift in American politics.  We nbeed to leave behind the baby boomer generation(of which I am a member)and move the generation Xers.  Althgough I don’t know if Obama qualifies on that point. In 1984, I was Deputy Trip Director for Gary Hart’s Presidential campaign.  I was also a delegate to the Convention. Fot those of you who may have forgotten,Gary hart won more delegates, more states and the popular vote.  We can’t let that happen again. The Obama Caucus in the 3rd CD is at the Forest Grove Jr. High School.  I ask all Obama supporters to show up.   I aslo ask them to vote for me.  It is going to take someone with experience to stand up to the pressures at the convention.  

Bill O’Reilly v. Gene O’Flaherty – LMAO – With Poll

Check out this video of Rep Gene O’Flaherty (anything good ever come out of Chelsea?) on Bill O’Reilly last night. O’Flaherty supports child molesters, or something like that. But I didn’t know O’Reilly did the old 60 minutes thing and ambushed people going to work. Now that I know, I may watch his show. It’s great entertainment. I especially love the orange O’Flaherty is eating. I was really hoping the news reporter would keep harrassing him. I love this stuff.

Jessica’s Story

Disclosure: I am an employee of Prescription Access Litigation Check out “Jessica’s Story” Hi Everyone, I’d like to share with you a story that was recently posted on the Prescription Access Litigation (PAL) blog (http://prescriptionaccess.org/blog/?p=241) entitled “Jessica’s Story.” Jessica is 26 years old, and struggling to afford her prescription for Provigil (As I’m sure many folks on this forum do!).   There is no generic version of Provigil available so Jessica contacted Cephalon’s patient assistance program, for help.  What they suggested will shock you: “Cephalon told me that because I had some form of insurance I didn’t qualify for any assistance, regardless of how high my co-payment is or my financial situation. They told me that if I was uninsured they would pay up to $500 per month (which is the retail cost of a month supply for me). They actually suggested I drop my insurance plan.” Read Jessica’s entire story, and learn what you can do here: http://prescriptionaccess.org/… All too often Pharmaceutical companies put profits ahead of the needs of consumers. Cephalon has prevented a cheaper generic version of Provigil from coming on the market by paying off generic drug companies to the tune of $136 million. This is […]

Deval Keeps On Keepin On… Incompetently

Today’s Globe has a picture of Deval making googglie eyes at a poor soul who made it known to the Governor in front of the press and all the attendees at a joint press conference and event with the City of Boston that he has a personal problem. (I can’t find it to link to) Like the traveling Pentecostal, Deval had the guy come to the stage so all can see him work his magic.  The man spoke. Deval listened. Cameras rolled.   People cried. After this moment of compassion Deval turned to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and more or less said ‘take care of this’. Where to start? Or why bother? Davis does not work for Deval. He works for Tom Menino. You wouldn’t do that to a Dunkin’ Donuts employee so why would you do it to high ranking official of a government entity of which you have absolutely zero constitutional or statutory authority. Deval could not tell his Public Safety Commissioner to “take care of it” because he previously ordered him to pour gasoline on himself and light a match. Remember when he went before the legislature and told them to go to hell because they […]

Pipe Dreams

April 1st (as in fool’s day) seems a good time to put to words an impression that has been floating around in my brain for a few days. 35 years of working in construction has landed the 43 years of being a political junkie’s (thanks to my 8th grade government class, I believe, if it is even offered, it is called civics’ these days) feet firmly on the ground. But in spite of that dose of real world blue collar reality, I have not forgotten to dream of what if or how about.

Posting here seems to reflect that concept. A trial balloon floated, then dissected, inspected, rejected, praised, parsed, vetted and rated.  Doug Rubin’s recent venture into this site in defense of his boss is a prime example of treading where the faint of heart would fear to do so, but I could scroll through the cashed files and come up with a hundred more. Isn’t that the chance we take to have an idea expressed, even if it is a dream? Are we really giving up the ability to dream about the what if’s or how about’s just because we woke up from last year dream? I think not.

What Kind of Government do we want and……….

How do we pay for it? Worcester Telegram and Gazette March 31 BOSTON- Young advocates from Worcester joined peers from around the state yesterday in urging support for budget proposals from Gov. Deval L. Patrick to more than double funding for summer job programs and local efforts to curb youth gang activity and violence………the Governor said the public should not view youth violence as a problem isolated in “bad neighborhoods” and not affecting “good neighborhoods. They are all our children,” he told about 200 people who attended the lobbying meeting. The state will pay more later if they do not help youth today, he said. Rev. Walter R. Tillman of Christ Baptist Church of Worcester said the governor’s comments were right in line with the work the interfaith group is doing in the state’s second-largest city.”The Governor’s commitment to the youth initiatives is very exciting to us. This is what we wanted to hear, that he is increasing funding for youth initiatives, because we believe that prevention is cost-effective for the future,” Rev. Tillman said. “Whether we live in Boston or Worcester, or in some of the suburban communities, these issues impact all of us.” and then they went on […]