April 2008
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Day April 3, 2008

Senator Robert Creedon to resign and seek position as Plymouth Clerk of Courts

See:  http://www.enterprisenews.com/… Apparently, the Clerk of Courts died on March 28, 2008; I don’t believe the funeral has been held yet. Senator Robert Creedon is the Senate chairman of the Joint Judiciary Committee – a major position.  If he is indeed resigning, then the chairmanships in the Senate will be reassigned. It should be noted that as Clerk of Courts – no more commute to Boston, and a raise of at least $40,000.00 and I think, more than that. Senator Creedon has been a supporter of access to justice, and someone who understood the right to counsel and how courts work.  If he is to be replaced, I hope his replacement also is well-versed in the Sixth Amendment right to counsel – and views the judicial branch as a BRANCH of government, not an uppity agency to be managed firmly.

Tyrany of a few: The drug war

I am new to this board, I joined because I have had it with our elected officials. I am a policy wonk, I got into the study of policy due to seeing the effects of the drug war on my hometurf in the Bronx. When I came to Mass, I saw much of the same things, difference was, I met many people who shared me dismay for this “War”. The United States spends 30 billion dollars on the war on drugs a year. In Massachusetts, we see its effects just by driving our streets. Turn on the local news and every evening you hear the same thing “16 year old shot to death, young black man going to jail for 30 years”. Is it really poverty causing this. To some degree yes, but the war on drugs exacerbates it to the extreme. Think about it, the prohibition of drugs makes the street price go up substantially. If your looking to make allot of money, you can make allot selling drugs on the street. Its a business like everything else, except this one is deadly and destructive. Most people who become involved in this lifestyle wind up dead young or in […]

Just a Couple of Hours This Saturday

It’s been nearly two months since the Presidential Primary in Massachusetts. Senator Barack Obama won Boston handily, and that victory earned him the support of five out of seven 8th Congressional District delegates and alternates at the Democratic National Convention. This weekend we are given the opportunity to select the individuals who will hold those seats.

Please join us in electing five strong and hard-working Barack Obama supporters to represent us at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer. We are asking for your help on Saturday, April 5, at 12:45pm at Jordan Hall, 290 Huntington Avenue. Please be prompt! Doors close at 1pm.

MassVOTE is hiring

Well, everyone needs to do their part to boost the Massachusetts economy.  Here’s one tiny part. MassVOTE is hiring.  

Rubin & BMG: The very best of …

So, the Gov's chief of staff Doug Rubin popped in to engage in some discussion about the state's economic future. Since this is a blog, and the discussion was naturally bound to get a bit unfocused, I thought I'd go through and cull some of the best and most pertinent comments: Lanugo talks tactics; how to get the public and legislature to go along with take ownership of your broad ideas and themes. AmberPaw brings up “honest revenue sources” and real civic engagement, not just asking the elite what they think (among other things); and green development. Cos talks innovation and cultivating the creative class; affordability + quality of life. afertig talks civic engagement — making it easier to participate. Judy Meredith says restore trust in the state's spending on transportation. JoeS has a memo on gateway cities economic development. BTW, freshayer's been all over this. Joe Beckmann needs a serious attitude adjustment, but still brings some interesting transport ideas to the table: Automate everything. bleicher complains about lack of input into the Readiness Project; says Chapter 70 aid is inadequate to keep up with costs. (Hello, health care!) Historian says wean us from coal; more affordable housing; realize efficiencies […]

HCFA’s McDonough joins Kennedy

Wow! KENNEDY ANNOUNCES NEW NATIONAL HEALTH REFORM ADVISOR WASHINGTON, DC— Senator Edward M. Kennedy announced today that John E. McDonough will join his staff in Washington as a senior advisor for national health reform. Senator Kennedy chairs the health committee of the United States Senate which will be the focus of the reform effort expected next year. Senator Kennedy said, “John is one of the most experienced and respected health care experts in the country and I’m delighted that he’s joining us. Quality, affordable health care for all Americans is one of the central challenges of our time and I’m confident that John will make an enormous difference to that cause.” McDonough said, “It is the honor of a lifetime to be able to work for the nation’s number one leader for universal coverage and national health reform at this crucial time. With Senator Kennedy’s leadership, 2009 will finally be the year we finally get it done.” Dr. McDonough is well known in Massachusetts for his work as a state legislator, university professor and health care advocate. He currently is Executive Director of Massachusetts Health Care for All. That's pretty cool. A few months ago we heard John was leaving […]

The “Budweiser & Bufferin” Salesmen Win Again – Cuts At WBZ -TV

Well, the “Budweiser & Bufferin” salesmen have won another round and the community is the worse for it. Yesterday, the suits at WBZ/CBS/Viacom/Budweiser/ Bufferin/Toyota/Ford/Proctor&Gamble/Etc.Inc. announced that they were letting legendary Boston television sports anchor and everyman sports enthusiast, Bob Lobel go – actually buying out his contract along with their entertaiment anchor, Joyce Kulhawik and newsman Scott Whale. The Budweiser & Bufferin salesmen who move up to become media executives think individual personalities no longer brand a local TV station and that we will watch any animatronic humanoid they place in front of a camera. The Tabloid News Station WHDH-TV 7 is the best current example of that philosophy. Can you name one anchor on that station? Word is that Ed Ansin who owns that station has regular anchor tryouts at local high schools every year and the most inarticulate and personality deprived individuals are added to his anchor farm team. The former advertising time salesmen who are knocked up to media management positions never seem to learn the lesson that the Boston market  [with the exception of Channel 7 which proves H.L.Menchen's acerbic comment to the effect that ' you will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the […]

How can a person stop a law in Mass

I have always lived in government cities, but mostly I have been on the sidelines due to the fact that I was bread to think I had no say. I mean it appears that the powers that be do what they want without ever listening to the little guy. I got interested in politics when Deval Patrick ran for office. His words hit a chord in me because I felt as if I lived in a facist state. However, these days I feel more hopeless then other. As I become interested in politics, I see the reality of it. I see legislators pushing laws that effect peoples lives with little media attention and also finding ways to pass them without the public knowing. I have also had confrontations with political leaders who refused to listen to my side but tended to listen to the powerful with money. I see a system that seems to only listen to the needs and desire of the wealthy or politically connected. How can we call ourselves a democracy when only a small percentage of people even have a voice. Lets just say I have lost all hope in my government and feel like I […]

Former Governor Spills the Beans


Should be front page, globally, but it’s not!

Climate change: Massachusetts sues EPA (again)

Massachusetts led a group of 18 states in an “unusual legal petition” against the EPA on the one year anniversary of last year’s Mass vs EPA Supreme Court hearing.

“Once again the EPA has forced our hand, which has resulted in our taking this extraordinary measure to fight the dangers of climate change,” Attorney General Martha Coakley of Massachusetts, which is leading the petition, said in a statement. “The EPA’s failure to act in the face of these incontestable dangers is a shameful dereliction of duty.”

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