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Day April 5, 2008

Clinton backer says it’s time to switch

Today’s Globe has an op-ed by Tripp Jones, the co-founder of MassINC and a self-described “supporter of Hillary Clinton,” who declares that it’s time to get behind her rival, Senator Barack Obama. Here’s his basic theme: Our responsibility as progressive-minded voters is to show Americans a positive alternative to the toxic politics of race. Rallying around Obama now increases our chances of doing just that. Obama has run a positive and inspiring campaign, and has attracted a majority of pledged delegates. It is hard to envision a scenario in which Democratic superdelegates override the will of millions of primary voters and caucus participants. Obama will be the nominee. An interesting argument, and one that I think we’ll hear more of soon.  My basic prediction for how things will go from here is that one of two things will happen in PA on April 22:  (1) [unlikely] Obama will win, in which case it’s over and Hillary will be forced to withdraw quickly; or (2) [more likely] Clinton will win, but not by all that much — say 6 points, 10 at the outside.  In so doing, she will pick up a few delegates over Obama, but not enough to make […]


Representative Byron Rushing will be seconding the nomination of Jim Brinning, openly-gay union-backed candidate in today’s Congressional District 8 DNC Obama Delegate Caucus at 1PM at Jordan Hall, 290 Huntington Ave., Boston. Frieda Garcia, former Executive Director of United South End Settlements/Harriet Tubman House also announced her endorsement of Jim Brinning for Obama delegate in District 8. Vote Today. Vote: BRINNING. OBAMA. UNITY. For more info: BRINNING FOR OBAMA 617-338-8220.

Red Sox Still Racists: and John Walsh and Phil Johntson in Bed with Gene O’Flaherty.


Who said the following?

I think we have to make a statement not just in baseball but in our community that diversity is an issue that hasn’t been fully addressed in the past and certainly has to be fully addressed,” he says. “I think it’s important what your actions are. That will really define the franchise going forward.


The same answer to same question I posed at this time last year. Red Sox owner John Henry

Jast year, of the 70+ owners,executives, vice-presidents, directors, secretaries, major league non unformed baseball staff (not including players and coaches) there were 2 African American employees. Both were hired years before John Henrey et. al. took control. This year, according to the Red Sox media guide there have been a number of front office changes. There are now 82 in the yearly increase of big shots and what have you. People have come and people have gone. Still, however, no new African Americans. Just the same two who came with the furniture.

BTW. You heard it hear first. Theo Epstein went bezerk when he was told that his small staff of babseball gurus who help him put this team on the field would be getting cheaper knock-offs of the official World Series ring. People in New York sitting on the New York Times Board of Directors will have big boy rings. It is constant crap like this that makes Larry Lucchino the most hated person on Yawkey Way. Theo eventually got what he wanted. And he has another story to tell when comparing Larry Lucchino notes over the years.

Breaking News: Paul Casey dropping out

The primary race in the 31st Middlesex just took an interesting turn.  In a front page article in yesterday’s Winchester Daily Times Chronicle incumbent Paul Casey has announced he is not going to seek reelection, citing a desire to spend more time with with his young family. (Sorry, no link as the Chronicle isn’t online ). In addition to Jason Lewis, Michael Rotondi, the Town Moderator in Stoneham has pulled papers to run for the seat.  There will also now be a Republican challenge in November. I’ve been involved with Jason’s campaign since last fall.  He’s a talented, hard working, idealistic individual who could be doing just about anything he wanted to but chose to take a year off from his career and run for this seat because he wanted to make a difference.  I think he’d make a great state representative.  I think this announcement by Casey is good news for the towns of Winchester and Stoneham.  More information about Jason can be found on the Lewis Campaign Web Site

Putting Failing Teachers in Classrooms

So, let me get this straight: the Massachusetts Senate just passed legislation allowing teachers who have failed the MTEL test to become certified as educators…right? If you have taken the test three times and gotten close, you can apply for a waiver and become licensed. Does anyone else find this utterly idiotic? As a teacher myself, I can tell you that the tests are really not that hard, and anyone that can’t pass them within THREE attempts needs to find another job. Someone else on this site was bemoaning the high school drop out rate (nationally about 30%) and rightfully so. How is this stupidity going to help us solve the problem of kids leaving school? By providing them with underqualified teachers? That makes a lot of sense. I think I know why this is happening: minority test takers are failing at a higher rate than white test takers, so the solution must be to lower the standards. How logical. http://www.boston.com/news/edu…

Keller At Large – Keller Hypocrisy

Can you spell ” H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y” ? Jon Keller’s guerilla tactic hit on Governor Deval Patrick on Thursday night’s WBZ-TV 4 11:00 O’clock News reeks of it. Keller complained that the Governor would not take a call on the Governor’s monthly WTKK hour on the Egan & Braude  program called, Ask The Governor regarding his book deal and therefore ducked the issue. In truth, Jon Keller was in the WTKK studio during that broadcast. In fact, he was shown on camera interviewing Deval Patrick inside the WTKK studio as proof. So, Keller has no excuse for not knowing that the First Question Jim Braude asked the Governor was about his book deal and they spent nearly 10 minutes on that very subject. Yeah, comment on the news as long as it doesn’t hit home or may affect your own wallet. That would take real guts. Need Keller be reminded, and this is where the hypocrisy starts to foul the air, Keller works for WBZ TV/CBS Boston which just canned Bob Lobel, Joyce Kulhawik, Scott Whale, and a group of off air producers and neither he or his station, WBZ-TV, reported that story on its newscasts. Talk about ducking an issue that […]