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Day April 6, 2008

Mark Penn Finally Gone

As a union member and supporter of Hillary Clinton all I can say is thank God and its long overdue! “After the events of the last few days, Mark Penn has asked to give up his role as chief strategist of the Clinton Campaign,” campaign manager Maggie Williams said in a statement released Sunday http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/200…

Action Alert: Corporate Taxes to be Cut Tuesday

The following is cross-posted at my blog. The Coalition of Social Justice sent a very important email. Next Tuesday (April  8), the House is expected to vote on a proposal that would close corporate tax  loopholes and cut the corporate income tax rate by 25% – costing $466  million! The Speaker of the House, of course, is billing this as a great compromise: he agreed to cut corporate tax loopholes, but his “compromise” is so generous to Big Business that their taxes will be slashed an amount no ordinary citizen would ever be so lucky to receive. It gets even worse. Meanwhile, 103,000  corporations pay the minimum corporate tax of $456…while the average Mass.  family pays $2700 in taxes.  The proportion of state and local taxes paid  by corporations in Mass is way below average – 42nd in the country!  This  is not fair! Amen! The economic times are so bad – and getting so desperate – that my hometown of Swampscott is about to cut all of the high school’s technical education classes. This comes one year after they shut down the best elementary school in the district, which consistently performed in the top 10 schools on the Massachusetts […]

8th CD Obama Caucus — Winners & Losers

It was a long day at Jordan Hall yesterday for the 8th CD Obama caucus.  Nominations started just after 1 pm, and the voting didn’t end until about ten after 5.  

First, a congratulations to everyone who put their names up for nomination, and to those who prevailed.  Also, a big thank you to Rep. Mike Capuano and his team of volunteers for running the show.  Everyone kept their cool and we got through it.  Finally, thanks to all the voters who came and stayed until the end.  

That said, there were some clear winners and losers…

10th Suffolk: Rush phones it in; Julian rings him up

UHub's got the scoop on the latest state rep primary challenge: State Rep. Mike Rush could face opposition this fall because he never returned a constituent's phone call. Pamela Julian of Brookline says she called Rush to try to enlist his support for a bill that would let high-school and college students register to vote right at their schools; she's director of Associated Students of Massachusetts, which is pushing the bill. Rush never called her back and she says she started getting upset and looking at Rush's voting record and so she was down in front of the Starbucks on Centre Street in West Roxbury on Saturday collecting signatures to get on the September Democratic primary ballot.  I don't know anything about Julian; certainly we'd like to hear about her if she'd care to post about herself and her candidacy. Pamela, you out there? Anyway, only two of the seventeen precincts in that district are in Brookline; there may be a cultural/regional divide for her to bridge. In any event, does her criticism hold water? Is Rush taking his gig seriously? Does he have a bunch of sponsored bills next to his name? Well … no. (By comparison, check out […]

Heston Dead; Coroner Can’t Pry Gun From Cold Dead Hands

NRA To Provide Special Custom Casket, If Needed

The Oscar-winning, legendary, superstar actor Charlton Heston died yesterday, at the age of 84, in his Beverly Hills home, in what a family spokesperson indicated was from a diagnosis of symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease.

Heston won an Oscar for his role as Moses in ‘The Ten Commandments’ and also starred in other major works, including ‘Ben Hur, El Cid, The Greatest Show On Earth, Orson Welles’ ‘Touch of Evil’, and Sci-Fi classics ‘Planet of the Apes’ and Soylent Green

According to the Los Angeles Times, “He was the screen hero of the 1950s and 1960s, a proven stayer in epics, and a pleasing combination of piercing blue eyes and tanned beefcake,” David Thomson wrote in his book “The New Biographical Dictionary of Film.”

The new auto insurance thicket

I like the idea of bringing competition to the Massachusetts auto insurance market. Under regulation, a handful of insurance companies with political clout worked the game to their advantage, not the consumers’ advantage. Other insurers – notably ‘Net-based operations like Geico that can offer lower rates by cutting out the independent agent middlemen – refused to sell policies here. So now we have managed competition under a new set of rules, but like most modern reforms, it has added a whole new thicket of financial decision-making to our over-stressed lives.  The Patrick Administration wants to help, but its Web site only gives you an accurate premium figure 20 percent of the time, AG Martha Coakley says. And while everyone says let your independent agent find the best price for you, they don’t tell you that most independent agents only sell policies for certain companies, and the one with the best deal for you might not be on their list. Real comparison shopping will take a lot of phone calls and driving around to insurance offices — and Geico still won’t do business here. I’ve got a column on the topic in today’s MetroWest Daily News.  

Looks like Scott Brown (R-Wrentham) is taking his challenger seriously…we should too!

Republican State Senator Scott Brown is “making news” from being the first candidate this year to turn in his nomination papers. http://www.milforddailynews.co… Now it’s OUR turn to make headlines by gathering even MORE signatures for his Democratic opponent, Sara Orozco (D-Needham).   We need your help!  Please join us this Saturday, April 12, 2008 for a district-wide signature collection event.   If you can volunteer, we’d love to have you and we will make it as painless as possible!   Please send a note to: Orozco2008@gmail.com if you are willing and able to give some of your free time to help get Sara’s name on the ballot…. Sara has been busy meeting voters across the district and word of her candidacy is spreading enthusiastically.  Check out the most recent press coverage from her alma mater, Georgia State University:  http://media.www.gsusignal.com… Please help us out on Saturday – even an hour or two of your time will make a difference!   *If that date doesn’t work, but you’re willing to collect signatures for Sara before April 29th, send a note to Orozco2008@gmail.com and let us know what dates times might work better for you and we’ll make it happen! Thanks!!!! Team Orozco

It’s a Sad Day When Howie Carr…… – With Poll

is absolutly 100% right It really isn’t funny anymore. Something just ain’t right when we look at all the trees that make up Deval Patrick State Forest

Mike Gravel is coming to my University tomorrow

Hey all. So as you know, I’m a student at Brandeis University. Tomorrow, Mike Gravel is coming to speak, after being invited by the SDS chapter on campus. There was so much interest – 137 confirmed guests on facebook and counting – that they had to change venues for him (from Pearlman lounge to Lown Auditorium). Why should this concern you? First off, you’re invited! Brandeis University, Lown Auditorium at 8pm. Secondly, does anyone have any suggestions as to what to ask this guy?