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Day April 7, 2008

Kratom, a plant that saved me, why it should not be banned (Help)

A few years ago, my mother passed away. I never knew my father hence I was left alone with no siblings at 21 years old. I felt lost, and resorted to drinking. I suffered from extreme depression and finally decided to get help. I went to the doctor and was prescibed Paxil. If you have never been on anti-depressant medication, I suggest you never do it. It is a horrible remedy and it does more harm then good. Everyday I neither felt good no bad, I was flatlined. It came to the point that I was having bad thoughts and just felt like a zombie. I decided to quit this pill, but things had gotten worse. Doctors regret to tell you that you withdrawl from these pills and when you quit them, your depression comes back worse. I took a trip to France where I met a researcher. We talked about my depression and my experience with ssris and he told me about a plant he had been researching called Kratom. I looked into the plant and saw that it was very safe, no side effects, no overdoses, and an easy habit to break. It had been used for thousands […]

CHALLENGE from Mass Inc – solve the budget deficit, respond to Daniel Winslow and others!

Go to:  http://www.massinc.org/index.p… Please read an essay there by Daniel Winslow and the other three [may be more by now} and the “Budget Brief”. In my opinion, as per earlier posts of mine, the budget imbalance could be solved by changing the focus of government to heal social problems, not punish the poor. 1.  http://www.bluemassgroup.com/s…  I am in and out of those poor homes – and take issue with the idea touted by Daniel Winslow that a so-called “lifestyle analysis” – would lead to billions in savings – almost none of these people have cars, and if they have cell phones, they are prepaid blood suckers and there is no land line because they cannot get one. 2.  http://www.bluemassgroup.com/s…  The real budget buster is the incarceration mentality.  It is $45,000 a year plus for every incarcerated adult felon in the State system.  At the same time, 90,000 jobs requriring a community college degree go unfilled depriving the state of taxpayers and consumers.  Answer is education not incarceration. 3.  Much of the so called “underground economy” results from illegal immigration.  But much of illegal immigration results from the impact of NAFTA, such as the destruction of a million Mexican farmer’s livelihoods, […]

Senator Therese Murray’s Cigarette Tax Increase Does Not Help Health of Community – An Alternative

Senate President Therese Murray’s plan to raise the cigarette tax  by a dollar does nothing to improve the health of the community but only the coffers of the state. That is not enough! In fact, the Commonwealth is just sharing in the profits of a killer and has blood on its collective hands. What the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be doing is to discourage smoking rather than to profit from it. A proposal which makes more sense and which will make the purchase of cigarettes more difficult while not banning them is as follows : The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and any of its state supported health plans should not honor and therefore not pay for any prescriptions from any pharmacy or chain drugs store which sells cigarettes or tobacco products. It is a clear conflict of interest for a CVS, a Walgreens, a Price Rite, or any drug store to sell pharmaceuticals  at the back of the store to make you well and cigarettes at eye level at the front of the store to make you sick. As long as those chains drug stores and independents sell cigarettes or tobacco products in their stores the state should exercise its right […]

Let’s Open The Thought Box

It’s been a wonderful week for me.  I’ve had exams, papers, presentations and a cute little flu to knock me on my ass in the middle of it.  The flu is good for one thing though:  you have a lot of time to think when you’re bedridden.  

After the flop are my thoughts:

“Deval I” Is More “Like Cellucci II” Than “Dukakis II”

Howie Carr’s column yesterday presented some undeniable facts regarding Deval’s expense sheet that raises real questions.

As we all remember, Paul Cellucci, for some unclear reason, had debts close to six hundred thousand dollars. He blamed it on two kids in college. He was a well known gambler. As news started to appear of auditors and inspectors finding shabby or non-existent work speculation grew that there was a connection between Cellucci’s unexplained high debt, his gambling enjoyment, and the large amounts of money spent for non-existing,

Hands over ears and repeat “President John McCain”

After a few weeks of relative calm in the BMG stadium of input, the noise level for the national race revved up again, no doubt by the open threads of caucus votes around the state, the open sore of angst over our leading super delegates and who they support in contrast to the will of the people and just perhaps a bit of Democrats favorite sport of circle the wagons and shoot inward.( Or to perhaps update this sports analogy to race around the track in late model cars bumping into each other at high speed until one is declared the winner by still running at the finish line***)

I mean it isn’t as if we have anything real important to mull over on the local scene we could actually impact like say, it finally coming out about tax breaks to close tax loop holes for corporations. The life science bill which (no one seems to be understanding) is just a tax break to the health care industry in sheep’s clothing or endless speculation about the next corner office gaff or what will they think of next power structure inside Beacon Hill. We could continue a substantive discussion on helping to stem poverty in MA and the alarming drop out rate of Boston Public schools that it engenders but where’s the sport in that compared to the national stage?

Interview with Congressman William Delahunt about 2008 presidential.

  Congressman Bill Delahunt talking about Senator Barack Obama running for President and the 2008 DNC in Denver.         The worldwide bonfire of hope for Barack Obama campaign See full interview on BelowBoston.com  

Observations From A Candidate In District 8

I want to express my hearfelt gratitude to everyone who supported me from the bottom of my heart. I was humbled by my 100 votes. But I especially want to thank everyone who attended the District 8 Congressional DNC Obama Delegate Caucus, regardless who you supported, especially those who attended a caucus for the first time. That was alot of you. Don’t let it be your last.

I want to also congratulate the four delegates who will be going to Denver: Mike Ross, Sean Riley, Gloria Fox and Giovanna Negretti. They ran good campaigns. District 8 will be well represented in the Massachusetts delegation and among Obama delegates as a whole.

I was among those first time caucus goers also. Several attendees with a longer caucus going history told me this one was different in two ways: 1. While others have been as large, none have been as diverse. 2.This was the first time in a long time that delegates were allowed to speak. Usually a perfunctory vote was taken to dispense with the niceties of candidate statements and immediately start voting, since slates of candidates were often agreed upon in advance.

This almost happened again.

The chair took a voice vote to eliminate candidate statements and ruled that the ayes had it and that voting would start forthwith. But a floor rebellion developed, led by first time caucus goers, including those who knew that the rules stated it took a 2/3 vote to eliminate the right of candidates to speak. A physical vote was demanded and taken, and the right of the voters to hear what the candidates had to say was restored.