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Day April 24, 2008

Hillary has the momentum

While a good majority of you here may not wish to believe it, Hillary's campaign has seized the momentum and has had it for a while.  Dan Kennedy McLaughlin at RedState has an interesting analysis of the primaries and caucuses since March 4 and it should cause some pause to you Obama supporters.  Here is the raw data supporting his contention that Obama has Negative Momentum:   State Date Obama Clinton Margin Pennsylvania 4/22 1,042,297 1,258,245 -215,948 Mississippi 3/11 265,502 159,221 +106,281 Wyoming 3/8 5,378 3,311 +2,067 Texas 3/4 1,358,785 1,459,814 -101,029 Ohio 3/4 982,489 1,212,362 -229,873 Rhode Island 3/4 75,316 108,949 -33,633 Vermont 3/4 91,901 59,806 +32,095 Total 3,821,668 4,261,708 -440,040 Overall% 47.3% 52.7% Obama can probably still run out the clock, but he's going to end with the worst run-up to the convention since Gerald Ford in 1976. And the real finish line, of course, is in November.

Despite Reaching out Deval’s Approval Numbers Continue Nosedive

UPDATE: Rasmussen out with confirming poll 31% Deval is doing Good to Excellent Job, 66% Deval doing fair to poor job.  Oh and Ogonowski keeps Kerry to 53% with a whole lot undecided this early in the campaign.  The summer and fall is going to be fun. Despite an all out public relations push over the past few weeks, where Deval Patrick has crisscrossed the state and reached out to his base via Doug Rubin, his numbers are continuing to head south and fast. Jon Keller is reporting that Deval Patrick’s approval ratings are the lowest they have ever been. The second week of April was, by the roller-coaster standards of the Patrick era, a pretty good one for the governor. He won legislative approval for some of his long-sought corporate tax hikes, touted progress on several job-development initiatives, and won plaudits for a widely-covered speech on the economy. But when Survey USA went into the field the weekend of April 11 for its regular tracking of the governor’s job approval rating, the results marked an all-time low. Here are the numbers, just reported to us by Survey USA today. They show Patrick winning approval from an anemic 41% of […]

Week in Review

Blogging can be described as news on internet time. With that, my Week in Review, on Thursday:

  • The superb Union of Concerned Scientists has mounted a campaign to pressure Governor Patrick to support Senate 534, the Global Warming Solutions Act.
  • Charles Chieppo and Jim Stergios of  the Pioneer Institute, intellectual plaything of Lovett C. “Government doesn’t do anything very well,” Peters (tell that to the Marines – Bob), preview the “Patrick has failed and so will Obama” attack in The Weekly Standard, beloved by Fox News. Title:  “The Politics of Hope, Take One. Deval Patrick’s unpretty preview of an Obama presidency.” Conclusion: “Patrick has proven to be little more than a machine politician packaged with a New Age ribbon of hope.” Read it and marvel at its deceptions. Partial truths to make the planners of the Iraq war proud.
  • Thomas Frank, author of the much-cited What’s the Matter with Kansas, ripped the Clinton campaign a new one in the WSJ for manufacturing “Bittergate:”
    Ah, but Hillary Clinton: Here’s a woman who drinks shots of Crown Royal, a luxury brand that at least one confused pundit believes to be another name for Old Prole Rotgut Rye. And when the former first lady talks about her marksmanship as a youth, who cares about the cool hundred million she and her husband have mysteriously piled up since he left office? Or her years of loyal service to Sam Walton, that crusher of small towns and enemy of workers’ organizations? And who really cares about Sam Walton’s own sins, when these are our standards? Didn’t he have a funky Southern accent of some kind? Surely such a mellifluous drawl cancels any possibility of elitism.

    It is by this familiar maneuver that the people who have designed and supported the policies that have brought the class divide back to America – the people who have actually, really transformed our society from an egalitarian into an elitist one – perfume themselves with the essence of honest toil, like a cologne distilled from the sweat of laid-off workers. Likewise do their retainers in the wider world – the conservative politicians and the pundits who lovingly curate all this phony authenticity – become jes’ folks, the most populist fellows of them all.

  • Karl Rove, also in the WSJ (Note: OpinionJournal is the best free entertainment on the web — the combination of self-righteousness, transparent self-serving, and frequent near-total factual/reality disconnect is hilarious – Bob), attempted a substantive point about Obama. Tellingly, it comes after two paragraphs of personal vituperation against both Senators Clinton and Obama, which I have placed after the fold.
    Mr. Obama’s call for postpartisanship looks unconvincing, when he is unable to point to a single important instance in his Senate career when he demonstrated bipartisanship. And his repeated calls to remember Dr. Martin Luther King’s “fierce urgency of now” in tackling big issues falls flat as voters discover that he has not provided leadership on any major legislative battle.

  • Boston Civic Summit – Register Today

    Dear Friends at Blue Mass Group:

    Back in February I shared with you my plans to convene a city-wide dialogue on civic engagement.  This event, the 2008 Boston Civic Summit (www.bostoncivicsummit.org), is now just around the corner — on May 3rd at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  

    I write today to ask for your help and your participation.  As you may be aware, the summit is a first of its kind meeting of civic and community leaders from every corner of Boston designed to create a dynamic and educational exchange of ideas that will contribute to the foundation for our city’s future that we believe must include increased, effective and engaged involvement by its citizens.  

    Oh, THAT loophole!

    Well, well, well, how that THAT get in here? Looks like there was an amendment in the House's loophole-closing tax bill that, well, blasts another enormous loophole open — for companies that keep their business overseas. The provision would permit large corporations to avoid up to $200 million in state taxes a year if they maintain large portions of their business operations overseas, according to an estimate by the state Department of Revenue. The tax-shelter strategy has proved controversial in other states.  And who was responsible for it? Rep. Dan Bosley (who coincidentally favors keeping Verizon's loopholes intact, because of all the benefit we get from them):  Representative Daniel E. Bosley, who sponsored the amendment, disputed the state's estimates as inflated and suggested the Department of Revenue's criticism was motivated by other provisions in his amendment that remove some regulatory power from the department. “I just don't trust their figures,” Bosley said of the department. “It's a ridiculous estimate. They're just bad at numbers.” Well, this is a fine opportunity for Rep. Bosley to lay out the math, then. We can have a real public math-off; fun for the whole family.  Or, we could just have the Senate kill the […]

    Republicans Say Women Are Worth Less

    Senate Republicans blocked fair pay for women today.  John McCain thinks Republicans were right to block the fair pay law because he thinks if the company can secretly pay women less for more than 180 days, they should get away with it consequence-free.   This is another good reason to vote Susan Collins (R-Maine) out of the Senate.  She says she supports fair pay legislation, but when she asked her fellow Republicans to vote with her, they just ignored her.  Collins is useless in terms of pulling the Republican Party away from the extreme right.  Republican Moderates like her chose hardliners such as Mitch McConnell to lead their party, essentially selling out equal rights with their very first votes in the Senate session to support a reactionary agenda. Other useless “moderate Republicans” include Snowe of Maine, Smith of Oregon, Coleman of Minnesota and Sununu of New Hampshire.

    The (entire) Left Should Unite For Obama!

    Unfortunately we live in a capitalist society where votes are regularly stolen and the interests of corporations are held above the needs of the people…where war is glorified, where boys are discouraged from expressing themselves through tears or art, and women make less than men for the same or better work…where queer people are murdered and denied housing, where immigrants are called “illegal”… Barrack Obama will not be able to solve those problems. He is not completely anti-war. He is not anti-capitalist. He doesn’t’ have a specific plan to curb queer suicide and violence. He offers hopeful oratories but his policies are not the vision most of us have for the world. And he is only one person. So why should the left unite behind him? Because the left must, for the first time in decades, defeat the radical right that has taken our country to the brink of destruction. The movement behind the Obama campaign is an important ingredient in the recipe to defeat the right-wing.  The campaign has inspired people from all age groups, races, and backgrounds to unite and get involved. Obama’s campaign, at least rhetorically, has put the needs of the people above the interests of […]

    Phoenix: Patrick loses for winning

    The print edition of this week's Phoenix sports this teaser for Adam Reilly's otherwise very fine story on Gov. Patrick: “GIVE ME NO LIP: Patrick blows off grassroots allies and the press.” Hrmm… sounds a little out of date, doesn't it? Adam (who didn't write the teaser) correctly tells us not to accept the “poetry-vs.-prose” dichotomy of campaigning vs. governing. And he asks some good questions in his  story — like, why didn't the happen earlier? And our own David Kravitz is quoted that “the whole civic engagement aspect of his governorship has been slow to take off.” But actually, this month has been the start of not blowing off the grassroots. (The press, I can't speak to.) As far as we're concerned, we just met with the Governor a couple of weeks ago; the Gov's chief of staff has been all over this site, and showed up at the bloggy shindig in Lowell last Saturday; and there seems to genuinely be a change in strategy towards reaching out to the grassroots — and hopefully even to folks who can't be categorized as plugged-in activists. That might have been an interesting teaser, too: “PATRICK CHECKS BACK IN”; and it happens […]