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Day April 27, 2008

Fourth Quarter Score: 1,724-1,589

Fascinating machinations as the Democratic primary campaign reaches its final stages. Obama picked up another two SuperDelegates this weekend, including one former Clinton fund raiser. CNN now has the count at 1,724-1,589. Popular vote. Clinton supporter Evan Bayh, presumably speaking with the approval of the campaign, argued for the significance of the, “popular vote.” Tom Daschle rightly noted this is idiotic because the populace didn’t vote in states with caucuses. He’s right. Decision. Howard Dean is pushing for resolution by July. The NYT reports: Mr. Dean said again Sunday that he wanted superdelegates to announce their choices before July. The final primary contests are June 3. “We need to figure this out before the convention,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “We need time to heal.” Sounds like a reasonable idea to me. It looks to me like the walls are closing in on Senator Clinton, which I think helps to explain her absurd position on the gas tax discussed below by Charley. She’s talking crazy now, because she’s desperate to get some delegates on the board. But that’s just a guess, and like Socrates the only thing I am sure of is how little I know.

You Say Lapel Pins … I Say Lunatics…

Enough of this childish, little, small-minded pettiness.

Screw these tiny Lapel Flag Pins!

I want to see the candidates, and every blowhard, Fox News, Right Wing Freak Show, and their Flying Monkeys, ham-handed “patriot” start wearing actual United States of America Flags on their chests.

That’s right, anything less then the full Old Glory and you must be an appeaser, rooting for the terrorists, wanting “them” to win!

And it damn-well better be a flag made right here, in the good, ol’ U.S of A.!

No excuses!

You’re either with us, or against us!

Cambridge’s Big Green Plan

My fellow NPR junkies may have heard this piece that ran Friday and Saturday, about the city of Cambridge’s new program to encourage homeowners and businesses to retrofit their properties to become more energy efficient: http://www.radioboston.org/ind… The idea seems to be this; the city teams up with a local bank to offer low-interest loans that property owners that they can use to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings, by improving insulation, replacing obsolecent furnaces, etc. The loans are made so that the property owner can make payments using ONLY the money that they are saving from their energy bills every month. NPR had the city official who is in charge of this project in the studio, and she made it sound like Cambridge is trying to start a trend…they want other cities and towns across the country to be able to make this work too. Does anyone know more about this? Please correct me if I’ve missed any details. Sounds like a pretty ambitious plan. I hope it works.

The Globe’s big ticket item

Oh, my: The 2007 Red Sox season was just underway when a group of professional ticket brokers held an unusual meeting in a private room at the Baseball Tavern, the storied bar in the shadows of Fenway Park. The main item on their agenda: How to persuade Massachusetts officials to keep ticket-resale profits rolling. One man was there with an offer of help. He was not a broker, had no known experience as a political strategist, and has never registered as a State House lobbyist. But Richard Vitale had something that the two dozen brokers came to believe was even more important to their cause – a close personal and professional relationship with Salvatore F. DiMasi, the speaker of the Massachusetts House. Vitale told the group that he could “do things a registered lobbyist couldn't do – behind the scenes,” according to one ticket seller in attendance who asked that his name not be used. …If Vitale was paid more than $5,000 to influence lawmakers – and several brokers briefed on his fee arrangements said he most certainly was – he would have had to register as a lobbyist. And if he was working as a lobbyist, his ongoing financial […]

Tierney, Markey, Tsongas: Stand and Count !!!!!

DNC brain trust will be meeting very soon in DC to slice and dice the Florida vote…reports hint that they will seat only half the delegates or divide the delegates evenly between the candidates. Neither option is acceptable or consistent with our Party principles. It doesn’t matter who you support for president.  It doesn’t matter what your gender or race happens by fate to be.  As Democrats, we must speak up for a principle we claim to believe in, even when it may not advantage our favorite candidate. (Unlike Kerry, Kennedy and Patrick) Congressmen Tierney and Markey and Congresswoman Tsongas are thus far neutral in the presidential race, free from any appearance of candidate bias in calling on our Party to uphold this basic principle. I sincerely hope that they will step up to demand in the strongest possible way that every Democratic Primary vote count. I have listened to the “can’t change the rules”, “they broke the rules, must pay the price” arguments.  But “they” are the Republican Governor and Florida state party poobahs who bucked the DNC, not the 1.7 million Florida Democrats who followed the campaign on TV, radio and newspapers like the rest of us, trudged […]

Governmental bodies are required to keep accurate written minutes of all of their meetings.

ENSE PETIT PLACIDAM SVB LIBERTATE QVIETEM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F… http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Flag_of_Massachusetts The Commonwealth of Massachusetts William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth Public Records Division Alan N. Cote Supervisor of Records pre at sec.state.ma.us One Ashburton Place, 17th Floor Boston, Massachusetts 02108 617 727-2832 fax 617 727-5914 http://www.sec.state.ma.us/arc… http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ arc/arcrmu/rmuidx.htm April 24, 2008 SPR08/026 Mr. Jeff Conley Boston Finance Commission 152 North Street Boston MA 02113 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Boston_Finance_Commission http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Talk:Boston_Finance_Commission jeff.conley at cityofboston.gov Dear Mr. Conley:      I have received a petition appealing the response of the Boston Finance Commission (Commission) to a January 15, 2008 public records request.  G. L. c. 66, s 10(b) (2006 ed.) (Supervisor of Public Records has authority to resolve public records appeals); see also 950 C.M.R. 32.08(2) (appeal process). http://www.sec.state.ma.us/pre… http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ pre/prepdf/pubreclaw.pdf Specifically requested Commission meeting minutes.      ”Public records” is broadly defined to include all documentary materials or data, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made or received by any officer or employee of any town of the Commonwealth, unless falling within a statutory exemption. G. L. c. 4, s 7(26) (2006 ed.) http://www.sec.state.ma.us/pre… http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ pre/prepdf/pubreclaw.pdf      Governmental bodies are required to keep accurate written minutes of all of their […]