Tom Werner Lets Slip Fact That Red Sox Will Be Cheating on Opening Day

On WEEI Sports Radio this morning, Tom Werner, he of the Red Sox holy trinity of Henry, Werner and Lucchino, mentioned that because it is a cold and blustery day, and because relief pitcher Mike Timlin made a request, the Red Sox bullpen will be heated during today’s game. Werner was asked specifically if the Detroit Tigers would have the same and, without a hint of sarcasm, Werner said “no”.

Though I don’t have the rule book in front of me, official rules of all sports usually forbid one team to gain advantage of another by employing different accommodations for visiting team’s playing and coaching members during the playing of the game.

By heating the home bullpen and not the visitor’s, the Red Sox have the advantage of relief pitchers with warm arms making them less stiff. They can warm up faster. Important when you have to get out of a late inning jam. There are a number of advantages.

But then of course this is the same Red Sox ownership that announced when they bought the team that were going to make serious efforts to change the perceptions and realities of the Red Sox being a racists organization.

When they bought the team in ’01 there were two African American working in the front office and major league team staff. (not including players and coaches) Since they bought the team the number of executives and staff has more than doubled, yet there are still only two African American employees. The same two ownership got when they bought the property. I mean team. The same two who had been there years before the new ownership arrived.  And don’t forget, there were other African Americans working there when they bought the team who are no longer there.

What frauds.

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  1. I think you are wrong

    I can find no such rule in the rulebook. There is definitely no rule that says that the visiting team locker room has to be as nice as the home team's and that is available to players during the game (e.g. many players may use exercise equipment in the locker room during the game to warm up or review their last at bat using the club's video equipment.

    In any case, regardless of what Werner might have said on WEEI, I am sure that if the other team wants their pen heated, I am sure they can have it, so before you run around crying "cheater", perhaps you should wait to see what actually happens.

    Regarding African Americans in the front office. It is disappointing they have not made much progress in that area, but I imagine there must be a very small pool of people to recruit who already have baseball experience. I suppose they could commit to retraining people from other sports or industries. In any case, I don't think there shortcomings in this regard are tantamount to the Red Sox being a "racist organization"

    • You are Right and Wrong HR Kevin

      u are correct about locker rooms. Like Red Aurebach use to do at the Garden.

      However a bullpen is a mandatory place where a pool of players are required (yes there are exceptions) to gather There is a very high probability, about 90% I guess, that during the game, and the key word is DURING the game the manager may call upon one or more of these individuals to warm up and then if need be pitch. The ability of this individual to pitch his best is a factor in the manager's mind. Why? Because it can be the difference between a win and a loss..

      During the game everything that each team is REQUIRED to do, like man a bullpen, must be even handed. Before the game and after is no problem. Screw with their locker rooms, mess with their travel arrangements. Go ahead.

      But during a game this is an advantage having your pitcher spending six or seven innings in nice toasty conditions when the opponent's relief pitchers are sitting in frigid wind gust conditions. The muscles take much longer to warm up. No matter how much pre-game stretching. So, you have a guy ready to go when your pitcher breaks done fast and there are no outs and bases loaded in the sixth and you have a one run lead.

      Same situation reversed has them at disadvantage. Pitcher only allowed ten warm-up pitches when he takes mound. Prior to that he has as many as he wants in bullpen. If starting pitcher is pitching fine then within 8 minutes he goes bust and gives up 2 singles a home run and walk, and this is a close game, then not much time to warm up that arm after resting.

      See the difference?

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
  2. since you're talking baseball

    I'm going to bring up my idea again and see if it gets more interest:  how about playing by the visiting team's league rules during interleague play this year?  That was Boston fans could watch their pitchers hit and see an NL game in person, and NL fans could see a DH game.  Would it just confuse the fans too much or something?

    • No thank you

      I can see that on TV or travel to a NL park to see that.

      I am not dying to see David Ortiz play first base in Fenway thus pushing Youkilis or Lowell out of the lineup.

      • then don't go to an interleague game at fenway

        Maybe lots of people can't travel to an NL park to see Ortiz play first base.  And maybe that's what we did last year and the year before that and will probably do next year and the year after that.  We see AL games every day at Fenway and have for the last 100 years.

        • Fine w/ me if we never see NL rules in Fenway

          Look, I grew up as a Mets fan. Sorry to say, I was a Mets fan in '86 when I moved here, so I do know the difference between the two styles of play. But I really don't need to see it in Fenway. If MLB decides to do it otherwise based on fan input, that's fine, but I get the impression that most fans prefer their chosen league's style of play.

          I think it is much more interesting watching two teams in the same league play against each other because then their teams were built for that style of play. Apart from the World Series, or interesting rivalries (e.g. Mets/Yankees) I don't find it especially interesting to watch a NL team struggle to find someone suitable to put in the DL role or watch an AL team's pitchers fail to put down bunts.

  3. I wonder If she thinks the team is racist.

    From this website

    January 26

    Elaine W. Stewart *On this date in 1990, the first Black Woman executive in major league baseball MLB was named.

    Elaine Weddington Steward was named assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox of the American League.

    • Sorry DaveS. I'm not not clear...

      what you mean. Thanks

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
      • You favor affirmative action, Ernie?

        Or are you saying that the Sox are getting applications from qualified African-Americans for "front office" or "team staff" positions and are discriminating against them based on race (which would be illegal, I think)? Or are they just not trying hard enough to recruit African-Americans?

        • They are Just Effin' Frauds

          Let someone else define it.

          eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
          • OK

            The new owners said they'd change the racist image, and they seem to have not put any effort into it whatsoever, the racist image is as intact as ever.  If its because no self-respecting black will accept a job with the Sox front office, then they need to find some blacks that have no self respect, like Bush does.  It might be hard, but it's only a baseball team, they don't have to go with the most qualified applicant if there is a second or third best who would help them fulfill their promise that they made and that they continue to pretend they are doing.  They aren't doing it, like Ernie says, they're just acting like they have, and the media is giving them kid glove treatment compared to the last regime.

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