Vote for my friend Diane’s Obama ad :-)

From the Shameless Promotion Department. My friend Diane’s ad has been selected as one of the 15 finalists for the national Obama ad campaign competition: over 1,000 ads submitted and over 4.5 million votes cast so far. Click on the ad to go to the voting page where you can rate it and the other finalists.


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  1. autoplay?

    The video plays every time I pop back to the front page and then I have to hit pause. Annoying. Is this happening to everyone? Bob, can you do the embed such that it doesn't do that? Thanks.

  2. Where are all the girls?

    I know. They must be inside studying hard because they know what it really takes to bring people together.  Hard work. ;)  

    • Yawn

      By my count, there are at least 4-5 girls in that commercial.  If you took off your Hillary-colored glasses, you might be able to see them better.

  3. Nice, But Life is Sometimes Challenging.

    This ad is just like Barack's book.

    If only life were so easy!

    Life happens!

  4. Thanks for posting this Bob

    I really like the ad.  Wanted to vote for it, but MoveOn makes you go through this arduous process of giving you each one randomly and seperately.  

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