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NY Times revisits the candidates’ views on marriage

This NYT article doesn’t really break any new ground; it doesn’t even appear to have requested new quotes from the candidates on the topic.  It says (again) that both McCain and Obama oppose same-sex marriage.  It also says that both oppose a federal constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage, and that Obama has consistently opposed state-level measures like CA’s Prop 8 that would bar same-sex marriage. But this bit struck me: As a Christian – he is a member of the United Church of Christ – Mr. Obama believes that marriage is a sacred union, a blessing from God, and one that is intended for a man and a woman exclusively, according to these supporters and Obama campaign advisers. Yet, unless I’ve got things hopelessly confused, the United Church of Christ has taken a different view.  From 2005: General Synod overwhelmingly calls for “full marriage equality” July 4, 2005 General Synod 25 overwhelmingly passed a resolution in support of equal marriage rights for all people, regardless of gender. It marks the first time that one of the nation’s mainline churches has expressed support of marriages for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. Delegates wrestled with the resolution for about an hour […]

The campaign minus the campaign

I think the conventional wisdom would say that Obama is a terrific candidate; and that his campaign has been somewhere between good and extraordinary. That wisdom might also say that McCain has run an unfocused, erratic, nasty, even juvenile campaign, exemplified by the pick of Sarah Palin and “the fundamentals of the American economy are strong”. Well, where were we before it all started? And where are we now? According to the fivethirtyeight.com poll average, Obama was up about 5% on 6/19, shortly after he put away the nomination. It tightened; Dems had their convention; the GOP had theirs. And now? fivethirtyeight predicts a 5.7% victory.    Now, people have already been voting, and we'll know the real result on Tuesday (or sometime shortly after). If the margin is significantly more than that 4-5 points, then that may show how the GOTV effort and the execution of the campaigns themselves indeed moved voters. And if it's Obama by that same, decisive-but-not-crushing margin … we can chalk one up to “structural”, long-term, glacial trends and preferences in the electorate. It's as if it were no-frills Dem vs. UPC-label Republican.

The Cohen-Langhart Effect

The polls show Barack Obama leading by a large margin in Virginia, and is flirting with a lead in North Carolina.

What’s going on here?  The Democrats have nominated a pair of liberals, neither of them are southerners.  These states have large military populations and a history of voting for Republicans in presidential elections.  North Carolina elected Jesse Helms to the United States Senate in 1972, 1980, 1986, 1992, and 1996.

It may seem counterintuitive, by my hypothesis is that the military population is a significant key in this shift.  Despite John McCain’s military service, and his outreach to military voters, could there be some other effect that is moving this population toward Obama?

Could there be a Cohen-Langhart effect?

Join BMG on BarackObama.com

The Blue Mass Group group (“BMG2″?) on BarackObama.com has been approved. Click here to join. When you log your calls and canvass visits into the system at BarackObama.com, they will feed through to our group totals page as well. And of course, just for reference, you can also join the BMG Facebook group here. A total of 160 fellow BMGers already have. From many, one.

Pre-emptive Presidental Pardon?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Is Duh-bya plotting a clean getaway?  What can we do?

What are BMGers dressing up as? [Halloween Open Thread]

I hope everyone is having a nice Halloween!  

Well I’ll start it off:  I’m dressing up as a skeleton with a glow in the dark face, hands, and hair which should show up pretty well when I head to the club with friends tonight.

So what are your plans?  Are you dressing up?  Trick-or-treating?:)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  (Only 4 more days to go)

Yes on 3 Campaign Enters Homestretch With New Ad

With election day approaching, The Yes on 3 campaign entered the homestretch today by releasing a new campaign ad titled “Cruel and Inhumane.”  This ad highlights the cruelty of the greyhound racing industry, and urges citizens to vote YES for the dogs on Question 3. Please watch this new ad, and then forward it to everyone you know.  My adopted greyhound Zoe will be grateful for your effort!

Signature drive to place 1913 repeal on the 2010 ballot fails

Brian Camenker (aka MassResistance) thumbed his nose at the milquetoast haters of Mass Family Institute, and tilted at the windmill of a referendum petition drive to repeal the repeal of “the 1913 laws” that previously prevented gay out-of-staters from marrying in MA.  Did ya get all that?  Brian described the effort in these heroic terms. This was a fight about principle – against overwhelming opposition and suppression from all sides. He failed.   Brian’s Silver Lining, the play by play, the perennial fundraising plea and my self-indulgent commentary here.  Bay Windows story here.  My favorite Brain quote: It seemed like we had a lot more signatures.

Worst strategery EVER

Could the McCain campaign chosen to have run a less effective ad at this moment?  Supposedly, this ad is going to “run in key states.”  To me, what it does is prove that Barack Obama is willing to reach across the aisle where appropriate, and to give credit where credit is due, even if credit is due to Republicans.  It boosts Obama’s bipartisan cred, thereby undercutting McCain’s claim to be the only guy in the race who has that ability.  What do you think? Also, as TPM notes, “[t]his ad might have been more effective if Joe Lieberman had been McCain’s running mate, instead of somebody who denies man-made global warming.”

Need some education from my friends at BMG

I belong to two NPOs and we are overly careful about any political views on candidates. Our legal instructions strictly forbid us from endorsing ANY political candidate or suffer loss of our NPO status. I watched a video yesterday of ACRON (Bertha Lewis) endorsing Obama. Aren’t they a NPO? Also, I have had 2 of my younger kids report their teachers are supporting Obama and made “snide” remarks about McCain. My older kids in college have heard countless slams on McCain and even more remarks in favor of Obama from teachers. Is it right for teachers in any level of public education to support a political candidate (any office) in the classroom?