BMG exclusive: interview with Governor Patrick

(I'm not yet taking a position on DiMasi's speakership.  But dunster's roundup is sobering indeed. - promoted by David)

On the two-year anniversary of his swearing-in as Governor, Deval Patrick was kind enough to give Bob, Charley and me about 40 minutes of his time to talk about what’s past, and what’s yet to come.  It was an interesting, wide-ranging, and (as always with Governor Patrick) most enjoyable conversation.  The three of us will be writing up various aspects of it over the next day or so.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a riddle: about what issue did Governor Patrick say the following?

The sad reality is we have to dig up a lot of those bodies and bury them properly.

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  1. Answer: The Big Dig

    Well that is one way to put a good spin on bringing back Jim Aloisi.  It is sure he knows where some of the bodies are buried.

    Come to think of it, he probably knows how they got there in the first place and had something to do with the mechanics of it.  

    Here's hoping that as Transportation secretary, he can dig the state out of it and get us on the correct path. Now Aloisi can send his friends billions to keep things up or give them a proper burial!


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