BMG/Other Platform Meeting on Education?

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Kate and Deb do a great job describing the process of holding a meeting regarding the Massachusetts Democratic Party platform.  I have elsewhere heard that meetings can be focused on a specific region or issue.  

I want to hold a platform meeting on education.  Wanna come?

The state platform on education can be found here, and a brief summary breaks down very roughly as:

*  Keep improving schools on model of the Education Reform Act of 1993.

*  Funding education is more important than cutting taxes

*  No money/vouchers for private or religious schools

*  Challenging standards, accountable teachers.  Graduation should not be based wholely on passing MCAS

*  Do what it takes to get good teachers.

*  No discrimination in education.  Yes to bilingual education

*  Universal pre-k

*  Afterschool and summer programs are good.

I’ll note that there isn’t much here about public charter schools, or the NCLB/federal regime.  There is nothing on gifted and talented schools either.  While these are priorities to me, they aren’t to everyone.  I’m not trying to make this out as “the agenda”, but those are two absences that jumped out at me.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if teachers’ unions or Deval’s “Readiness reps” seek to convene a meeting along their narrow interests, I am writing this to elicit support for an early-March platform meeting on education to be held in metro Boston, probably in a restaurant of public library on a weekday night.  Please let me know (in the comments of via email — ) if you would be interested in attending and/or helping organize.


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  1. I am interested and can get a free venue for up to 100 easily

    You know how to contact me.

  2. This sounds like a great idea!

    I would definitely want to attend, and I know some other people that would as well.  

  3. Conspicuously absent...

    is any mention of effort to develop ways to operate schools with more efficiently or productivity.

    Continuous educational improvement is a great goal. Spending more to achieve it isn't necessarily the answer.

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