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My blood pressure is very high today after reading Sean Murphy’s article on the front page of the Globe. I cannot believe that former State Senator John Brennan will receive a state pension based upon 19 years serving on an unpaid job on the Malden Library Board of Trustees

Instead of getting $19,097 per year he NOW will get $41,088. This is a crime!!! Instead of getting a pension he should be going to jail.

I have served in various local positions for over 20 years (4 as a Library Trustee) NEVER did I receive a dime and NEVER did i expect one. What don’t you understand about PUBLIC SERVICE Mr. Brennan.

I am now going to oppose every tax increase put forth by the Governor until we have real meaningful reform. I will lobby my state rep and senator as well. This type of ABUSE has to stop.

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  1. an easy fix

    Defined.  Contribution.  Benefits.

    The state can and should have these employees start paying into Social Security and allow for individual matching retirement savings.  Also known as 401k funds in the private sector and 403B plans in the public sector.  You know, like the ones that are good enough for everyone else in the state.  The ones that are good enough for Federal Government employees.  The ones that aren't amenable to gaming the system with bullshit actions of Mr. Brennan, Bulger, Marzilli and countless others.  The ones that don't create an incentive to stay at a job for a pension bump even when you'd rather do something else (and, consequently, typically do a horrible job).  The ones that don't create future unfunded liabilities that will be someone else's problem.  The ones that you can't start using (without penalty) at age 47 and that aren't susceptible to "double dipping" problems.

    I hate referenda, but maybe it's time to look there for relief.  Clearly, Beacon Hill is so self-interested and indebted to the public sector unions that they will never make this transition.

    • Eliminate pensions for elected officials

      If we eliminate pensions for elected officials that would help. 401K would also help. Put the public, instead of self interest, back in public service.

      As an elected local official I feel what Brennen did was a slap in the face to all those who volunteer their time to make their communities better.

      • Clarify?

        "Eliminate pensions for elected officials?"  Really?  How about all the money that they paid in?  And we do have a full time Legislature.  Boston has a full-time city council - are you proposing to take the pensions away that they paid into?  

  2. Where is the Governor on this???

    Maybe the Governor can't reform this horrible system without help from the self-interested legislature, but why isn't he doing something about this guy?  Here's an idea: bar any executive employee from taking a meeting with Brennan or his company.  Take it one step further: threaten the state aid for municipalities who hire him (the City of Boston is a client --  Make this guy a pariah.  Would this "solve the problem"?  No, probably not.  But it would be good politics for the governor.  And it would be good policy in that it would show that there is some price to be paid for ripping us all off.

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