Two Answers For David

A bit back David asked three policy questions of Charlie Baker.  

1.  Gay marriage

2.  Abortion

3.  Slots and Casinos

You claim that you simply don’t know these positions and would like to.  I don’t doubt that.  

Although nothing has come out yet regarding slots, David can rest assured knowing the answers to two questions.  

He said he was prochoice and was in favor of gay marriage – “My brother’s gay, and he’s married, and he lives in Massachusetts, so I’m for it. Is that straight enough?”

Still waiting on slots, but progress in getting-to-know-the-candidates is being made.  

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  1. I read that same quote ....

    I did strike me odd though.  Is there a video clip?  I wonder how he said it.  The last part appears a bit snippy.  "Is that straight enough?"  It was a fairly standard question to ask.  Ernie mentioned that he might have a glass jaw.  It could be interesting when the puff pieces are gone and the real questions begin.

  2. Very thin...

    ...lets see what he says when the heat is on. He doesn't have a website up yet and nothing is official beyond his no new taxes pledge. Deval has a record on social issues and is there any evidence that Baker did anything toward same sex equality during his era in government? Same for choice. Did he support GW Bush for President?

  3. Gag me with a spoon

    This bozo is barely out of the box, and in his first campaign video, his "big idea" is:

    No new taxes?

    Game over.

    • Tom, don't you get it? That's how republicans win elections.

      • I *hope* you're being ironic

        You are, sadly, more correct than I like to admit.

        • Thank God somebody in ANY party tries to reduce taxes.

          Democrats would increase them continuously until we really did end up like a European country.

          • The problem with that would be...?

            Frankly, I'm rather jealous of how much Europe is able to pay for in services and their high standards of living, but don't you dare tell me to move there; this is still home.  Of course, anyone advocating a tax cut deserves to be asked how to pay for it, so cards on the table JohnD.  You want a tax cut?  What will you give up for that?

        • he wasn't

          Most people, especially in MA where we really are taxed on an average scale, think they are overtaxed. They aren't. Chicago, IL is overtaxed and NH is undertaxed, MA is just right. But in any case, most people will be pissed about these tax increases and want them to go away.

          Now is the promise not to raise taxes good policy?

          No its retarded. One should never say never, especially when it comes to raising government revenues. But its great politics-until, as George Bush Sr. found out, the policy reality doesn't match the political promise-then there's hell to pay. But for a short term political promise its actually quite powerful.

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