Sabotage Of The President on Letterman?

(This mess has hit the Globe's front page (above the fold) today. - promoted by David)

Did anyone else who has Comcast Cable have the problem that just as David Letterman began his monologue and for  at least five minutes after  that the picture began to pixilate and the bottom half of the screen wiped to green and the audio went mute.

Called Comcast but by the time you get through its endless menu and finally reach a human the picture returned to normal.

Checked all the other cable stations and Channel 4 WBZ was the only station that was affected.

This raises a question: Did someone get into either the Comcast system or the satellite feed and attempt to sabotage the President’s appearance on Letterman?

Fortunately, the problem was rectified either automatically or someone overrode the problem.

Wouldn’t put it past the Beckers-Limbaugh-Birther Terrorists to attempt to knock the President’s appearance on Letterman off the air.

If that was their attempt it failed.

President Obama’s presentation was flawless and as David Letterman said to Obama at the end of the program,

“Mr. President, it is a pleasure to see you work.”

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  1. I dunno but

    it happened this morning during the Today Show when a family was talking about finding long-lost brothers working at the same you think family reunion had a reason to be sabotaged....

    I think it's just that Comcast has crappy service.

  2. Sorry, my bad...

    I was communicating with the mother-ship just as his show started. I quickly noted the interference and beamed up to conclude my meeting in person.


  3. Just because we're paranoid ...

    ... doesn't mean we're wrong.  

  4. TEST


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