Scott Brown is in for Senate

(Pretty good, although the scare tactic "this is your last chance" at the end seems questionable to me. Maybe "last chance for this legislative cycle" or "last chance for this generation" would be more accurate. - promoted by Bob)

Must … resist … temptation … to post …

Oh the hell with it.  See the flip.  ;-)

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  1. Lord love a duck

    Naughty, David ... but amusing.

    I find myself wondering how tall Gail Huff is.

  2. I am waiting for David to do a centerfold...

  3. $quot;When you go to the beach

    you automatically seek out the best bodies, female and male."

    Could there be another expose in Scott's future on his bisexuality?  Now, that would be titillating good fun for the GOP.

    I knew this picture was coming back to BMG with Scottie's announcement...just thought Ryan would beat you to it.

    In the wings for the BMG viewer, I hope we will get a well timed dirigible with B-R-O-W-N on the side replacing R-O-M-N-E-Y and of course one cannot forget the redux of his screaming at high school kids.

    US Senator, from Massachusetts, yah!

  4. Oh. My. Gawd.

    Is this real?    I'm thinking it has to be, but geez....  I had no idea.  lol. As if the pic weren't bad enough, like something airbrushed out of the 80s, but the narrative that accompanies this is simply amazing!  Thank you SO much.  To be sent far and wide with instructions:

    1.  Verify the pic for authenticity.  Check!

    2.  Read the salacious treacle that accompanies said pic.  Check!

    2.  Emit the universal Anglo-Saxon sound of disgust when you get to the part where he says, "...hmmm, I'm getting excited!"   Check!

    3.  Hurl.  Check!

    4.  Forward to entire email list--stat!  Check!

  5. Scott Brown for Senate

    Strong-but-huggable good looks

  6. if only we had some

    youtube videos of his outburst at teenagers for their facebook habits. Nothing like swearing profusely at an auditorium-room full of students.

  7. Now, just imagine

    If Martha Coakley had posed semi-nude to put herself through law school, what would the conservatives have to say about that?  

  8. I can see the campaign slogans now

    "Scott Brown: Someone to snuggle over the long haul"

    Isn't that what the state really needs in our next Senator?  There are going to be tougher times and rough roads ahead, and who couldn't use a good snuggling when the chips are down?  

  9. American Idol

    Any word on whether his talentless, American Idol cast-off daughter going to sing at his campaign rallies?  

    • No need to insult the daughter!

    • C'mon. Kids are off-limits.

      They can't help that their parents are fools.

    • Brown's daugter seems talented and hard-working.

      But either way it's irrelevant.

      Progressive values aren't about taking ugly, unwarranted cheap shots about candidates' families; leave this brand of vitriol to those who do it best - Republicans like John McCain and Ann Coulter.  

      • Leave the kids alone

        I agree with those who said it cheapens the whole debate to bring a candidate's children into the thread with snide comments.  I thought she did just fine on American Idol, and she's also a talented basketball player for BU (or is it BC?  I can't remember.)  Anyway, let's leave her out of it.  There's plenty to criticize about Brown without getting her involved.  

    • The difference between blue and red...

      A tasteless, boorish comment, and...

      THREE immediate rejections by three separate passionately blue participants.

      Would that the red partisans were as tough on their own.

  10. I apologize

    You're right.  I shouldn't have said that about Brown's daughter.  I wrote that post to seriously inquire whether there'd been any discussion about her making appearances on her father's behalf, but the "talentless" comment was uncalled for and I apologize for it.  I only saw a few of her performances, and even though I didn't think they were all that great, they were certainly a heck of a lot better than I could have done!  But his daughter's talent is not an issue of any relevance, and I didn't mean to make it one.  

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