The Scott Brown “Mock the Logo” Contest

{First, a cheap plug for my blog Senate Guru.}

It would appear, according to his campaign website, that Republican state sen. Scott Brown has settled on the below image as his official U.S. Senate campaign logo:

Scott Brown's Logo

Now, what exactly is that in the upper left hand corner of the logo?  A pigeon?  An eagle?  The skeletal remains of the Dove Soap logo?  Is it on fire?

Not to be off-color, but, whatever that image is meant to be, when you slap it next to the word “BROWN,” all I see is comic strip-style stink-lines emanating from a turd.  Could that be the message that Mr. Brown is trying to subliminally send to voters?

What image do you see in this political Rorschach test?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  But don’t be too mean to Mr. Brown or he’ll track you down and curse you out.

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  1. An Offer Scott Brown Couldn't Refuse ?

    Heard WTKK weekend loudmouth Joe Ligotti say he was going to endorse and support Scott Brown.

    You are known by the company you keep and Ligotti has some strange Soprano like connections. Did he make Scott Brown an offer he couldn't refuse?

    As they say, follow the money !

  2. Escape

    See those wings? Those are the wings that are going to carry Scott Brown away from this liberal purgatory and into the welcoming arms of his conservative brethren on the Republican side of the US Senate.

    He just can't wait to get out of here represent us!

  3. Those Are The Wings of A Gooney Bird

    Scott Brown is a radical, militant neo-con whose campaign will crash and burn especially when the public here's the voices who support financially him are all Soprano's.

  4. Oh, stop

    The pigeon thing is a lovely rendition of his inner actor and artistic side.  Not all neo-cons are without some artsy flair.

    The photoshop of the Capitol building pasted behind his picture on the website is a little lame, though....but the swirling cloud in the background just lifts me up...I'm feeling country all under.

  5. Perhaps it is intended to represent a turkey

    It's evocative... A fall campaign... The wild turkeys that roam MA suburbs ... Scott's ideology and past behavior...  

  6. If you like closely enough... can almost make out Andrew Card's hand working Scott's mouth and limbs.

    sabutai   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
  7. I'm not going to mock it

    but I will critique it.

    The weird color scheme, the unusual typeface, and the fuzzy background is (I guess) an attempt to say, "Scott is different."

    Is that really good for his campaign? If so, he should have stuck to just one of these variations from the standard red and/or blue and/or white with Helvetica. The effect is oddly generic without being clear for what.

    I will spare BMG a critique of the typography, but if Brown paid money for that he should ask for it back.

    The background looks both boring and expensive, compared to a clean solid saturated color (or white). The effect on a bumper sticker or lawn sign, if that is where it is used, will say, Money. (or maybe, Defective Print.)

    The worst thing, however, is that black thestral thing, which looks skeletal and dead. Its placement at left, looking out and away from the rest of the design, does not have a relationship with the text.

    Overall this design is not memorable or compelling; if there is a message this thing has stepped all over it.

    • That was really interesting. Thanks.

      The bluish-grey background reminds me of an approaching storm or weather disaster, so it's kind of foreboding.  Not the sort of think you want to suggest if you're about improving the future--unless your future arrives on the back end of an apocalypse.  

      • Post-apocalyptic?

        My reaction was similar to lightiris, though my first thought was that is what the sky will always look like in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic universe where Scott Brown is a US Senator.  Maybe the nuclear fallout in that world has caused all the birds to sprout seven tentacles like that one has.  

  8. Not to go all Godwin's Law on everyone, but ...

    a black eagle?  Really?

  9. Cheer up sleepy Jean

    Even though these birds don't have feathers like this one, something about the shape of the bird in Brown's logo immediately made me equate his campaign with the Partridge Family. And now I'm not going to be able to stop singing that song all day.

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