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Driver in Galluccio accident speaks (not here!)

From the No One Could Have Predicted Dep't … The man whose car state Senator Anthony Galluccio rearended described yesterday the shock from the impact – and from the discovery that Galluccio had quickly driven away from the scene. “He should have just gotten out and exchanged papers,’’ said Samuel Tager, 46, of Cambridge. “He shouldn’t have stopped because he is an elected official; he should have stopped because he is a man. . . . If he hadn’t taken off that would have been the end of it.’’ Welcome to the public sphere, Mr. Tager. Glad to hear you speaking your mind. We at BMG might recommend, from prior experience, that you do not come by here and express yourself. A defense lawyer might take an interest. Tager also said he hopes the crash – and Galluccio’s response to it – prompts the 42-year-old to get some assistance. “I think he has some issues that he needs to get help with,’’ said Tager. Yeah, that's long overdue. Someone I was talking to brought this up: This happened in Cambridge. There are, like, trains, buses, and cabs in Cambridge. How stupid or just @#@%#$ up eight ways from Sunday does […]

Why Hindu Democrats?

As we’ve been getting some questions about why Hindu Democrats was started and what it has to offer to the democratic community, we thought to post our FAQ  here. Please also feel free to ask questions in the comments section for further clarification, and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also read about Hindu Democrats in various news articles posted on our website (www.hindudemocrats.com) or by googling ‘Hindu Democrats’

Anyone interested in the weather prog for this winter?

This guy is generally pretty accurate. It appears that we will need arctic clothing this winter with new shovels and extra ice melt on hand. http://www.examiner.com/x-3775…

Scozzafava suspends campaign—ensures Conservative victory

Deeds—KO Corzine may be a technical or KO and Hoffman wins in landslide! Gee—this may portend a change in American. Obama is delivering on his promise: Hope and Change. http://www.politico.com/blogs/…

Why I am against bringing casinos to our Commonwealth

Dear friends,

This week I took a strong stand against bringing casino gambling to our Commonwealth by submitting written testimony to the State House Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technology. Please see my testimony below and sign up to say NO to casinos in MA at: http://www.alanforsenate.com/p…

Alan Khazei

October 29, 2009

Sen. Karen Spilka, Chair

Rep. Brian Dempsey, Chair

Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technology

The Statehouse, Room 522C

Boston, MA 02133

Dear Sen. Spilka, Rep. Dempsey, and Members of the Committee:

I stand today with the United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts Campaign in strong opposition to proposed bills that would legalize predatory gambling in Massachusetts.  The specter of casino gambling presents both a moral issue and an economic issue.   Bringing casinos to Massachusetts would irrevocably change the fabric and culture of our Commonwealth, the birthplace of American democracy.  Casinos undermine economic growth and prey on the most vulnerable in our society – including seniors, those with limited incomes, and those who suffer from addiction.

Coakley: A Differen Kind of Leader, beyond theoretical yield

The Herald last week accused Attorney General Coakly of false advertising:

“Our Attorney General Martha Coakley is promising to be a 'different kind of leader.' Despite her wearing a skirt, she is part of the Bacon Hill gang.”

Beyond the superficial difference of wearing a skirt (and the more fundamental differences it represents) from the proceedings of Coakley’s advocacy work, it is apparent that her leadership brand is not just unique, it is outstanding.

Attorney Gernal Coakley in July, for the first time in the United State’s history,
On the behalf of a state¸ sued the federal government for its discriminatory failure to extend federal spousal benefits to same-sex couples.

Why we are losing population – and what we can do about it!

On October 27, 2009 Prof. Barry Bluestone  gave a pre-release presentation of the Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2009 As part of that presentation, Prof. Bluestone stated that the United States is in the midst of a third – but undeclared – civil war.  He described the three “civil wars” as follows: 1.  First civil war:  1861-1865 regarding staying a unified country and eliminating slavery, and “Thank God the North won.”   2.  Second civil war:  Again between the North and South as to where manufacturing would be located, in the late 1980s-early 1990s – and the South won. 3.  Third, and current “civil war” – is for where the productive young adults, ages 25- 45 will live and work.  As the bulk of the baby boomers retire, the location of these young adults will determine which states have the revenue to maintain their infrastructure and improve their programs.  More than 50% of state revenue comes from taxes on earned income – and the post 65 baby boomers are a decreasing source of earned income and an increasing source of expenditure. According to Bluestone, the single most important factor as to where these young, working adults will live is affordable […]

Volunteer for Joe O’Brien Mayor of Worcester

For those of you not already involved in a municipal race some place, we need you in Worcester to help elect Joe O’Brien.  For those of you who are feeling left out and missing GOTV (cutting turf, sleep deprivation, exhausting, essential, logistical, inspiring) please come and join us at 44A Park Avenue or call 508-404-8531.  It’s about making sure that this great guy gets elected. If you are looking to learn more about campaigning and want to become a more effective volunteer, join us! Check out my post and BMG readers on Joe.  See you in Worcester!

Casino Hearing’s Video Diary

As promised in Thursday’s rundown of the casino hearing, I put together a video diary of the event, featuring a lot of the videos I took throughout the day. Take a look at the videos, pick a few and get a sense of what’s going on.

Fair weather warning: the acoustics in the Gardner are lousy, not all the microphones worked and my camera was set up behind the people speaking. Keep the volume up. Also, this was an incredible amount of work — I did not add all the videos and, if there’s any mistakes, let me know.

I was thinking of one video to post above the fold, summing up all my thoughts, showing the kind of dangerous greed — and blindness — the slot industry leads states into and it was Senator Tucker speaking with the Mohegan Sun rep about just how hard Mohegan tries to “help” problem gamblers, with their “exclusionary lists” and “trained employees.”

She got Mohegan Sun to admit the lists to ban people from gambling were self exclusionary and that there was no recourse for family or friends who had fallen pray to addicts, save getting them to come in and sign the exclusionary forms after the fact.

Mohegan Sun would take the initiative to ban problem gamblers — if they were rowdy or violent. In other words, the company policy is to exclude others when they start to become a problem to the bottom line. So long as they keep bringing in the dough, whoever’s dough that is, those addicts are given all the free booze and extra perks to keep them there as long as possible. Mohegan sings a nice song and a dance, but it’s all a farce. So long as people ruin their lives and the lives of others quietly, Mohegan has no problem with it.

As Senator Tucker says, if casinos had to pay for all their costs, including social costs, they wouldn’t be profitable. There would be no business model.

At no time did Speaker DeLeo communicate with…

“At no time did Speaker DeLeo communicate with Sal DiMasi, James Holzman, Richard Vitale, Reps. Rodrigues or Petrolati on the ticket broker bill,” says Seth Gitell, spokesman for Speaker DeLeo. Only a few months into office, and DeLeo’s Gitell is scrambling to keep his boss from following in the footsteps of his three immediate predessors, all of whom were indicted. Today’s Globe has the story.  Looks like prosecutors in the DiMasi case believe Rep. Tommy Petrolati was deeply involved in an illegal scheme to dodge the state’s lobbying rules and help a deep-pockets donor. My belief is that the Speaker is clean.  But what will he do with this mess?  Meanwhile, will Petro be indicted? Will DiMasi turn on his former lieutenant to reduce his own legal exposure?  Will the people of Ludlow ever tire of Petro?  Will the Speaker drop Petro from his high leadership post?  Or is he a legislative champion who is just misunderstood?  BMGers: what say you?