23 Sponsors/Contact Info – Howie is Ernie’s Very Own Principal Rooney (the Guy in Ferris Beuller)

O. K. People. Listen Up. There will be plenty of time to chat and laugh about the fact that Ernie Boch, Jr. went on Howie’s show yesterday and offered $2,000.00 for someone to out me.

This is playing out like a John Hughes movie with Howie as the evil high school principal.

But let’s not get side-tracked like they want us to. Stay focused. This is a campaign. Justice4all, I hope you are organizing all the cop wives on this.

BTW Ernie, Jr. makes the best case of all for the protection of anonymous bloggers’ identities. He told Howie

“I’m going to tell you who he is so you can terrorize him every afternoon.”

Great, with Ernie, Jr.’s hundreds of millions of dollars behind him and Howie’s powerful FCC license behind him they want to identify an individual so they can use these powers to make personal attacks and hope to destroy a career?  A family? a life?  

I don’t know. Only Howie’s sad self-loathing sadistic soul would know.

Of course Ernie, Jr. knows he can go to court anytime he wishes and ask a judge to order Blue Mass Group stop letting me post under the Ernie Boch, III name (or is it now a brand?). Or get an order for BMG to turn over their internet info so Ernie, Jr.’s lawyers can figure out who I am and sue me for infringement or something.

But of course Ernie, Jr. also knows that he ain’t gotta case so the judge will throw it out without me being close to being identified.

So Stay Focused. This Is All About Howie. Not Ernie.

Howie’s current and future radio stations need to know how you feel.

WRKO (link to diect e-mail – all links below are to comments/feedbak pages)

20 Guest Street, Third Floor

Brighton, MA 02135-2040

(617) 779-3400

WTKK 96.9 FM

Main Office: 617-822-9600.

Below is a list of 23 advertisers of the Howie Carr Show. This in not  a complete list. I will gather more names next week.

Remember, be polite and don’t get side tracked. Each person is doing this because they honestly believe Boston as a community should unite against Howie’s unnecessary, long time and still on-going nastiness towards too many people. No need to repeat myself. You are the missionaries my children.



Bob Varettoni

Executive Director

Media Relations

(908) 559-6388



Adobe Systems Incorporated

275 Grove Street

Newton, MA 02466

Tel: 617-219-2000


On Star

P.O. Box 430627

Pontiac, MI 48343

1.888.4.ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827)


Gold Line International

1601 Cloverfield Boulevard

100 South Tower

Santa Monica, CA 90404








East Boston Savings Bank

67 Prospect St

Peabody, MA 01960



Lumber Liquidator

1-800-HARDWOOD (427-3966)


Boar’s Head

1819 Main Street, Suite 800

Sarasota, Florida 34236

(941) 955-0994


Bose Corporation

The Mountain

Framingham, MA 01701

(508) 879-7330


Fram Oil Company




Siemens Corporation

153 East 53rd Street

New York, NY 10022-4611

Tel.: 1- 800-S I E M E N S


Fallon Community Health Plan10 Chestnut St.

Worcester, MA 01608

Community Relations Department

Kate McEvoy-Zdonczyk




Giant Glass  

1000 Osgood St

North Andover, MA  01845-1520(

Phone: (978) 688-8211

Dennis Drinkwater Pres. (the guy always sitting in the front row behind home plate at Red Sox games – not a bad guy

gstrazzere@giantglass.com tel. 1-800-54-GIANT


J.B. Sash and Door

280 Second Street

Chelsea, MA 02150-1710



SBLI of MA Life Insurance

One Linscott Road

Woburn, MA 01801


President & CEO Robert K. Sheridan

SBLI of MA Life Insurance 1-800-694-7254


Shaws Supermarket 1-888-431-7429

Head of Public Affairs

Judy Chong

508) 313-3318


Commerce Insurance Company Email: Generalcomments@Commerceinsurance.com



Amica Insurance

Corporate Office

100 Amica Way

Lincoln, RI 02865-1167

800-652-6422 to speak to Craig Phelps, Corporate Communications Department


Eastern Standard Restaurant


528 Commonwealth Ave.

Kenmore Square,

Boston, MA 0215

tel (617) 532-9100

Garrett Harker, Proprietor


Armstrong Advisory Group

144 Gould St.

Suite 155

Needham, MA 02494


Barry Armstrong, Pres.  (Financial Services)


Hanover Chop House

149 Hanover Street

Manchester, NH 03101


Owned by the

The Premier Companies

18 Kilton Road

Bedford, NH 03110


Michael’s Deli

256 Harvard St

Brookline, MA 02446-2904

(617) 738-3354


Marconi Olive Oil

Catania-Spagna Corporation

1 Nemco Way, P.O. Box J

Ayer, MA 01432


Joseph Basile – President  

23 Ernie Boch, Jr.


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  1. Just a matter of curiosity

    EB3, long before the current spectacle I wondered about your choice of alias.  Have you ever explained why you chose it?

    Not that I'm complaining -- it certainly is making the story more interesting -- but your current noble cause would of course be more straightforward if you hadn't added this intentional confusion.  

  2. E3- this gets weirder and weirder

    As you and the BMG community know, I post as myself.  Always.  One of the upsides to being self-employed is that I am not going to fire me - and my clients know who I am, like my being tough and compassionate and count on me to be a fighter - so as long as most of my clients are ok with me being me, I have a business.

    So while I have gone without paid vacation and sick days since 1981 - and a pension and healthcare [I have neither] would be nice, freedom to be honest, fight the good fight, and tell the truth as I see it counts for a lot with me.

    Unlike Howie, I don't have to shill for products that claim to remove intestinal spackle (yecch).

    Hey - I even got a former rep to hand deliver Howie a Menotomy Moonbat T-shirt and invite him to take a turn in the fundraising dunk tank last year at our Town Day - but he never had the courtesy to say thank you for the shirt and invitation.  I bet the dunk tank would have broken records as a fund raising tool.

    Oh well - hang tough, E3 - you and I have butted heads at times but are adult enough to agree to disagree rather than waste time on personal attacks.

    Howie?  Hey, personal attacks are what that pusillanimous man does.

  3. Ernie Boch, Jr

    I've sent an email to all of Howies sponsors. I hope this goes somewhere. I'm still shocked that Carr bashed Sen Kennedy on the day of his passing. Who did Carr think he was offending? The Senator was gone, so that leaves his family. How lonely, angry and confused Carr must be. As for Boch Jr? This guy is so stuck on himself I'm surprised he gets dressed in the morning. Maybe once Carr is gone we should start a boycott of all Boch Motors.  

    • Isn't EB3 just a little like Howie?

      I honestly don't know, since I've never heard Howie on the radio.  But from what I've gleaned from coverage of him in print and web media, Carr's hallmark is meanness and insensitivity in order to achieve a provocative effect; and this is a trait we see from time to time in EB3.

      One key difference may be that EB3 occasionally gets a spanking or time out and returns better behaved?

  4. Stunningly classless

    Two grand is probably not enough to cause a stampede, but there could be some crazies.

    It's probably a joke to Howie, but it's pretty serious, and it's terribly damaging to freedom of the press.

    Where is the Globe on this?

  5. sorry to do this to you, EBIII

    but i'm really low on cash right now, and could use the $2K.

    the true identity of ernie boch III is . . . .

    ted williams' severed head.

    (i'm sorry! i know you said that you wanted to lay low, and just keep everything cool. but i really need the dough. cable bill is due next week. i hope that we can still be friends.)

  6. Getting the word out


    I think other people here with personal blogs should do the same. We may laugh at this (and I hope we do, sooner rather than later), but the implications of paying someone to "expose" a blogger's identity are pretty serious.

  7. Sorta like a Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

    remade by frat boys in blue blazers sipping Chivas on the rocks.  

    Geez, these people really need to lighten up.  

    Let's hope Georgia O'Keeffe doesn't have any kin hating me on this site.  

    Perhaps you could have some fun at these people's expense?  Raise a little money for your favorite politician with a "Rename Ernie Contest"?  

    Something like:

    eebeethree rrnee bach cubed


    You get the idea.

    Hang in there.  lol.  

  8. Always Thought You Were More Like

    Abe Froman, The Sausage King of Chicago!

  9. With Any Luck

    Howie will end up like the actor who played Mister Rooney....

  10. Time For tranparency in Blogging

    I suggest that persons who want to Blog use their real names.  Thereis nothing more frustrating than witness people who Blog from the Left or right do so under false impressions.

    Persons who made statements about others should at least identify who they are.

    If someone wnats to do a campaign against another, do it openly not on personalities but on issues.

    Time for a code of conduct and ethics on the internet.

    Blogging has given many who report on accountability and oversight lacking funds to advocate as a means to respond especially the print and broadcast media that allow comments on their internet pages.

    Ernie Boch lll can do what he does but should do so openly. The Howie guy Ernie Boch Jr has a valid position and response to state that Ernie Boch lll is not him or a famiily member.

    • Not very convincing

      "Who do so under false impressions" -- I'm not even sure what that means, but I'm going to guess that you mean misleading people.

      There's nothing inherently misleading about anonymity.

      It should come down to free speech. Are the blogger's comments valid? Are they libelous? Sure, one could use anonymity as a way to avoid libel, but there's no instance of that occurring that I'm aware of.

      People -- I'm not saying you -- who talk about transparency are really concerned about what's being said. They wouldn't be less concerned if the posts were signed with real names.

      In this case, what purpose is served by "exposing" EBIII? What harm is he doing? This is plain harassment by powerful people. Like I said, maybe they think it's a joke, but it's shameful behavior.

    • Is it John Gatti, Jr or John Gotti, Jr?


    • Come On...

      you are really Vito Corleone.

    • I accept Crticism that is Correct-Please

      I have spent a career exposing waste, fraud, and abuse in Government, Business, and Labor.  I am the architect of the Massachusetts Public Employee Whistleblower Legislation. Look at my record  whether on the Blog Dig or Healthcare Faud as examples of what I have done.  During my career, I have helped conscientious sincere citizens that are sources by  protecting them and their families when coming forward.

      Therefore, I have a problem when people accuse others by not revealing who they are and if legitimate. Using a BLOG name that insinuates and can be taken wrong is not morally ethical.  There are various whislteblower and advocacy groups who try to do the same when a person comes forward to expose improprieties or wrongdoing.

      If Ernie Block 111 is so afraid to come forward, he should provide his comments to credible advocates of his position and let them come forward.

      • what's $quot;not morally ethical$quot; about anonymity?

        You haven't really explained that.

        It would be one thing if one were to make anonymous charges based on privileged information (e.g. I have personal knowledge that so-and-so did such and such), but when you are talking about public facts, what difference does it really make who you are? Readers should be extremely wary about anyone claiming inside information whether they state their name or not, and indeed people making such claims here usually get jumped on pretty quickly.

  11. I sometimes worry

    that someday a potential employer is going to figure out that JoeTS is me and toss my resume on the scrapheap.

    Meh, life is full of risks.  

  12. Joan Vennochi weighs in on Ernie .. Sunday Globe

    Joan's op ed.

    The blogger, who goes by the handle "Ernie Boch III'', got results. Some advertisers started getting calls asking them to stop sponsoring Carr's show. Unhappy advertisers, in turn, called Ernie Boch Jr., the car dealer, thinking that he must be related to the blogger. He isn't.

    In response to criticism of this attack by pseudonym, "Ernie'' blogged: "Stay focused people. The issue is not about who started the boycott. The issue is Howie Carr.''

    • money quote

      "Ernie's'' critique of Carr's act as a generally mean, narrow-minded, liberal-hating, chauvinist and homophobe is accurate. He could also add Globe basher.

      But, everyone knows exactly what Carr is trying to do: shock and awe his readers with outrageous opinions. And Carr doesn't hide his bitterness behind a pseudonym. His agenda is clear: readers and ratings.

      "Ernie's'' is much more of a mystery.

      Ernie doesn't hide his fealings or intentions either. In Ernie's line of work, you can't be a "generally mean, narrow-minded, liberal-hating, chauvinist and homophobe" and still get paid. Unless Ernie and Howie are more closely related than I think.

      • comment posted on opinion peice

        bidemytime wrote:

        "But the issue is also the Internet's ability to give cover to critics who don't have to do what Carr does - own their opinions."

        Carr has to own his opinions because he's paid to do so -- and quite handsomely, I might add. If he can't take the heat, there are cooler kitchens into which he can relocate.

        As for the call to boycott, if Carr is to truly own his opinion, then he should always be able to defend it in print and with his sponsors. And his defense won't be against an anonymous blogger, but against public opinion and substantiated fact.

        If he can't sufficiently defend them, then eventually he'll be out of work, but that's life in the big city. However, I won't cry for him... if he didn't save enough to retire by now, he can own that too.

        Just my opinion :) 10/3/2009 11:39 PM EDT

  13. Kudos to Joan Vennochi for weighing in

    And a boo for pushing the anonymity angle.

    I think the money quote is Ernie's reply:

    "Ernie Boch III is a character created to express opinion. Anonymity of its author is a red herring when the opinions are not such as yelling fire in a crowded theater, and are based on fact. The anonymity allows the author freedom from being handcuffed by outside attack if his or her writings gain a following. It is the words within the four corners of the writing that count. Not who the author is. If there are any biases they do not matter when non-biased people agree with the opinion based on facts."

    Good answer, Ernie. Meanwhile, I am trademarking "Erniegate" as soon as the US Trademark Office opens in the morning.

  14. One more thing

    LOVE HIM or hate him, Howie Carr puts his name over his rantings.

    That's not true of the blogger on Bluemassgroup.com who called upon readers to boycott Carr's WRKO radio show and its advertisers.

    This is a false equivalence. Everyone in journalism wants a column; a column is the bully pulpit where you are freed from the restrictions placed on reporters. Describing the signing of the column as a burden (or in this case, the hosting of the radio show) is like saying a politician would be happier just doing their job without public recognition. It's nonsense.

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