Great News People! – Howie Carr Endorses Boycott of His Sponsors – WITH POLL

Howie, now I know who the Chump Line is named after. You, You Chump! You mentioned the boycottin your column today (and also me one of my brethren Charley MTA – we’ll always have Howie Charley, we’ll always have Howie).

You Chump! Never speak the name of your opponents. And if you have to get it wrong.

Basic stuff. But I guess you are afraid or just getting too comfortable. You dropped your left hand, so here come a right one back at you.

In your own words Howie,

Good luck, “Ernie.” If you can get me out of here, you’re a better man than me. So go ahead, make my day. Please. I beg you.

For you Howie? Anything.

Are you that stupid that if this thing works it won’t follow you to your new station? You Chump!

Below are some easy links to comments/suggestions pages of some of Howie’s sponsors. Please feel free to click on and let them know how you feel. Also, most importantly, send these links to friends, family, neighbors.

So People, we are gaining momentum. Extremely fast. This is a campaign. We have to use the momentum to get out the vote. Remember, everyone wants to be with a winner. If there is a sense out there that this is working others will join in. I mean everyone knows Howie’s  lack of some character traits results in too many on-going and needles inflictions of harm.

There are many more sponsors. Today I hope to find the time and actually listen to his show so I can write down as many sponsors as possible. Also the local sponsors of his show with the affiliates. They need to be identified.

This is on-going

Because the Inside Track Gals and Howie have made me the unofficial King of Lefties may I use my new influences to suggest we stress this boycott is not about politics? No boycott for Rush or Hannify or Michelle McPhee or Gerry Callahan etc. and we don’t want one. This is all about Howie.

The most important is WTKK 96.9 FM. The station waiting to pay Howie big bigger bucks when his current contract runs out. Let them know that we will be boycotting sponsors of his show on their station also.

Giant Glass tel. 1-800-54-GIANT

J.B. Sash and Door 617-884-8940

SBLI of MA Life Insurance 1-800-694-7254

Shaws Supermarket 1-888-431-7429

Commerce Insurance Company Email:


Michael’s Deli

(617) 738-3354

Amica Insurance

Eastern Standard Restaurant

Tel (617) 532-9100  

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  1. Ernie - can I call you Ernie?

    You were doing well when you called Carr out for his gutter remarks about the judge, and made that the reason for a boycott.

    Now, however, it looks like you're making it a personal struggle between you and him. That's not going to work so well.

    Keep the focus on him and his misdeeds.

    • I Hear You

      But i do want to have a little fun.

      But you are right kirth. The key is to keep the focus on Howie and what makes him so different from all others. And what makes him different is his consistency going back 25 plus years. Most BMGers have gotten only a few years of him.

      The mobsters and trade unions should be supporting this in their own way. As should many old Irish and Italian Catholics, and old school Republicans, and Jews and...

      Remember, this is not a censorship thing. This is a society thing. As in "when someone continually shows patterns of behavior which some in society believe should be publicly condemned, different free market and free thinking forces can unite or splinter to argue for or against the public, yet not governmental, indictment and remedy if desired.

      Community standards dude. And I say Bostonians as a community do not like Howie's standards.

      Who's With Me?

      How far would a boycott get against Michelle McPhee, Gerry Callahan, Jay Severin? Nowhere. As they should.  

      But anyway, they want to distract from the issue and we cannot let them.

      I will try my best not too play in to this. Keep an eye on me kirth.   I still want to take liberties and heckle and belittle Howie as this thing plays out.  It's only fair.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 7:00 PM
      • on jay severin

        doubt we'd ever need to boycott him. he seems to be doing a splendid job in doing everything possible to get himself fired for us. why waste the energy?

        you're right about howie, though. he really can't get himself fired and is a complete a-hole and not deserving of the public space that is our air waves. boycotts and protests of his sponsors are warranted.  

  2. Howie bloggers are a scream!

    The best part of all of this is reading Howie's column commenters...they think it IS Ernie Boch Jr and dutifully rail against him...duh...Howie himself thinks that ErnieIII is a "lefty"...that is the funniest part of all...Howie has gotten so, so lazy that he doesn't check any facts at all anymore...he needs to get back that cute blonde gal he had running around for him at the State House so she can "fact check" for him...can't expect an overweight middle-ager with bad joints to do the leg work, he has a hard enough time just driving a car without causing "one car accidents"...Thanks for the laughs EB3!

    • And it is Howie's homophobia and sloppiness and poor writing that is the issue - not you, E3!!!

      But keep it up.  Howie is an embarassment to Boston and to the trade of journalism.

  3. Without Amica

    We would never know that Nick Green totally struck out, but was awarded a base on balls by his use of Jedi mind tricks.  I'm not sure I can go along with this boycott, I'm too used to the Amica Pitch Zone and I'm not going to stop looking at it.

    Go on, you can join this Facebook group, but you can't make me.

  4. Everyone loves a winner

    Maybe this time?

  5. My email conversation with Shaws

    stomv: Howie Carr's a jerk.  The issue isn't that he's conservative or liberal or insider or outsider.  The issue is that he's flat out disrespectful, stirring up hate.

    You support him by advertising on his show.  I support you by shopping in your store.  I hate to think that my money is going to support his hate.  Either you've got to stop supporting him, or I've got to stop supporting you.  I see no other way.

    Shaws: Thank you for your inquiry.  As a company,Shaw's advertises many organizations in our local community, but our advertising of these organizations does not imply an endorsement of their individual members, their personal actions or views. Your feedback is important to us. Your comments will be forwarded to Shaw's Senior Management

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer service center at 1-877-932-7948.


    Randy S. Customer Care Specialist

    • $quot;our advertising of these organizations does not imply an endorsement of their individual members, their personal actions or views$quot;

      Heh.  Well, actually, it does.  So there ya go.

    • I walked in and handed in my $quot;discount $quot;card with a note

      that I was going to the competitor down the street with my coupons. The nice young woman at the costumer service desk was a little bewildered. "Is he the guy my Father reads and laughs out loud but says he's a jerk?"  

    • if you want to affect Shaws call

      Judy Chong, Head of Public Affairs and public relations

      Shaws, Judy Chong, (508) 313-3318  

  6. Ernie update the Shaw's contact

    Head of Public Affairs is Judy Chong 508) 313-3318

    Trust me, I needed to use this phone number when I battled the bait and switching with the anti-gay marriage petition/beer and wine in supermarkets.  Chong is still there and takes her job VERY seriously.


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