“Open Mike” Tele-Town Hall Tonight!

Hi Everyone,

First let me introduce myself.  My name is Roger Lau and I am Mike Capuano’s Campaign Manager. I wanted to put up a quick post about our “Open Mike” Tele-Town Hall last night.  Obviously, the conversation doesn’t stop when Mike’s in DC! Thanks to everyone who was able to join the very first “Open Mike” Tele-Town Hall. This is a great way for Mike to continue to stay in touch with all of you while he is in DC for votes and fighting for issues important to all of us. Let your voice be heard! Also, stay tuned for Open Mikes events across Massachusetts this weekend!

Later tonight, October 7th, Congressman Mike Capuano will hold two more telephone town halls for Massachusetts voters.   With the technology available today, Mike is able to share his progressive vision and strong record of accomplishment with many thousands of concerned citizens.   As he values considerably the opinions of those he seeks to represent, Mike encourages listeners to participate in these “Open Mike” conversations by asking questions.  Confident that these exchanges are important in spreading his positive message and record to voters for whom he may not be familiar, Mike enjoys these discussions and looks forward to more.

To participate, please call 888-356-3090 and then enter the corresponding extension followed by the # key.  Please note there are different extension numbers for each of these telephone town halls.

6:30 – 7:30           (888) 356-3090 Ext.13452#

7:45 – 8:45           (888) 356-3090 Ext.13453#

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  1. good forum

    I liked this forum. There's some value in listening to Mike take questions.  

    Tonight's topic was Afghanistan but Rep. Capuano was open to questions on any topic.

    When you call in, they tell you to press "0" if you want to ask a question and after a little bit a screener comes on to ask your name, city and question.

    There were questions and answers on Afghanistan, health care, reauthorizing the patriot act, military commissions act, the stimulus bill, cap and trade, carbon tax, targeted subsidies.

    Rep. Capuano seems to support an Al Queda search and destroy mission in Afghanistan but not Taliban domination.

    Capuano favors carbon tax and voted for cap and trade as a compromise.

    In the course of the call they run some polls, press 1. support Caps candidacy for Senate 2. volunteer for his campaign 3. donate money to his campaign

    Rep Cauano will hold more Open Mike Tele-Town Hall in the future.

  2. Articulate, bright and patient

    The Congressman's breadth of knowledge on Afghanistan and the middle east was impressive.  He speaks clearly about his convictions and the actions that he has taken and the plans  he has to achieve his goals.  I do like his frank demeanor and was impressed with his handling a call from an individual with a very challenging medical situation.   Without rehashing the story...as it was long, it suffices to say that Congressman Mike listened, waited, listened and then asked the brilliant question to the distressed caller, "how can I help?".

    'Nuff said.

  3. I was on the second call

    I was also impressed by Capuano's responses. He seemed to have a nice balance between what was ideal and what was politically possible and I also liked how he acknowledged the concerns of people who disagreed with him while still defending his positions.

    You may have heard me at the end asking a somewhat discombobulated question about the Military Commissions Act and Civil Liberties.  I assumed I was too late and wouldn't get called on which is why my question wasn't better formulated, sorry.  Capuano's response was basically, "that's nice but we don't have the votes" and attributed this to the apathy of the American people on the issue.

  4. It is an excellent forun

    very interesting.  He seems to really have an interest in what people have to say, and the issues that are dear to them.  Very impressive.

  5. Kudos to Capuano for this - more advance notice for next one?

    Rep. Capuano deserves kudos for using this format to reach as many voters as possible in as "personal" a way possible when the campaign is so short.

    As I haven't yet been able to visit one of his events in person, I'd like to attend the next call. Can we get an earlier heads-up --perhaps here on BMG-- for the next one?


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